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ibuypower: A good company?

by ikjadoon / July 26, 2005 3:56 AM PDT

Hi, I just read the review on the ibuypower Value Pro system. Its just what i need: Cheap, fast, and could play plently of games. (I've upgraded the GPU to Dual-6600GTs) I've had a very bad time with computer companies. Is this company reliable? Is their suport good? Has anyone had experience with any ibuypower products? I want to spend my money wisely and don't want to be caught in another PC trap. I read one user review right on the review page saying the performance from the support was abysmal. Is that true? I hope not. Thanks Alot!

P.S. Is a Dual Core 6600GT better than a single 6800GT? Will the Dual Core GPU not be able to run all games?

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(NT) (NT) take a looky at monarch if your undecided
by AKonny47 / July 26, 2005 4:28 AM PDT
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by ikjadoon / July 26, 2005 7:03 AM PDT

Is that a better company than ibuypower? Are they cheap? I'll check today. Thanks! I see, well I'm spending about 1,500, a max of 1,700. Thanks for your advice!

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(NT) (NT)yes, superb prices and overall good company
by AKonny47 / July 26, 2005 8:31 AM PDT
In reply to: monarch?
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personally i would suggest 6800gt
by nerdyboy1234 / July 26, 2005 6:17 AM PDT

over 6600gt sli.

about ibuypower, they have good deals, but there have been many good and bad reviews about them. personally, depending on how much u spend...if more than 1000 i would stay away from ibuypower since its a waste to put all that money into a computer and have it go bad on you and ibuypower support driving u nuts.

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Ibuypower recommendation
by jcd / July 26, 2005 2:38 PM PDT

I can only reflect on personal experience
I purchased a intel system from them about a year and 1/2 ago and did quite a bit of customizing(changing and adding some items after the initial order- no problem)
the system arrived as ordered on time and I was impressed with the quality of assembly of the components

I had occasion to call the the tech support which is contracted by them just to see how it was. Called 1st with (a percieved) software problem and tech was very knowledgeable and able to suggest a proper correction.

I then thought ok lets call with a hardware problem and the tech diagnosed it straight away. Tech support is in USA
I was very satified with the product and the support

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by ikjadoon / July 27, 2005 1:44 AM PDT

thanks for the input! So the calls were good. Monarch seems like a good company. Thanks!

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Bad Computer
by greyshad0w / February 11, 2012 10:16 PM PST

I bought a $2100 computer from IBuyPower and I think i may have gotten a very bad deal. If it's a gaming computer, then why does it freeze up when I play Solitaire? Or Farmville, Castleville, World of Warcraft, just about any MMO or anything that has to do with front end graphics. I am pissed and I want a major refund. It freezes up on a regular basis, like 20 times a day. Everytime I try to load a game, I will play for about one minute and then it will freeze. I gotta keep this message short before my computer crashes again.

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Re: ibuypower
by Kees_B Forum moderator / February 11, 2012 10:52 PM PST
In reply to: Bad Computer
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think again
by BigSexyPanda / April 23, 2012 5:38 AM PDT
In reply to: Bad Computer

If you're experiencing such bad freezing in MMOs, its not the computer, its your internet. I have a $2300 iBuyPower computer as well. I dont know what you spent your money on, but it should be fine. If it's not your internet, you might be overheating.

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My experience with IBuyPower
by Liptus / July 30, 2005 10:16 AM PDT

First let me say that STAY FAR AWAY FROM CYBERPOWER.COM!! Long story...they are con artists. And even though I suspect they have some affiliation to, I can't prove it (ads in mags are very similiar, prices, websites, website offers, etc all very simliar).

Okay on to my IBuyPower experience. I am using one of their systems now...I've modified it though. It came DOA. Why? Because the SATA HD with the OS wasn't connected! Easy fix for me, but for some people would've been a big problem. Also 1 of the fans wasn't hooked up. Finally, my 12 port(?) media card reader turned into a 4 port one. In their defense, I also ended up with a 580watt Demon power supply rather than the 420watt one I upgraded to.

I could go on, but the rest isn't as important. Bottom line, you'll get a good price, but the case will be a mess (I.E. wiring, layout) and you may have to have to give everything a once-over before you can be sure everything works and is hooked up.

Second, the case layout is a mess. The other person who said something to the effect that it was good must not have ever seen a properly, and clean, lay out; Or they got extremely lucky.

You may want to check out build quality computers for a good price (good service, nice clean case layout, good documentation). I've had 2 friends buy from them not long ago.

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(NT) ok, thanks!
by ikjadoon / July 31, 2005 4:33 AM PDT

im gonna either go with monarch or ABS. I have a question. Which system profile should i start with to match the iBuyPower's speed? Thanks

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ibuypower fine for me
by Deathwyng / August 12, 2008 6:44 AM PDT
In reply to: (NT) ok, thanks!

I recently purchased from an iBuyPower computer (ibuypower is cyberpowerpc fyi) and here is the link to its page on, works great, the only problem was they didn't plug in the hard drive, easy to do by yourself, i called tech support because i'm not computer literate, and they told me step by step how to do it. Tech support SOUNDED a little dodgy, along with their whole phone service and web site, but i got what i paid for... your decision.

Computer i purchased:

yes it's vista premiu m 64 bit but it works and runs all my games on max GREAT!

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iBuyPower, I almost want to buy one now, but
by TheLostTruckDriver / January 14, 2009 4:43 AM PST
In reply to: ibuypower fine for me

I've read a few things where people have had problems right off the bat, but they help you fix it and are good with the support. In the past though, I had a brand new HP computer custom with the best graphics card and everything and it worked for a few hours and burnt up. I returned it never to buy another custom HP. They might be better, but that's just bull. The sellers should know what kind of power supplies and what not work and not experiment by offering customization and see what happens (which iBuyPower does lol).
But these days, this stuff is so much better and cheaper I mean geez look you get a 500Gig HD and can run any game pretty good and it looks cool. It's worth it if you ask me as long as you can get support and there are no reports of mobos burning up in masses.

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by xclerity / August 19, 2012 2:24 AM PDT

I find it entertaining reading all the complaints, Is it a coincidence most of the people complaining are recommending other sites? I'm more than happy with my system and my experience. I'm not a bot, I find it funny how people are claiming fraudulent scams, yet the business remains striving for years on. They would not be allowed to operate if there was any scams or fraud occurring, I think people need to relax.

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NO, don't buy IBuyPower!!
by jdonier / January 5, 2010 6:53 AM PST

I ordered a custom built desktop computer a couple of years ago. It was great to choose options and accessories; that seemed top-of-the-line. There were two big problems 1) estimated completion/shipping was date off by more than 4 weeks (this was not during the holiday season) and 2) the computer?s internal wiring was all messed up.

After receiving my order late, I was dismayed to find it didn?t boot up. Upon closer inspection I found the hard drives hadn?t been mounted correctly ? the wiring was all wrong and the fasteners were broken. There were actually extra metal mounts just tossed inside to rattle around on the motherboard while shipping! I called customer service who said that I could fix it myself or send it back for another 6-8 weeks of repairs. Ridiculous, wasn?t even assembled properly in the first place!

I opted to take it to a local repair shop instead; they quickly mounted the drives correctly and gave me report on how the some wiring was assembled incorrectly ? IBuyPower would not reimburse me for this expense of fixing it. Since then, I learned much more about building and fixing desktop computers.

To add insult to injury my graphics card and possessor fried less than 30 days after the warranty expired. When I had this checked I found the processor had been broken and then glued together and the pins to the graphic card had been soldered in place! Don?t buy from them; they don?t know what they?re doing. It is my honest opinion that a blind monkey with one hand up its butt could assemble computers better than IBuyPower.

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NO give someone else a try
by nwilliams102 / May 21, 2010 5:23 AM PDT

when I received my PC the hard drives were no longer mounted, the mounting enclosure was bent insuring that the drives would not be held during shipment. Tech support was useless and explained that I needed to bend the piece back and re-mount the drives... no apology. Very unprofessional very poor assembly.

I ordered from them directly, costco has many other comments indicating poor quality. I mistakenly thought if I ordered a custom PC more care would be taken in building my order.

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Run away, run far far away!!!!!
by CaseyToo / July 18, 2010 8:46 AM PDT

I also can only speak from personal experience but what I have read on the BBB website (had I only read it in advance of my purchase) and everywhere other than their own webpage leads me to give title above advice most seriously.

I'm not going to give you the whole story, you are more than welcome to e-mail me through this website or in reply and I would be very happy to share my experiences with you. But let me say that unless you are quite knowledgeable in the first place regarding the type of computer you wish to purchase from, enough so that you can fix it upon arrival or maybe build it yourself next time (which is close to where I am at) I would stay far away from these guys and don't think for a moment that any of the statements from people who have had bad experiences are an exaggeration. So far they are an aggregate of my experience with Danny H. and the rest of that condescending " A sucker is born every minute" computer shop. The shorted me on parts, my unit came damaged and DOA, their tech support is a laugh and sounds like kids just who get their gaming computers for cheap by manning the phones and talk a mile a minute while talking down to you because you may not sell computers for a living. If I did not feel comfortable standing up for myself they would have gotten away with a lot more than shipping half a computer that was DOA AND damaged. They refused my requests for a running subtotal of the build and bank on human kindness. The will not identify themselves OR give you a specific person or number to call back, especially if they sense that you might be anything other than an EZ-mark. My operating system was not even shipped with my computer and I did not want to be seen as pirating software form MS after paying for W7 Ultimate. They did send the disc a week later the entire time Windows threatened to shut down if I did not validate it. They were convinced it fell out of the box and was somehow my fault. That?s when the fun started.

I can think of very little reason to use these guys and the online computer market would be better off without them. Had I been able to obtain a refund and walk away with my money I would have. Plug their address into the BBB website and read away if you think I am coming off bitter. Normally I would rather live and let live and not make a fuss but I needed to stay right on top of them to get everything I promised and paid for. I am not an expert by a long shot and began consulting other websites and manufactures tech support lines regarding what I should and should not expect. I did not want to seem harsh but my gut told me I was getting taken. The "salesman" who worked with me, Danny Hui actually lied to me several times about what I ordered and what I didn't and would not respond to e-mail or only to portions that he cared to address. I could not believe I was in a he-said he-said situation, it felt like high school. I actually wanted to upgrade certain aspects of the machine such as packaging and fans several times but suddenly these were no longer available. That's when my machine set aside for a long time. They will send you "updates" on your machines status, even offer i-phone apps for your machines up-date which is only updated if they feel like it. Don't **** them off. They will ship it without ever replying to your calls.

I dislike complaining in public this way regarding my experience with them and you won?t find me complaining about anyone else but there is a real ?PT Barnum? feel to this experience and 60 days after they took payment in full I am glad the experience is over although I was looking forward to using their ?tech support? if needed because I paid for it when purchasing Windows but now I can?t see calling them. I publish this online for 2 reasons. First, if I felt I could get ibuypower to listen or take me seriously at all I would keep it between me and them. They may see it out on the internet and (work hard to remove it) but most of all I hope to encourage potential ibuypower customers to do some checking, don?t be in a hurry and never feel small because you only spent $1500.00 on your desktop as they their customer service made me feel for buying a ?WEEKLY Special A? and adding every option and upgrade until the price was doubled. Incredible nerve!

Run the other way!


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BBB gives them a "B"
by greineka / July 25, 2010 3:19 AM PDT

I checked the BBB and iBuypower received a "B", meaning they're a good company. Cyberpower received a "B+". Take it for what it's worth.

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by Thnkr917 / May 17, 2011 4:45 PM PDT
In reply to: BBB gives them a "B"

Don't count on the BBB to say if it is a good company or not. In case you haven't been reading the news, the BBB can be bought off, especially in California, where this is some sort of lawsuit against the BBB for that state.
Just thought I would throw that out there.

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My iBUYPOWER experience
by Abigail138 / January 12, 2011 3:08 AM PST

I realize this is a dated post, but in case anyone comes to it with the same question:
Do not order from iBUYPOWER unless you have infinite patience.

I ordered my PC from them on October 5th. It did not arrive until the beginning of November.

When it did arrive it began freezing within the first 30 minutes of start up. It would never stay on more than 1 hour without this happening.
After going back and forth with tech support for a month they allow me to send it back to them (they did pay return shipping).

They sent me an email December 16th stating that they received it. I call and tech support tells me that it would be returned in 1 week.

January 3rd comes and I call them, I have heard nothing from them since the 16th. I am told repairs still have not started but that I would have my PC the following Friday.

Stayed home to wait for UPS all day Friday. PC never comes.
Called them back that Friday night for a tracking number and I am told that repairs still HAVE NOT STARTED.
Ask to be refunded. Told I will be refunded by today (Wednesday Jan 12).
Of course, no refund so I call them again.
Today I was told that the refund process HAS NOT STARTED and that it will be another 5-7 business days before I can expect it. (Refund does not include the original $65 shipping)

I wish I would have read more reviews before using iBUYPOWER, it seems they have a knack for shipping broken PCs.

So let me break this down. I ordered a PC from iBUYPOWER on October 5th 2010. It is January 12th 2011 and I have no computer and no refund. I'm nervous at this point that this company is not legit.

While everyone I have talked to is very polite, this has been a nightmare process and I would not recommend iBUYPOWER.

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ibuypower computers
by john90210 / March 21, 2011 12:20 PM PDT

As for Ibuypower with my first System I got with them I had nothing but issues, and experiences thus far with IbuyPower. From trying to talk with someone to getting a strait answer when I did get to talk with someone, all I have got from IbuyPower is a run around. I wanted a laptop so I could play games, I seen the Battalion on line one day and thought it was a good price so I got it. One good thing is I got it right away. Excited I set the box on my office desk and open it up. I turned it on and started to create my user name and so on.

It only took 10 minutes before it turn it self off. I turn it back on only to have it shut down again. I called and was treated like I was bugging them or something. I was told to send it in. It took two weeks or so before I got it back. Again Excited I set the box on my office desk and open it up. I turned it on and again it shut down. I call again and went through same thing. I did this 3 times and got the same results. As I write this iBuypower has my laptop now for two months and will not give me a strait answer on what is going on.

I em left on hold till I give up and hang up after a half hour. I leave my number on their answer service but have never had them call me back. This is the forth time I sent my laptop in to be fix and this time they are holding it till my warranty runs out. And YES I asked for my money back and they say to me they are going to fix it and I can not have my money back. On top of all this I was told by a young man named Danny that they could not guarantee their computers. Wish I was told this before I bought from them..... There is so much more to this but you get the point... STAY AWAY FROM iBUYPOWER

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by cybergray1 / April 27, 2011 1:33 PM PDT
In reply to: ibuypower computers

I am DISGUSTED and in SHOCK at what an AWFUL company this is.The first of many problems was the fact that I payed EXTRA for "3 day creation" of my PC and it took them over 2 weeks to even get around to it.Second, they lied to me about many things, many times. First, it was that my credit card wouldn't allow me to ship something to a different address than the card holder. I call the credit card company, they laugh and tell me this is not and has never been a rule of theirs. I call ibuypower back and tell them as much. He puts me on hold for 2 hours while he calls them as well. When he gets back to me the only explanation is "You were right!"I cleared all this up on thursday.

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Thank you Cybergray!
by RyanH324 / May 18, 2011 4:36 PM PDT

I ordered my computer from that company you used ironside computers. I just got it yesterday, and I LOVE it.
They did a great job on my computer, and the person who helped me with my order was very nice. He answered all my questions and helped me get exactly what I needed. I was suprised they managed to ship my computer so quickly. I expected it take a week or two, but they managed to ship it out in two days. If anyone is looking for a gaming computer, I highly recommend them.

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RyanH324 has been a Member since:May 19, 2011
by john90210 / May 19, 2011 1:11 AM PDT
In reply to: Thank you Cybergray!

RyanH324 has been a Member since:May 19, 2011Looks like he works for ibuypower to me

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Read the post before commenting...
by nhojremlap / July 22, 2011 11:30 PM PDT

RyanH324 did not buy from ibuypower. He bought from Ironside.

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Agree, stay away from this horrible company
by xron01 / December 13, 2012 2:59 AM PST
In reply to: ibuypower computers

My experience in a nutshell

Customer service is horrible and RMA is a joke. Neither myself nor the company I work for will ever buy computers from this company again. Warning to new customers - If you have any issues with your system, their tech support idea of trouble shooting is to just RMA parts back and forth instead of trying to figure out what is wrong with your system. They also charged my credit card and would not refund the money for the part that I received as a replacement and shipped card back. I had to call my bank to dispute the charge. I have fedex tracking showing that they received the card back, yet every time I call to query the status of my refund, they tell me it will be another week...They were quick to charge my card before even sending out the replacement. They informed me they would not charge it and just put a security hold on it. I confirmed with my bank that they did not put a security hold, they just charged it. Again, buyer beware and informed. This company has horrible business practices and customer service.

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by psyoper79 / May 12, 2011 11:50 AM PDT

Avoid them at all costs!!! They rip off people and go for easy marks in the disabled comunity, I had made several posts via facebook on thier site, as well as writing letters to thier owner. I recied dozens of replys from people in the first month saying they got ripped off the same way. Computers that don't boot up at start, improperly assembled, they don't stand up to thier own 30day money back plan, in fact if you complain they ignore you block you e-mails, and dont respond to phone calls. I have been in battle with them for over 6 months now over a computer they have in thier possetion and they are still withholding my almost $8000, when I contacted the BBB all they could do was mediate and in the end iBuyPower lied to the BBB about how long I had the computer even though I have the shipping info, they lied about how much I payed saying it was only $6000 even though I have the Credit card reciepts showing thier charges with thier company name. They refused the return in the 30day window sent me parts in stead to help boot it up, said if it didnt work properly they would still accept it back and it didnt they didnt even send me all the parts, hell they sent me half the wrong product in general inside it on delivery. I was charged rush shipment anf it took several months to get the computer in the first place and the admitingly broke half of the parts. They cut down vid cards to make them fit so they didnt even run properly. I Kept calling, e-mailing them, and sending real letters all were ignored so it sat in a corner for months wile it went on the RMA droped out of thier system. At one point I said FK it and mailed the paper weight back to them they were shocked then they put me on ignore again and they held it for 2 months and I recieved a no reply email last night saying they had some of the parts in. I originaly asked for my 30day refund because it met the window, I even offerd to return it and buy another prebuilt model they rejected it all and said they might repare it because I had payed for the warenty.

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Could not agree more.
by IBUYPOWERbadquality / September 11, 2013 6:50 AM PDT

and here is why: I bought a $2,500 high-end desktop from IBUYPOWER.

The first HUGE problem is that they partition the C drive at a stupidly low 60GB size at their discretion. Well WINDOWS alone and a few other components and OS updates take that much space, which means the critical C drive is full, putting the entire PC at risk. When I reported the problem, they said there was nothing they could do and I would have to live with it. Which tells me THEY DON'T HAVE A CLUE ABOUT BUILDING A PERFORMANCE PC.

Second issue: The liquid cooling kit for the CPU started to leak. Water on the circuits... I let you imagine... IBUYPOWER makes this IBP-Z001watercooling system for the CPU and mine broke with no warning. Had to order a $100 replacement from these idiots. Ordered Overnight. They said it would ship. It did not. I'm still waiting. They don';t answer their phone and on the chat, they ask the dumbest questions. Their warranty is virtually null since there are so many strings attached.

Don't make the same mistake I made. This company no only does not build good PC, but their service is aweful to top it off. SHAME ON YOU IBUYPOWER. You got me once for $2,500 but you don't get me twice.

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Caveat Emptor
by Grifo262 / June 8, 2011 3:35 AM PDT

As the title implies, do some research on the company before deciding to purchase from them.

I'd saved up for a top-end gaming rig while in Afghanistan and IBuyPower caught my eye with their competitive prices. I was impressed by the online configurator and did research into the best motherboard, video card, etc. My mistake was not doing research on the company itself to check reviews about the quality of work and customer service. I'd (wrongly) assumed that if AAFES was doing business with them, then they must be reputable.

After ordering, I was given a two week build estimate so was anticipating shipment around that time. The expected ship date came and went and the AAFES order tracker hadn't moved beyond "company received order". I finally called and after the AAFES customer support called them three times in two days, the status updated to "shipped." Apparently, they'd hastily built it after the first call and shipped after the second call. They confirmed that it had already been shipped on the third call.

I received the computer and was impressed by the packing. Unpacked it, plugged it in, turned it on, and...nothing happened...

I have a neighborhood computer repair store that I've frequented, so took it in for them to run diagnostics. I'd assumed that it would be better to know what was wrong before fighting with iBuyPower's customer service...

Came to find out that the company's fatal flaw is that they don't "burn-in" (aka Stress Test) their systems before shipping. They put them together, put them in a box, and ship without any testing or even turning them on. As most computer users will know. The burn-in period subjects the newly built computer to simulated heavy usage to determine the stability of the components and ensure that everything will work properly.

After being tweaked by my local computer shop--which included loading the operating system and loading all drivers that iBuyPower did not do--the computer is home on my desk operating at peak efficiency.

Great system overall, just be prepared to spend an additional $100 to get it operational if you buy one.

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Excellent experience
by doorabull2 / July 7, 2011 10:18 AM PDT

I just wanted to say both myself and two friends have purchased computers from this companies in the past 6 months. All of us are extremely satisfied.

Purchased a Paladin E770, i5-2500K, 8 GB, GeForce GTX 550Ti about 4 weeks ago. Chose no rush option, with 2-3 FedEx delivery. My experience with customer service was amazing. The only problem was that my shipping address didn't match my billing address so I had to wait a few days to straighten that out. Once that was complete the build process took only about 5 business days and shipping (from So. Cal to Nor Cal was in one day. After opening the case and carefully removing the packing I was amazed at the detail of the wiring...basic glad I didn't upgrade. This computer is absolutely amazing...extremely fast, whisper quiet, graphics are top-notch with games like Dragon Age 2 and Oblivion on highest settings and heavily modified. I am completely satisfied and will not hesitate to recommend this company to any one. I will definitely purchase all future computer from this company.

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