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And who put that target

on their backs when they made the decision to come here illegally and put their children at risk in the first place?

IF they make plans for those kids, then it would probably be the first adult parental responsible decision they've made

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CNN added exploitation of those kids

to the trauma they were already proud they must be of their 'professional journalistic' behavior.

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What a we supposed to do... let the illegal stay because they have a kid...nope.

The kids a being used as pawns to sway public opinion.

We have social services to care for those kids.

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ISIS used women and children... hide behind, and that's the same tactic the Liberals are doing right now concerning illegals.

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Liberals can do whatever they want

Kids should not be a factor in shipping out some illegal.

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So, the kids stop the bullets and shrapnel

meant for the Liberals? Hmmm.
Makes sense. Although the Russian Air Force has a rep for not caring. And Trump is Putin's disciple, they say. If I were a Liberal I'd be careful.

Or were you just hyperbolizing again? In which case, just irrelevant, like your other alt-stuff.

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President Bob, another note from Treasury.

Those social services are tax funded.

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Sure they are but

That has nothing to do with shipping out the illegals.

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How much is the @realDonaldTrump

spending to stop the invasion now?
How much is he spending to send back the captured invaders?
On top of that is social services' spending for child care.

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The bottom line is

These illegals should not be here.
The cost of trying to block them from coming in or rounding them up after they are in and shipping them out is unknown to me.

Child care cost another unknown.

Invasion??........That sounds like the Don talking with political stuff.

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Do we have enough cattle cars for this?

Estimating 30 million illegals here, that's a lot of train cars.

How to keep them from getting out on the way back home?

Lock them in?

Airplanes would be better, but cost might be prohibitive, although it's not like they are going to force open and jump out a door at 30K feet in the air. It also allows to drop them off further from the border, make it harder for them to get back and run the border again.

Long distance back from Patagonia.

That area could stand to have an increase in population anyway. There's only about 2 million people in the bottom third of South America now anyway. They could certainly take a lot of their own continentals back.

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RE:Airplanes would be better, but cost might be prohibitive,

Cost should be no concern....Make them pay their own way...just like Mexico is paying for the wall, China is paying the tariffs...and on and on

The world according to DJT.

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"Make them pay their own way"

to go home.....not a problem evidently since they paid thousands on their own to GET here illegally in the first place.

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Cattle cars

Nothing says we have to take them out in mass.

When we get a bus load ship them out.

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A heartrending soundbite, Toni.

Fact check. How many of those kids watch CNN? In Spanish? Color or b/w?
They suffer many stressors and CNN likely is far down the list.
IMO. No data to back it up. Presented as fact.

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How many CNN

'heartrending soundbites' do they bother with by interviewing kids of American citizens who are sent off to jail and separated from their kids who never knew their parent(s) were committing crimes?

Take your excuses and cram them.....those soundbites are for more liberal adults to sympathize with THEIR and the DEMS agendas.

What data are your looking for here? Are you looking for ANY or are you more interested in posting YOUR soundbite opinions? I just gave you a FACT.....what will YOU do with it? Insist CNN interview THOSE kids, too?

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It's true that "soundbite" is a term from news

broadcasting. My definition includes tweets, logically and necessarily I believe. 140 character, right?
There's your right-wing contribution. If not red, then at least orange.

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