I think two Modes of sound are good..
A somewhat "laid" back and your 5.1 Surround..
I have a 31-inch GE Stereo TV that most times uses the Stereo L&R sound..
My 2-PC's also have two Modes..My DELL DE051(1100-series Dimension)runs on L&R Harmon Kardon..
While my Intel Build(D915GAGL)uses a CREATIVE Audigy 2ZS SoundCard/playback is thru a JVC RX7010v Dolby Digital Amp. useing KLH Satellites(5.1)RCA 60-watt Sub-Woofer..the TV will run the JVC w/DVD Player..
I have a Satellite Radio(XM)that I patch thru a VCR into the JVC-amp..
I prefer 5.1 over Stereo L&R..there is just something "lively" in the SPKRS..
I have heard the BOSE-systems and they are very CLEAR in their Output..and Compact also..its a good deal.