First thing you need to do is Max out the Memory (RAM) If DV is what you are going to use the machine for then you can never have too much. Which Mac are you planning on? The iMac G5 should suit you if you have no plans for Dual Processors. Go for the biggest bang for the buck. Ideally, your DV camera will have a Firewire (IEEE1394) connection so that the Mac can suck down the video in Real Time or after the shoot. USB 2.0 is also included on the iMac but while the theoretical speed of USB2 is higher than Firewire, it does not happen in real life. Firewire frequently achieves its theoretical speed. iLife 05 has a comprehensive suite of movie making software, included with your new machine, so you should be ready to roll straight out of the box. That's even before you have installed Final Cut Express.
So, now that the wife is safe in her Mac world, you insist on committing suicide by continuing to use the PC for email! Oh well, there is no accounting for someone's death wish Happy

Hope this helps