sold our future up the river. Another slap in the face of seniors too, as the Federal Reserve steals all interest rate since nobody can match their low lending rates. This will eventually be remembered as the War On Seniors by the Federal Reserve when the history is all written on it, and Greenspan and Bernanke will be the ones to blame. At the same time the interest rates seniors should be able to obtain on savings but aren't, (if they weren't having to compete against the money lending machine of the Federal Reserve), the other side of the play is to try and cheat them in the coming years on Medicare and Social Security. That will be accomplished by not raising the rates to keep up with the inflation factors now being sewn by the Federal Reserve. Both Obama and Congress sit on their hands and let Emperor Bernanke rule the economy with more funny money, which we all will have to pay back in taxes eventually, our children, our grandchildren.