i5 - 4670 + RTX2060 = Bottleneck?!

Hi guys,

Current build has:
i5 4670
GTX 780

Getting RTX2060 soon (on it's way) but started to get concerned regarding bottleneck from the CPU. If i need to upgrade my CPU that will mean upgrading the motherboard (different socket), which will will also need RAM upgrade (to DDR4) and that's not something i'm eager to do.

Main purpose of the PC is gaming, Metro Exodus for example with the hopes of maintaining stable 50~ FP @ 1920X1080 or even 1440p.

Any one has experience or thought regarding the possibility of bottleneck and/or how severe it might be? Thanks.

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Reporting: i5 - 4670 + RTX2060 = Bottleneck?!
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Don't worry about it

You have ample cpu power.

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I'm going with "no problem" as well.

Somewhere about the i5-2500 you found articles where a trio of GPUs were being pushed with no issue. You have a higher performing CPU ( ) and maybe a jump in the memory system from DDR2 to DDR3.

One caveat. Be sure your memory is in the dual channel mode. Use Speccy to check that out.

Now there are some games that lean on the CPU but you would know about that already.

Here's the 760 to 2060 comparison:

IN PARTING. There is only one path today to "stable frame rates" and that is overkill then cap the frame rate. Here's the machine to get if you have a client that demands "stable frame rates.

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Thanks for easing my worries

My memory is in dual channel mode (Speccy).
I am sure there are some CPU heavy games that might bottleneck, example of a CPU bottle neck with a stronger CPU than mine (4690k):

Fingers crossed my beloved Metro Exodus will play nicely with my combo...

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I take issue with it over a few points.

1. It has a video overlay turned on. This eats up the CPU and GPU. You can find prior discussions about this. Google "disable nvidia overlay".

2. They are likely doing a framecapture app at the same time which is CPU intensive. For now the only non-intensive way I know of is to setup a second PC with the usual capture card.

So that video is not scary at all since the video overlay is definitely turned on.

BUT it does have good comments about the clocking of the memory system. Which is an entire discussion on its own specific to what RAM and motherboard you have. LET ME keep it simple. Try XMP if you have it.

I think you'll get a good boost with the 2060.

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Update - All is running well

So, i installed the rtx2060 and done some Metro Exodus actual in-game monitoring of CPU/GPU performance.

Firstly, the built-in benchmark (1920X1080, Ultra settings,DX12 with Tessellation, no RTX or DLSS) gave an average 50FPS.
During actual game-play (RivaTuner) i get around 60~70 FPS with the same settings.
The GPU sits at almost 100% usage, however the CPU is also always at 93%-99% usage during game-play so i'm almost bottlenecking the system.
I assume going 1440p (need a supporting monitor) would alleviate the issue a bit but for now, the game runs smoothly, no noticeable drops or stutters!

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I disagree that HIGH CPU = Bottlenecking.

Now I see why folk are stating this. It would take a lot of paragraphs to cover this but in short you could have an i9 in there and still see the CPU at that %.

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What I've seen shows me diffrent
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My trials over the years.

I'll install a new GPU, get the benchmarks for the graphic or GPU then change up the CPU. About the i5-2500 with the GPUs of the day the GPU score started to not budge. Sure the CPU load may drop a bit but from my testing it was not a bottleneck.

That is, until some games came out that were pushing the CPU around a lot more. The CPU to GPU bottleneck was a thing back before the i5-2500 which could push around a trio of GPUs without a bottleneck in the CPU <-> GPU channels.

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Your 4670 is a 4 core cpu.
The 8400 is a 6 core cpu.
Perf wise it's close to a 50% bump.
I would call that a huge step up.

Cpu % will be all over the map depending on what game your playing.
If your happy with the perf you have then leave it alone.
If you want to try for more fps look into a cpu upgrade for your mobo.

I'd think twice about changing that mobo so I could get a higher series cpu.

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