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If Obama had one more Joe Biden...

on his team they could likely go ahead and reserve the U Hauls for 1-20-13.

On Friday, Vice President Joe Biden told supporters at the New Hampshire State House in Concord that there are 650,000 troops still in Afghanistan, misstating the number by over 580,000. Biden made the gaffe while attacking Romney's "47 percent" comment
There are only around 68-70K troops left in Afganistan according recent counts.

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Reporting: If Obama had one more Joe Biden...
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He had one in 2008....

.....and he did in fact have to pack the U-Hauls after the election, didn't he. Wink

Biden is a gaffe machine. That's not news. I'm sure Obama knew that when he picked him, and decided the upside was worth it.

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what would that be?

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The upside

The USA every so often with this administration needs a good laugh.

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It's like the wizard of oz

One has a brain that's been sliced and diced and the other is looking for one of his own, as they go skipping down the road to see Bernanke, the man behind the curtain. Any moment I expect to see Robert Reich and some of his diminutive friends jumping out of the bushes, dancing around, singing "The Lollipop Kids".

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It would be.....

......his experience dealing with the ins and outs of Congress, and his being someone acknowledged by both parties as a foreign policy expert. Biden and John McCain are close friends, despite their political differences. Obama felt having him would give him someone who could reach across the aisle.

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Now if

they could keep his mouth taped up things might be better

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(NT) THAT I can agree with, LOL
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WOW! :)

shocked, we agree on sometingHappy

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hasn't worked very well with 'dealing with the ins and outs of Congress' in the last year+....and if he so knowledgeable about foreign policy, that doesn't seem to be working out very well either. He and Hillary have both failed on that badly. Maybe the two of them don't bow low enough and BO should have handled it all himself.

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Foreign policy?

you mean like continuing to talk when the Queen was entering the room? Or when he bowed to the Head of state of another country? I forgot which one, LOL I just don't watch much of anything to do with BO

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Those are protocols/customs
How to Meet the Queen

I just don't watch much of anything to do with BO

I enjoyed watching GWB walking and holding the Prince's hand.....That was protocol in action.
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Bowing is good manners in some countries

Just like a handshake is here. It's an expression of politeness, not subservience. You are looking at a foreign custom through American eyes.

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what eyes do you use?

not American?

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I try to learn what the customs are....

.......and base my opinions on that knowledge. Diplomats study those customs extensively so they don't inadvertently offend someone by doing something we wouldn't consider rude but they would.

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No US President

bows before our enemies.......except BO.

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(NT) Thank you, Toni:)
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No US president....

.....goes to meet with our enemies in the first place, including "BO."

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But he really wanted to while he was

campaigning in 2008....and gave that same spiel in his speech in Cairo in 2009...because he believed that his charisma alone would be able to sway them all into peace.

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Romney should have sought someone like Biden

as a VP candidate. He's too "vanilla" unlike Obama who tries to play "hip". At least a Biden like VP could offer some entertainment. Romney could work in the background instead of trying to be cool by seeking photo ops with recording stars. Wink

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RE:If Obama had one more Joe Biden

He'd have a matched set?

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Yep...Jokers as bookends

to hold BO's two books.

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RE: to hold two books.

The entire GW Bush Library?

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Somebody higher up didn't like my previous Biden quote. So, I'll just say that you're on a roll, today. Happy

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My opinion

of McCain is he is a closet Democrat. And that is why I was not to excited about voting the last timeSad

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(NT) translation, somewhere in the middle?
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Bonny Tyler said it best
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Many former BO supporters
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I considered him more of an Independent

It's what I liked about him. I didn't agree with everything he stood for but I respected his willingness to break with the party line and stay true to his own beliefs. If he had run against Bush in 2004 and gotten the nomination, I'd have given serious thought to voting for him. John Kerry did try to get him to switch parties and be his running mate, and McCain considered it but ultimately said no.

McCain lost me in 2008 when he started pandering to the right wing instead of playing to the middle, where he had the most support.

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