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ibook g4 2004 broken display

My son stepped on my much loved ibook and broke the lcd.. I went on ebay and I was able to get the entire display for 40.00 shipped. Could someone please give me a link to replace the whole display not the just the lcd? all I can seem to find is instructions to replace the lcd. Thank you

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Reporting: ibook g4 2004 broken display
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Google is your friend,

but using the LCD replacement guides would be a good start.

My take apart guide shows that changing the LCD or replacing the whole thing, are basically the same.
In both cases the Display Module, the lid, has to be removed.
The top cover, where the keyboard is, also has to be removed to allow access to the cables that run from the LCD to the logic board.


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Like said

Like said, to replace the LCD you're going to have to remove the entire top cover, so if you have that, you just skip all the bits about cracking open the top cover to get at the actual LCD panel.

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yes i am sure google is my friend but for some reasosn i can only find directions to replace the lcd so i suppose i will crack open the display i bought and then crack open the broken one remove both lcds and then swap unless u know of a website with directions to replace the whole piece since i cant fine one
thank you

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Why? To get that far you'll have to remove the whole display assembly, so just do like I said above. Skip the bits about swapping the actual display panel, and just swap assemblies complete with display. You're making this about 3X more difficult than it needs to be. Just because there are extra steps in a take apart guide doesn't mean you have to follow them.

Something similar happened to me recently. Someone broke the display on a PowerBook, and decided they didn't want the system anymore so left it with us. Then someone with a nearly identical system dented their case up. So, in the process of swapping parts, I didn't bother swapping the actual LCD panel, I just swapped the whole assembly to save myself about a half hour and a lot of pointless effort.

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so where is this take apart guide? this is what i am asking you.
Thank you

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Go to:

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take apart guide

so google for take apart guide brought me to a website that didnt show me how to actually remove the entire display from the computer. does anyone know of a site for that. I think i am going to move to the apple forum thank yu very much. I am actually not stupid and I wish i had never posted here Happy

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Good luck with that

Good luck with that. Apple will likely take a dim view of a topic like this.

I googled "ibook g4 take apart manual" and received a number of hits. Haven't looked at them because I have Apple's official one... Which I can't send you due to confidentiality agreements. But I find it hard to believe that you can't find a single guide that covers removing the display assembly/module.

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Google is your friend,

Why is it that I can find the actual Official Apple Service Manual for the iBook G4 using my friend Google?

I was going to give you the link to it until I read your tantrum post.

Perhaps if you put what it is that you want to do, into Google, you will get a result, I did.

Weren't you wanting to remove the display module on an iBook G4?


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