UpdatesCenter.com is owned by Owen Fegg of Frelle, France, and is simply a site dedicated to advertising for the products listed on the page. It is in no way connected with WindowsUpdate, Microsoft, or a reputible internet security company. Since you are automatically being redirected there instead of to your AOL homepage, your browser has probably been hijacked. I'd suggest downloading and running each of the following utilities one at a time: Microsoft Antispyware Beta (for Windows 2000/XP only), SpyBot, and CWShredder. You'll also want to click here for a full list of anti-viral and anti-spyware utilities to help scan your system...you can never be too careful, and one of those listed may catch something the above miss. Finally, I'd recommend switching to a more secure alternative browser, such as Firefox, which is less prone to succumb to such attacks.

Hope this helps,

P.S. You may want to consider running all of the scans in Safe Mode (F8 during boot) to reduce the chance of your guest avoiding/disabling the security programs. Also, disabling System Restore (right-click "my computer," select "properties," select "system restore," and check the box next to "turn off system restore on all drives") will seal off one of the most popular hiding places to avoid the scans.