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If not Pelosi.....who?

Who do the house dems have that knows how to play the game better than Nancy?

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Since I'm neutral on politics, I can hope for

another cute chick.

Look out, Lee! Here they come!

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If I'm going to be "sexist" I prefer 'Foxy' - my sister says it's almost tolerable... :^)

Rick " they used to call guys like me dirty old men " Jones

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Since I'm a married man, "cute" is all I can

get away with.
At another appropriate time I have said and will say the same about Ann Coulter.

Trolls are cute, too. Grin

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I meant

'Fox' or 'Foxy' instead of 'chick'. Whatever.


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I understand.

To me, fox is too strong. Cute can be for babies and puppies. But never for cats on pianos.

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Boys will be boys !
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That position is toxic

Look at the how the last two Republican speakers have been treated by the media. Whoever would want the job must be some kind of masochist. Personally, I'd hope some lower profile person would end up in that chair.

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If the dems want to play the game

Then they need someone who knows how to play the game.

Nancy has been in the position before she knows what to expect.

From the media and house members and the Don.

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How about the New Cutie in the house

Let everyone be confused LOL

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A Cutie?

You do mean those little orange fruits, don't you?
I segment them and slice in a banana. For a treat, I top them with tapioca pudding. It's healthy and doesn't scream in your face about how good Socialism would be. BTW...this girl must spend way too much time at Starbucks. Just watching this makes me want to take a nap.

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Isn't she the 'youngest ever' or some such?

We have a woman in NM who puts her and many models to shame. She just won one of those Good Ol' American Mudslinger recounts. Don't remember which office, and of course I don't post links. She's a Dem, FWIW.
NM also swapped parties but not genders in the Governor's race. That was interesting.
It's not generally known that NM has considerable oil revenue, and the Saudi problem to go with it. Price goes down, so does State income.
IMO the big difference between parties is that the Red Governor hunkered down on spending, but the new Blue one will increase spending, but on butter.

My local State Assemblywoman is also attractive, and an attorney and tough in a fight. Maybe they don't have to be cute, after all. Happy

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Watching the GIF, I see common sense.

Country can spend on armaments for its three wars, or fall back on the motto on the coinage.
Of course, that would mean adopting Mt 6:9,10.
Then the duly elected leaders wouldn't be directing their own steps.
And, we're all adults, certainly capable of directing our own steps.
What to do? What to do?

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For example, a few [million] houses could be built

for the cost of one fighter jet:
"A Filipino designer won a Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors competition for a house for the city of the future. Earl Forlales invented a bamboo house that can be erected in four hours and costs just £60 ($77) per square metre, potentially transforming Asia’s slums. If rented for £0.20 a day, it would be profitable after five years."
Economist feed; no link.

Something a government could do, to show genuine concern for the people.

Where to find such a government?

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Certainly not China's

Although it's one of the most controlling of its citizens ever, it's unable to prevent them from defrauding each other. This is just the latest news on that front, from the Economist:

"It’s not just fake purses. China has banned new fund names that falsely imply a connection with a well-known institution (Fidelity, for example) or star investor (such as Warren Buffett). But it will not force the renaming of existing funds, such as the 60-odd that use the Chinese characters for HSBC with no connection at all to the British bank."

Where to find a government without greed; whose citizens don't exhibit greed?

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Oh, how discourteous of me.

I forgot to show links to y'all's Bibles. Y'all like links.
Common sense: Jer 10:23

Houses Could Be Built: Amos 9:14,15

China: Deut 10:17-19

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Oh, how discourteous of me.

I forgot to quote. Y'all like quotes; great timesavers.

Jeremiah: I well know, O Jehovah, that man’s way does not belong to him. It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step.

Amos: I will gather back the captives of my people Israel, And they will rebuild the desolated cities and inhabit them; They will plant vineyards and drink their wine, And make gardens and eat their fruit. I will plant them on their land, And they will never again be uprooted. From their land that I have given them,’ says Jehovah your God.”

China: For Jehovah your God is the God of gods and the Lord of lords, the God great, mighty, and awe-inspiring, who treats none with partiality and does not accept a bribe. He executes justice for the fatherless child-like and the widow and loves the foreign resident, giving him food and clothing. You too must love the foreign resident, for you became foreign residents in the land of Egypt.

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Would building those bamboo houses

and letting those folks living in the slums move into them, would that be an implied contract by the government and then the government would be responsible for them ?

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"social contract" it's called.

Some of history's great thinkers have discussed it. I'm not one. My great thinking comes from the Bible. That does more than imply, it _obligates_ Jehovah to act that way towards his people. That's why the Bible is often referred to as "good news". Long story;

Good question BTW. Hope I gave you a start on the answer.

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So you're saying

it's OK to be same old same old?...someone who rejects their oppositions ideas before even hearing them. The "game", by the way, is called "gridlock". We get to watch them play it but, in the end, we are the only losers.

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The other option is to put in a speaker who does not know how to play the game.

Then the dems get taken for a ride.

The repubs know how to play the game and they will try to work it to their advantage.

I think the whole thing is just dumb *** stuff with a focus on get reelected.

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Your OP asks a question

but your further writing sounds more like the question wasn't as important as was creating another opportunity to trash the president and the party with which he's affiliated. Obviously, you have your own game going and know how to play it.

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Nothing in my post

Trashed the Don or the repubs or the dems.

I accept the game that is being played by all parties.

I don't have a game.

I will admit I don't much care for the Don but I did not mention him in this thread.

Your starting to sound a lot like Toni.

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Sorry ...but it was your reply to

mine (where I said the position was toxic) where you used what might be considered a pejorative term for the president..."the Don"...which many will associate with a mafia head. You've used the term often as well as another. These, IMO, establish your attitude even before anyone can offer a reasoned response. Now, you suggest I'm sounding like another forum member and mention their name. To me, it's not appropriate to use other member's names in this manner. Just sayin' can do as you want.
I've no idea where you wanted to go with the OP but I gave my viewpoint and will leave it at that.

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Make no mistake

When I refer to trump as the Don I mean mafia Don.
This is what he acts like.
He can not tolerate anyone or thing that does not agree with him.

My attitude from the start is I do not much care for the guy.
That I will admit up front.

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(NT) Hang it on Netsky.
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Steven, this is SE.

Would we ever post a question without already having our own answer locked down?
You're so naïve!

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How can you be a willing participant and a loser?

Some "game".

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I wonder if you notice this about yourself?

This thread has 28 (29 now counting my post) posts....and 13 of them all belong to you. It seems that even when you do post something, you reply to yourself many times over for some reason....and it's something you do frequently in threads. Do you have a problem keeping your thoughts in focus or are you more inclined to have one or more of those moments of "oh, yeah, I forgot to say …. (fill in the blank) because I have a need to get in the last word even if it doesn't make any sense to anybody but me"? I know a few people like I'm curious if you are one more I can add to that list.

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The sequential posting was deliberate.

They were of a piece, to develop a theme, comparing good government with bad.

Several were used to carry information, but in a way to address past complaints about my posting style. Nobody home at that address, I guess.

If Lee starts to run out of sever space he'll let me know.

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