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What forum glitch, Clay?

Do links to individual messages no longer work?

-- Dave K, Speakeasy Moderator
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The opinions expressed above are my own,
and do not necessarily reflect those of CNET!

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(NT) (NT) Lee said in FB that the glitch has been fixed:)
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(NT) (NT)Real ID Act Passes. Lee Koo CNET freezes UserNames Hmm-m
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(NT) (NT) I miss jpol :(
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(NT) (NT)The Devil?er-r-r I mean Lee Koo made me do it ;-)
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Permanent; so they'll be tattooed

on our foreheads, all with the suffix -666? Wink
Regards, The truth is out there in New Mexico

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As backwards and upside down it is around here
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Suggested prank for the MODs

Switch all the identities of the extreme liberals and conservatives for a day and see if each group will still be supportive of each other. My bet is they will.Devil

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(NT) (NT) ... or maybe that has already happened ...
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That's it.

Just the way our parents gave us a name, and insisted on calling us by it all their lives, even if we might have wanted a different one. My momma named me 666, but I changed it. As I got older I felt it had too much baggage along with it. For some reason she just kept calling me that. (tic)

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(NT) (NT) Has this been an issue?
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It has been

for some people with suspicious minds

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(NT) (NT) Elvis? ;-)
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made this decision so I guess the suspicious minds are way up the ladder, and not just here.


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Actually this is two different issues ...

... unless they have finally found a way for XYZ not to sign up as LMNOP when they are banned.

When Bob Graham changed his ID to crowsfoot, if you go back to pre-crow posts and read them, they now have his new ID at the end. Little room for confusion really.

Evie Happy

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When Bob Graham changed his ID to crowsfoot, if you go back to pre-crow posts and read them, they now have his new ID at the end.

There is another caveat. I found sometime after changing my own that searching for posts from C1ay did not find many posts from Clay and vice versa Sad

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My ID is different than original because my old one got blocked out and it was the only way I could get back in. I immediately made a post to that effect... It is not always a covert act that prompts a name change

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Did anyone accuse you?

You didn't come back as Mary Poppins.

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BUT She sounds an awful lot like..........

I couldn't resist!Happy Just kidding everyoneHappy

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some people think that

There are some people here that talk amoungst themselves

and some

here that talk with themselves Wink

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(NT) (NT) And they have been proven right
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(NT) (NT) Where was that?
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It was awhile back

It was pretty easy to spot, actually. One time one of them forgot which name he was posting under and addressed a post to himself, LOL.

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Must have been BD.

Before Dan.


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(NT) (NT) Nope you were here then
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LOL ... One time?

I can remember at least three that I myself caught! Once caught, it made for rather humorous back-reading the exchanges between Randy Adams, Tom Cantwell, and "Himself".

Evie Happy

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I ignored more of the MPD sufferers' posts than you did.... I wouldn't have had as many opportunities to bust anyone.


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Thanks for the *heads up*, DK

I've been meaning to take my last name off there for some time, but just never got around to it. Your post sent me off to my profile page to take care of it.

'preciate it Happy


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