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ID theft Redux,don't become complacent !!

back in '08 I was sitting home recuperating from my cancer operation and thought I'd renew my car's registraion online with NJDMV.Three days later there's a charge from a web hosting co. on my card for two web sites that were under my name! I had them killed.

I went to the local PD,filed a police report and as a result I'm a registerred ID theft victim.The cops made note of all my tattoos,which arm they were on,etc and asked me to give them a secure P/word which would ID me in the future.If anyone uses my name for a license,etc the data base will pick it up and cops will arrest the person if they don't match my info.

Last Sat,8/25 my daughter asks me to renew her reg online and I tell to come over,no problem.Like a fanatic I check my bank acct every evening and every morning at 6am when tdbank updates,since '08.

I check my balance at 6:15 am today and there's almost $2500 gone and a charge was made at the Apple Online Store for that amount! I tell the dispatcher I'm leaving at 7:30 and to mark me as sick.I showed him my acct first and he said: "crap bro,looks like someone bought a MacBook Pro on your dime"! Yup!

Up to tdbank to raise hell at 7:30,bank manager tells me the best she can do is dispute the charge and I will have my money back within 10 days.She killed my card and issued a new one on the spot.She gave me a printout from Apple's site that had an unblieveable amount of deatail about the transaction.

Back home at 9am and I call up Apple in CA.These are some of the nicest people to deal with,it almost makes me want to buy a Mac Happy The young lady asked me to verify some info I had on the bank printout,which I did.

She told me Apple had placed a hold on the charge at their option pending verification from my bank.She then issued a "merchant's release" to my bank and told me the charge was gone and I would see the money back in my acct in 24hrs!! That was damn good service.

She also told me she had the name/addy of the person who made the charge but would only give it to the police.Not a problem,I go up to the local PD at 10am to talk to a detective.

A young cop interviews me and says detectives won't be back until Tues,he asked to see my tattoos and my P/word to verify my ID."I'm making a note in your file that you wish to prosecute this person?" F'n A right I

I can imagine this geek sitting in his underwear,waiting for his MacBook and cops show up instead Grin

To Quote Herman Melville: ""I'll chase him round Good Hope, and round the Horn, and round the Norway
Maelstrom, and round perdition's flames before I give him up."

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Reporting: ID theft Redux,don't become complacent !!
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Good job!

I love stories like that.

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Keep us updated

I love it when the slimers and sleazoids finally get caught. I hope he lives in his mother's basement. Wink

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Will do...Track this discussion...

I know from the first incident that the detective that handles these cases views ID thieves as garbage,he was once a victim himself.He apologized profusely in '08 saying the charge came from off-shore and there was nothing he could do.

I can just see a big smile on his face Tues morning when he reads my complaint and realizes what he's got. Happy

ID theft from a local Senior Citizen with the name/addy of the person the computer was shipping to?? It's gonna be like tossing a sirloin steak to a hungry wolf,he'll be on that geek like hair on a gorilla Grin It almost makes me feel sorry for the geek(not). He did order a nice computer though,top of the line 15" Macbook Pro with Retina display,too bad he won't be using it Happy

I won't let it rest there either,NJDMV is my next target and the police will know about it next week and I'll talk to the DMV fraud division also.

Two ID theft incidents in 4yrs and both of them came within 4 days of renewing regs online with the DMV?? Do they think I'm so stupid as to not believe that someone at DMV is "harvesting" credit info??

They screwed with the wrong Libertarian!

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I'm tracking it

It would be nice to see one of these people get caught.

It happened to my wife a few years ago; fortunately the charges made on her card were very small.

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Ok, Ok already

What if I just send you the Mac when it arrives? I don't want to face Mr. Mossberg. Devil

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(NT) Actually,I refer to the Mossberg as "Ole Painless"
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(NT) Ball Reduction Surgical Instrument
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Whack a mole..Tony

i should have read this sooner. Glad it came out all good. Don't you wish if you could just "get some" on the culprit? -----Willy Happy

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Don't you know it Willy????

The last thing this little squid would ever want to see is a tattooo covered combat vet with an ear to ear grin at his front door saying "Hi how are You"? Grin

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(NT) "This is going to hurt, trust me"
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I'm thinking Marcellus Wallace in Pulp Fiction

"I'm going to go medieval on his a**."


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Great job, Tony. Glad they were so quick to respond, and

treated it as the serious issue it was. Hope they take him to jail in his underwear, and make him sit in the holding cell like that. He could have some new friends really quickly.

One question. Is that TD Bank as in Toronto Dominion Bank connected to Ameritrade. They have a very good rep here, if so. The bank arose out of the consolidations arising from the Banking Crisis from the Great Depression. A lot of Canadian Banks are old consolidations. I bank at one of two who seem not to have had to consolidate Bank of Montreal and Bank of Nova Scotia. The old Dominion Bank building still decorates Yonge (pronounced young) Street, and looks like a smaller version of JPMorgan Bank on Wall Street.



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That's right,Rob...

They're all one big happy family.

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Between '08 and this latest incident,I've learned quite a bit about ID theft.

An interesting staistic:Most ID theft is discovered within 1-6 months after it occurs and it is therefore very difficult to catch the perpetrator.In that respect,I consider myself most fortunate to have discovered this incident the very next day after it happened!

In my research I discovered a sight that brought a smile to my face Happy

"You will find that the state of New Jersey is one state that you would never want to be convicted of identity theft in."

This little nebbish probably thinks the delay in his transaction is due to the holiday weekend but little does he know that he's getting hit with a minimum of a third degree felony and a year in jail Happy

"I love it when a plan comes together" : Hannibal Smith. Grin

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