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If Samsung Bluray keeps turning off and on, I have a fix

Had the same problem and it almost drove me to drink.
If your Samsung Bluray keeps turning off and on by itself and will not stay on, I have a fix......

Got no help from Samsung. This happens when the power to the Bluray is suddenly interrupted.

1.) Turn on the Bluray, your TV and the cable box if you have one
2.) As it does it's on and off on and off tricks, press the "load DVD" button (above the #2 button ) on the remote
3.) Put any DVD in and press close
4.) When the DVD begins playing, press the Function TV source button. (Top Right Button)
5.) Press source button to HDMI 1 or, whatever HDMI setting you're on.

Should be good to go.

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Reporting: If Samsung Bluray keeps turning off and on, I have a fix
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This "Fix" Does Not Work

I use(d) my Samsung BD-D5700 almost exclusively for playing video from a flash drive or USB drive. No problems for over two years. Never played a disc since it was about six months old. Then I played a regular DVD about two weeks ago. The next day the player started to turn itself off. There was nothing else that had changed. No changes in location, air flow, cables, sound equipment or anything. The DVD was inspected before it was placed into the player (and then after the problems started, inspected once again) and it had no defects at all. (DVD plays fine on the POS Vizio 3D BD player I have (that came in a package deal and does NOT play videos through it's USB port))

I cannot get more than three minutes into a video or DVD now without it cutting off, except for two specific files on the flash drive I usually use. Then it plays for almost six hours without going into it's psycho mode (until last night, it went more than four, but not sure how much longer. It was in it's mood when I checked it again.) I even formatted a second flash drive and loaded it one file at a time to see if there was an issue with fragmented files on the USB drives. Nope. Same s$%t, different day.

Opened up the player twice now (and left the cover off the second time to maximize cooling, no change) and there are no apparent loose solders, no parts noticeably warmer to the touch, no bulges in any capacitors, but every indication is a heat issue. The unit will go on and off incessantly for five to ten minutes, cycling below twenty seconds each phase, and then stay off for a period close to seven minutes and then tries to start up again. Once again it goes into the cycling off and on for a couple of minutes before it once again stays off for a longer period.

After leaving it unplugged overnight, when first plugged in, it immediately turns itself on, something that should not happen, so it's still retaining the cycle command. It may get three minutes into a video and then it starts again. Tried disconnecting the bd player itself, but can't play a video because it wants you to "close the tray" that's not open, or even connected. So why can't I play a video from the USB with the tray open in the first place? Bad programming.

Samsung is NO HELP on this issue, and it's NOT JUST SAMSUNG. It's BLU-RAY units.

Anybody else got any ideas? I didn't fork out my money to have a disposable player that has to be replaced every one or two years. Too bad HD-DVD lost out. With their compatibility and commonalities with standard DVDs, I'm betting we wouldn't be having these issues. It was a tried and true format, with really subtle changes compared to blu-ray.

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It Worked

Perfect explanations it worked thank you very much

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It still works

Thank you Thank You Thank You.
It worked. I have all Samsung products from cell phone to stove and I've had problems with most of the that require a repair technician or replacement. I finialy was able to repair one myself. Thanks again for the fix

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Thank you for the step by step instructions. This fixed the problem. Thank you

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IT WORKS! How to fix Samsung Blu Ray On Off Cycling Problem

Hello Frustrated Person,

Does your Samsung Blu Ray Player cycle on and off repeatedly?

Well, you are in luck: I have finally found out how to fix it. The issue is that the touch screen panel has failed, and thus causes the Blu Ray Player to cycle on and off.

(1) Unplug Samsung Blu Ray player;
(2) Remove sidewalls and top cover;
(3) Remove front fascia;
(4) Remove front touch screen board by rotating the top out first, then you will see a thin brownish ribbon attached to the bottom;
(5) Disconnect brownish-colored ribbon from the rest of the system by pulling it straight out (the brownish ribbon runs up to the touch panel buttons);
(6) Re-assemble, leaving touch screen panel brownish ribbon disconnected from the rest of the system.

Unfortunately, you will now rely solely on the remote control as the touch screen panel on the front of the Blu Ray player will no longer work.

However, the upside is that your Blu Ray player will no longer cycle on and off.

Your welcome and enjoy your movies!

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Thank you!!! This fix works.

Just wanted to say a huge thanks for bothering to post your fix. I quit using my BD-D5700 about a year ago because of the on/off cycling problem. It would never stay on longer than a minute, whether I tried playing a disk in it or not. The other "fix" about loading a disk did not work at all.
I want to watch a football game tonight (TX A&M) that's gonna be on the SEC Network and remembered that's provided on the Samsung smart hub. So I hooked up my piece of crap bluray player to see if it had magically fixed itself by being unplugged for a year. Nope - the constant on/off cycle still there. I was about to throw it in the trash, but decided to google the problem. Saw your fix, but i assumed you're an internet troll with nothing better to do than post false b.s. But i figured I had nothing to lose. So I took the cover off, pulled out the brown ribbon, put it back together and now it works perfect. It's been on now almost 3 hrs, so definitely fixed. So THANK YOU!
If anyone else reads this and has a touch screen samsung bluray player that is cycling on & off, this works. You'll lose the touch screen, but who cares. That only has basic functions compared to the remote. The top & sides of the cover snap off, except for one screw in the back. Pretty easy fix.
This model of bluray player is a slow, noisy piece of crap that should've never been released. I got it mainly to stream stuff, but the Google Chromecast ($30) is about 100x faster. If anyone is still using your bluray to stream stuff, go get a Chromecast or Roku or something like that.

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Problem fixed. THANKS HEAPS

My Samsung Blue ray recorder BD8900 started doing this all of a sudden while we were watching a movie on Internet. It is 2 and half years old. Unplugging, restarting did not help, and I knew for a fact that Samsung is gonna be hopeless. Finally I found your solution here. Easily unplugged the touch panel cable and problem fixed. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for sharing your experience.

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This fix worked

Thank you for posting this fix. My BluRay/3D Samsung player kept shutting off and also started shuffling through different modes on it's own.
I opened it up and disconnected that brown ribbon and now it plays perfectly.

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Samsung BluRay FIXED!

Thank you so much! I was able to fix my Samsung BluRay by these second instructions. I pulled the brown strip out, snapped everything back, plugged it in, and it worked I just like you said. You rock!

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Thanks so much for the info. I figured it was worth a try so I dove in. Managed to stab my finger with the screw driver, but I managed to,wha

This seems to have worked. Thanks so much for posting. I managed to stab myself with the screwdriver, but I got it done.

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Samsung BD E8500M/XU on/off/on/off/on/off etc etc

Thank Christ I gave up on Samsung and their so called tech co, namely RepairTech, but I tried real hard, almost pleading with them to help. Each time the unit came back, it worked for a while etc. they would just state that there was no fault found, amazing!!!!!!

Really glad the situation finally drove me to search, ask colleagues, experts etc. then I discovered you guys.
You know it worked, yep only been a few hours, including watching Hamilton win the F1 World championship, brilliant all round.

Thank you, thank you.

Chris Lynch

Ps Very, very tempted to report Samsung et al for their sales of product not fit for purpose etc yeah, I know probably a complete waste if time, but all those poor sods' out there, in the dark, and given up.

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For most positive results there's usually a negative balance

Although the disconnection of the front facia lead from CN2 gives you a working BD E8500, unfortunately I've lost the use of both the USB port and the DVD Player. When re-connecting this lead to CN2 neither the USB or DVD Player work, but the cycling on/off returns fairly quickly. I might investigate the solder connections etc. let's face it, it's a damn pain!

Still, I can watch TV, record programmes and play recordings. Can't update to Firmware 1018 thru USB, or watch DVD's. May be I'll have to invest in a cheap DVD Player.


Chris Lynch

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How to fix Samsung Blu Ray On Off Cycling Problem

Hi Chris.
Just went through the procedure, documented by FinallyFixedIt .
This worked for me just fine.
Loosing the USB and the DVD Player, makes me beleive you disconnected the wrong cable.
I have a BDE8900 and I guess they are very alike.
It's a very small brown cable located right behind the center of the touch panel.
I beleive you have disconnected one of the larger flex cables going down to main electronic board.
Just an idea.
Best regards

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Apology for long delay etc

Hello Svend,

Please accept my sincere apologies for the lengthy delay in responding to your kind advice re:BD-E8500 M on/off problem.

Fortunately, my unit behaved itself after a short while. I'm not entirely sure why initially both the USB port and the DVD drive weren't recognised. However, after I both reset the system and used it a few times, eventually I got the 'full system' back, enabling me to load 'Firmware' updates and watch DVD's. I have to state once again, that my persistence in pursuing a solution to the original 'on/off' and luckily finding it on CNET, was truly worth it as the unit is really brilliant, in my view.

Thanks again.


Chris Lynch

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Blue ray player keeps turning off

I opened my player but only see a grey striped cable, that's the only connection to the front panel.

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Problem temporarily solved

Thanks for the information. Literally took 5 minutes to do what you said. Hopefully I don't lose the remote but BluRay is back in action!!

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it works!

Thank you so much for posting this. Took 15 minutes to pull apart and put back together. Now it's working perfectly. Had I not found your instructions I would have trashed my two year old machine. Such a waste. Thank you again.

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Samsung bluray turning on and off

This FIX IS The BOMB!!!!
Easiest thing to do and worked like a charm!!!!! Thank You for you post!!!!

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Works but...

Yes it works, but on the down side I've lost access to both the DVD Player and the USB port. I tried reinstating the 'Brown Ribbon Lead' to no avail.It would appear that disconnecting the ribbon cable seems to have instigated some permanent change to the system's awareness of it's own configuration??

Alternatively, may be the problem arose when the 'power fluctuation' hit and caused the system to start the 'On/Off, On/Off Cycle'.

Anyone experienced the same problem/s??

Chris Lynch

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WOO HOO!!! It worked!!

Wow. I've been searching for a fix for my Samsung Bluray for weeks, and it's been driving me spare. I was about to give up and buy another machine. But thankfully came across your post.

How simple was that. And me, being technologically challenged, could do it myself in minutes. I didn't pull the touch screen board out, just pulled the front fascia forward until I could see a brown ribbon, and disconnected it in the one place.

You've brought my sanity back. Thank you thank you thank you.

I really appreciate you taking the time to share this!!

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Actually, it doesn't.

I suspected the myriad of "hey it worked perfectly!" responses may have been too good to be true.

They were.

Followed the instructions carefully (to both techniques, actually), and the thing continues to cycle on and off.


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Apology for lengthy delay etc


Sorry, just came back on the CNET site re: a totally separate matter, then noticed all the 'THANKS VERY MUCH' etc messages for some of the poor sods out there, like me who discovered the annoying on/off problem with their Samsung DVD device. I can only hope that you eventually got your unit working properly, as the CN2 cable disconnect solution definitely does work (providing you didn't mistakenly/accidentally disconnect/disturb any other cable connections etc).



Chris Lynch

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It Stopped the Problem but Now Remote Doesn't Work

I did this fix and it did stop the machine from turning on and off but now the remote doesn't work and with no front fascia I can't do anything with the machine. Any suggestions?

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Apologies for long delay in responding


Sorry, just came back on the CNET site re: a totally separate matter, then noticed all the 'THANKS VERY MUCH' etc messages from some of the poor sods out there, (like me) who discovered the annoying on/off problem with their Samsung DVD device. I can only hope that you eventually got your unit working properly, as the 'CN2 cable disconnect solution' definitely does work (providing you didn't mistakenly/accidentally disconnect/disturb any other cable connections etc).



Chris Lynch


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Lose your remote? Use your phone.

If your remote quits working (mine doesn't seem to work), try Peel Smart Remote, a free Android app. Works like a charm for my Time Warner cable, Samsung TV, and Samsung BD player.

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Eject button

P. S. If you don't get an eject button in the Peel Smart Remote Blu-ray player remote, install a Samsung DVD player remote. That one has an eject button and works on my Blu-ray player.

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Your solution worked for me and I just wanted to say thank you.

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Wonderful- my BD6500 started acting up in the middle of a Rome series bluray. Followed instructions, worked perfectly.
Wasn't easy getting the top off to start with, and it didn't click back 100% perfectly-but I don't see myself needing to take a screwdriver again to that player for the rest of its lifespan.
So, thanks a bunch

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Complete fix

I have fixed all functionality from finallyfixedit's guide but After step 5 after removing the brown ribbon cable I decided to take out the lcd panel by removing the white led unit which lifts off and the lcd panel poped out from two clips on the control unit. When following the brown ribbon cable it led to the touch panel which is basically like a sticker I noticed air bubbles throughout I run my finger across the sticker several times trying to get rid of air bubbles. I reassembled everything also reconnecting brown cable. No more power cycling 100% fix as the touch screen functionality works like it should with the remote

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Complete fix worked for me too!

I have a Samsung BD-D6700. I took it all apart as explained above. Then I used a microfiber cloth instead of a Kleenex tissue to smooth the thin transparent film strip on the inside of the panel that is part of the brown ribbon connector. There weren't many bubbles under the film strip. I kind of used my fingernail with the microfiber cloth between it and the film. The biggest trick was to connect the brown ribbon strip connector again with the tiny black plastic clip. I tested the player before closing it up. The front panel was unresponsive by touch but it worked with the remote. I worked at making the brown connect make contact and the front panel finally worked again. I closed it up and put it back in service. I've been watching a DVD for an hour now. Before, it constantly turned on and off and I could hardly get a disc eject. If I have trouble again, I might disconnect the brown ribbon permanently.

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