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IDE to SATA Hard Drive Help

I have a computer in which the hard drive died (blue screen of death). I researched the hard drive type and thought I figured out that I needed a SATA replacement hard drive, but once receiving it I realized that it was a PATA. I took the route of converting it instead of going through the process of returning the SATA for a PATA. I bought the converter cables and a PCI combo converter card from a local computer store and installed everything. (Motherboard to PCI card to Hard drive and Power Supply to Hard drive) When I turn the computer on it says "Primary Disc Hard Drive 0 (and 1) not found. Strike F! key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility. (F1 makes it forever repeat itself.". I have a Windows XP disc but its not reading that because it can't get past the hard drive detection. What do I do now?

Dell Dimension 8250
Hard Drive:
SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD253GJ 250GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive
Combo Controller Card:
Syba PCI 32-bit IDE/SATA Combo Controller Card, Model: SY-VIA6421-3S1P

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Reporting: IDE to SATA Hard Drive Help
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Return the Syba for something like this
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And then?

I bought that and plugged it in. (Plugged it into PATA connection, SATA cable from it to SATA hard drive, Power cord from it to power) Turn on computer and get the same message. What now?

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Ok, you changed sata to ide adapters.

And the Dell is not recognizing drives. We know we can't boot Windows since it is a blank drive (gotta write this since I'm finding owners that change hard drives and expect the machine to boot windows once the new drive is bolted in.)

What's up next is if the BIOS can handle this big a drive. Does dell tell you what size is supported?

If this dell doesn't support such a big drive we'll need to go back to what it does support.

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Did you get around to pressing F2 ...

and running the CMOS setup utility to let it locate the hard drive?

You may also need to ensure that the drive is on the end connector of the IDE cable (and we are assuming yours is the 80 wire data cable) as the sata is not jumperable for master/slave.

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And now a Windows instal error (sigh)

Ok, so my computer magically detects the hard drive now so I am past that problem. Thanks for your help thus far!

My latest problem is with the Windows Vista installation. It goes through Copying Files, Expanding Files, and Installing Features, but when it gets to Installing Updates it freezes. I eventually have to power the computer off hours later. I have redone the installation process many times and this happens every time. Any suggestions?

Windows Vista Home Edition 32bit.

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Another trick from the field.

Read the manual (they call it that?) on the hard drive. Now put the jumper on the hard drive to limit the SATA speed to 1.5.

If you still get errors, swap in a new DVDRW drive as an old drive can cause that error. An overheating CPU can cause this too so leave the cover off for now.

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Hard Drive Information

The manual which is a fold-out book of four tiny pages only tells me how to set the jumper to the following:
Set as Master (AB), Set as Slave, or Select Cable (EF).
And for under 32 GB; Set as Master (AB+CD), Set as Slave (CD), Slect Cable (CD+EF).

Hard Drive: Samsung 3.5" HDD Sata

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Since SATA drives don't have master slave jumpers.
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In responce...

I changed the hard drive as the manual states to 1.5 (thanks for finding that for me) but my computer then told me that the hard drive was not found so I switched it back. The computer case has been open since I started this whole thing so no changes made there. I unplugged the DVD drive, started up the computer, and restarted the Windows installation but it did the same exact thing, froze on Installing Updates. /frown

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The Answer is next......

OK in the BIOS what mode do have the sata set to AHCI or compatibility. More to follow after I see that part

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That's news.

Sorry, but why would we use an IDE adapter if the BIOS offers a compatibility mode?

I will not apologize for the sad documentation all makers seem to be supplying but if I found SATA compatibility I would remove the ide sata adapter and use the SATA port IF the maker supports that.

As to the 1.5 jumper and the drive going missing that's a sign of loose cables or other assembly issues.

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1.5 issuse

I tried changing it again and checking all the cables and had teh same result. Sad

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Quite the odd story here.

I have yet to see that fail UNLESS I had messed up and got the jumper on wrong or caused another issue.

But back to the beginning. If your motherboard has SATA and emulates IDE over SATA why not use that?

Again, there is no good documentation on this and I won't write it here. (too long, won't fit.)

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My MB does not have a SATA connection which is why I had to purchase the adaptor as you can see at the start of this post.

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Ahh, I see above.

That someone jumped in with "OK in the BIOS what mode do have the sata set to AHCI or compatibility. More to follow after I see that part"

I thought that was YOUR post. Here's why. Many have to move about their computers and will have more than one Cnet member name.

Sorry for the confusion but the reply looked like it was to me and not to you.

I'd still wonder what you did to make it work when it first didn't. And this may be the first time I'll see the 1.5 limit switch cause it to fail.

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When the forum bottoms out.

Reply to your top entry.

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I didn't do anything to make it detect the hard drive when it finally did. One day it didn't and the next day it did. Can't explain why.

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Ah well.

I guess I am forced to give up on this since we have run out of ideas. Thanks for all your help Bob!

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There is one small thing.

Maybe I skipped it. When we install XP to such large drives we must have XP SP2 on that CD or I see too many failures.

That and good optical drives. Be sure that it's the stock memory too.

In closing, IDE drives are still out there for sale at and for not much. I've done that and put the SATA drives into USB cases so it doesn't feel like a total loss.

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