Unfortunately, packet loss (Click here for the Wikipedia definition.) is not something you can control, as it's caused by a poor internet connection. The only thing you can do is call your ISP and make them aware of the situation. If they do not seem like they are sincerely attempting to fix the issue, see if another ISP provides service in your area. If you would like to verify that you are indeed experiencing packet loss, and would like more information about your computer's and ISP's performance, you can run a free scan from PCPitStop. Finally, when it comes to third-party software to improve online games, you'll find another dead end. Download accelerators are quite effective at breaking the request for a file into parts, then connecting to multiple sources to download multiple parts at once. However, internet accelerators work primarily by caching, which is not very effective for online gaming. Thus, aside from complaining to your ISP, there's little you can do.

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