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Image Recognition Software

Nov 20, 2008 1:34AM PST

I am trying to determine whether there is such a thing as Image Recognition Software. A software that would search through images and match duplicates images, not files. Obviously this would be an advanced piece of software that would use patterns and differences in tone and contrast to determine like images. Does anyone know of any such software? Thanks for your help.

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Apple notes this one.
Nov 20, 2008 1:38AM PST
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Duplicate Image Dector Works Great
Nov 20, 2008 4:15AM PST

WOW! Exactly what I was looking. This program works great and is really simple. Thanks

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Glad it helped.
Nov 20, 2008 5:35AM PST

By the way. I used google to find it.

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Image recognition software
Aug 22, 2009 10:27AM PDT

This is a geat solution for the Mac purists but does anyone out there know of a program that works in Windows XP? I have a lot of dupicated images in my pc with different file names and I would like to be able to do some weeding without opening up every image and noting it and looking for a duplicate.

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Aug 22, 2009 11:49PM PDT

While I don't know of any Windows software that will do the same thing, you could try it manually by opening a folder, setting the view to, and here I draw a blank. It's something like images, I forget the actual term, but it shows previews of each picture.

Very labor intensive but better than nothing


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You need General Picture Recognition Software
Oct 16, 2009 12:17AM PDT

Yes there are a couple of programs out there that can find duplicate images but they start to fail when asked to find similar objects in an image like cars or trees etc and find pictures with cars or trees that have different backgrounds and size etc.

This software will find identical image and similar images to the original image, it really is very clever and very complex but quite easy to use.

Works with XP, Vista etc

Great Software

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(NT) But doesn't work with the Mac that the OP uses!
Oct 19, 2009 1:31AM PDT