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I wouldn?t wish Qwest Service on my worst enemy...

by koreanwonder / January 24, 2008 8:53 AM PST

So I figured I would write about my experience as a Qwest customer. According to their phones, they have been voted one of the best in the west for customer service by J.D. Power and Associates. Now that is one of the biggest jokes I've heard in a long time...I wonder how much Qwest paid them to say that? Or if it is even true. Qwest has the worst customer service of any company I've dealt with in a long time, let me tell you why:

Their employees act nice enough, but ask them to actually do something and you will find out in a hurry that they will do absolutely nothing to help you in any way. And if they actually say they will, you will most likely find out the next time you call that no such thing happened. When I first signed up with Qwest about 6 years ago, I spent 3 months fighting with them just to have basic phone service. I always was told, "but you can have features like caller ID, voice mail, call waiting, etc..." and even though I told them I was not interested in such things, when I received my bill, there was the charges for them.

Now as for internet service. I signed up for DSL back when the fastest was still only 512k and I was paying about $55 / month. The internet service was nothing great but it was just as good as anyone else (not like there were a lot of choices for providers here in Port Angeles WA). So anyway here I was with DSL for a few years no real problems. But then I find out that my friend (Ray Pulsipher) was paying about the same to Qwest for his DSL and getting 1.5M for the same price as I was paying for my 512k. I called Qwest and asked them why they didn't up my speed or at least charge me the right price for the speed I was getting. They responded with... "this is the service you signed up for originally", so I didn't get any credits, discounts or any form of special compensation for pointing out that they had been over charging me for who knows how long.

Now even after that glimpse of Qwest not caring about keeping their customers happy, I figured other companies are probably not any better and so I stayed a Qwest customer. Now it appears I should have switched then, because about six months ago I was late paying my bill and Qwest shut off my DSL (Now I know I'm not very good with paying the bill on time, but I would have to say this is the first ever that my service was shut off) I was only about a month pass due. I was never contacted by phone or mail about an interrupt in service. So I called them and knowing I was in the wrong, I politely asked them to not turn off my service again without contacting me first (I use the internet to for work and so no internet means no $$). I made sure to express how I need my internet to make money and they seemed to understand and said they would make a note in my account to be sure to call first.

Well sure enough I was late again about 4 months later (doh!). Now I am reasonable and so when they shut off my internet again I would have been upset but would have just paid them and had it turned on again. But what happened made me very angry... I called Qwest asking about my DSL and they responded that they were having technical issues and would have it fixed as soon as possible. So I waited until it was closer to the end of the day and called again about my DSL, and was told that they were still having issues, and so there goes one day without work. (Next Day) I checked first thing the next morning... still no internet. So I called Qwest again, about an hour passes and I get informed that they are still having issues (Once again, a day without working). Now it's the 3rd day in a row, I wake up and check for internet and internet is still not working. I called Qwest and was like umm? Why is my internet still down? So they looked and said "well we disconnected it because you were late paying". So here I was out 3 days of work because they couldn't figure out that they turned it off?

Well that surely was the last straw for me and I cancelled my service with Qwest and moved both my phone and internet over to Wave Cable, hoping that a smaller company will actually care about taking good care of their customers.

Now for my bill with Qwest? I called them explaining that I don't feel like I should be charged for a service that was so horrible (as a customer I pay not just for internet but for customer service, tech support and over all satisfaction of service). And after talking to two employees and a manager, explaining to each of them that because I wasn't told about being disconnected I lost 3 days of work amounting in financial loss well over the amount of my bill. Not only did they respond with a sorry about your luck attitude they explained to me that since I had internet that I had to pay for it. Don't they know that there are lots of companies that provide internet and that what we also pay for is "Service"? Well once again Qwest screwed up and refuse to make any compensation for their error.

My hope in posting my experience is that it saves some people from the grief I experienced as a Qwest customer. I also hope that if enough people see this that Qwest will realize that some changes need to happen if they plan on being a successful business.

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Seems normal to me
by MarkFlax Forum moderator / January 25, 2008 8:31 PM PST

They employed a "2 strikes and you're out" policy. I see nothing strange with that. You failed to pay on time twice and so they disconnected you.

Also, you contracted with them to pay $55 a month for your internet service. Internet companies, (as well as other businesses), do deals and offers all the time. Even banks do. I have a deposit account with my bank that pays me 3.9% interest. The bank now offers an account at 4.3% interest. I am not complaining that they have not offered me the same deal. That's how it works.

It all appears proper to me.


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Regardless of what happened to others...Qwest is still crap
by loudallen / January 26, 2008 11:59 AM PST
In reply to: Seems normal to me

I also had to laugh when I saw that they were awarded anything for customer service. I am STILL trying to get them to fix my bill and have been doing so for nearly five months.

What happened to me is that I signed up, after looking online and talking with a rep, for the price for life bundle internet and phone. Online, according to the the rep, and according to the the confirmation email, I was supposed to be paying $52.98 for the phone and internet (plus taxes, fees, and surcharges). I was also promised one free month of internet, but not phone. The price, according to the three sources, included the base price for the phone, the base price for the internet, the $5 modem rental fee, and a $5 bundle discount. It did not include the taxes fees and surcharges.

So, after the first bill, when I didn't receive my free month of internet, I called customer service. The rep told me that I was mistaken. That I wasn't actually eligible for the free month of internet, regardless of what I as told OR what they sent me in an email...Numerous calls/reps later, I finally got someone to understand that if they have me sign a contract to pay them for two years, that they should uphold their end of the contract and give me the free month of internet. So, the rep told me that it would appear on the next didn't.

I had to call again, and explain the same thing, again. So, the next month, I get the credit for $26.99. Sounds good right? Well, because of the way they do stuff (on purpose I am sure), I was quoted my internet price as being $31.99 + $5 for the modem, but they bill it as $26.99 ($31.99 - $5 bundle discount...the modem charge is included with the phone charges). So, they screwed me out of $5. Really, it's no big deal...only $5. Except that, I've also been paying $60.48 (plus taxes, fees, and surcharges for a total of $73.60 each month -- almost exactly $10 more than what they quoted a two year contract).

I am still trying to get them to see that I should only be paying the $52.98 (plus taxes, fees, and surcharges). Every time I call, I get the same dialog:

Me: "I am paying too's why..."
Qwest Rep: "I'm sorry you misunderstood. Those prices are ESTIMATES and do not reflect the actual price."
Me: "I understand that the taxes, fees, and surcharges are estimates and I am not disputing them. I am saying that I was quoted this, and you are charging me this..."
Qwest Rep: "No, you are misreading the confirmation email. The modem fee is why you are paying more."
Me: "Well, it was listed as being included in the email. Regardless, it only makes up half of the difference."
Qwest Rep: "I'm sorry, you are misreading the email...I show that the charges are correct."
Me: "So, why was I quoted - by a rep, an email, and you online system - a price that is significantly different that what you are charging me?"
Qwest Rep: "I'm sorry you misunderstood...The charges are correct. Without seeing the email, I have no way of being able to know what was listed."
Me: "Great, can I send you the email? I already emailed it to two different reps, who afterward agreed that I was overpaying and then did nothing; I have faxed it to another rep, who told me that I was wrong; and I have copy/pasted it to many others."
Qwest Rep: "I'm sorry, I don't have access to the internet. Without seeing the email, I have no way of knowing what it said, but I assure you, the charges are correct."
Me: "Can you get a copy from one of the people who I previously email/faxed it to?"
Qwest Rep: "I'm sorry, I can't. However, I assure you the charges are correct..."

It goes on like that until I can't be on the phone any longer.

Now, the only people that I am told are able to service this type of complaint are those in the loyalty department. Unfortunately, they are only in the office until 6pm on weekdays and not at all on weekends (never mind that I was told that they were there until 9).

The bottom line is that Qwest Customer Service is crap. They quoted me one price, then charged another. Then, told me that I was misunderstanding the charges.

I know, it is my fault...apparently I don't know how to read x+y+z=whatever qwest wants it to be...I also know that it is my fault because I have a difficult time justifying to myself that I should take a vacation day over $10 per month (and I'm sure it would take longer than just a long lunch)...whatever.

Quality Customer Service...

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Need cheese with all the whinning
by JakeAtCNET / June 24, 2009 5:09 AM PDT

I don't like QWEST and don't have their service, but not paying your bill and then "blaming" QWEST for shutting you off? That's just another "I'm not willing to take responsibility for my actions so I'm going to blame someone else". Would you work for your employer if he/she didn't pay you? That's called "volunteering"; QWEST is a business not a charity. They were right to cancel you.

And the fact that that you didn't look out for "better deals" on your internet service, even to go as far as continuing to pay even though you found out that your provider (QWEST) had better prices for better bandwidth, doesn't make QWEST a "bad" company-it makes you a horrible lazy consumer....the kind businesses want to keep stringing along.

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Same thing happened to me
by NWGator / June 30, 2009 11:39 AM PDT

I'm guessing that the 'M.O" of Qwest is to sign you up for one service, and charge you for another. It took me 23 months before I realized, thanks to my more techie son, that I was paying for the service I signed up for (the medium level) and receiving only the lowest speed. Like you, Qwest first said that I was getting the service I paid for when I signed up. Then, they switched the story by saying that I signed up for a "special rate" that is no longer available. Finaly, they admitted to their error and I did finally get the speed I was paying for. When I asked for a refund or credit, I ended up talking to an array of people who transferred me around the country from call center to call center, between the States and India. They would not pay me a refund or credit my account. Furthermore, they would never say "NO" to my demand. They would simply transfer me to someone else, where I had to explain the entire circumstances over and over. And of course, most of the time I had a great deal of trouble understanding them as most calls were at a foreign call center.

Now, I'm going HD with our t.v. and I'm switching my Internet to cable. I can't wait to dump these unethical ********. IF YOU CARE CONSIDERING QWEST FOR INTERNET, F-O-R-G-E-T I-T! These people have Madoff scruples and J.D. Powers, if they actually rated them high, must be paid for their ratings.

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by CenturyLinkHelp / July 2, 2009 1:52 AM PDT

Hello NW Gator, my name is Steph from Qwest, I am sorry to hear about the pricing issue as well as the multiple transfers without resolution. I would be happy to review the account information for you and see if we can make a difference. If you would like me to do so, please email me at attention Steph in the subject line, please include your billing information and situation (or copy of your post here), and I will be happy to address the issue. thank you

Steph Lake
Manager - Consumer Affairs Team - attention Steph

"At Qwest your account information is confidential and protected by law, so I need your permission to access the account.?

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Glad QWEST is monitoring these forums
by Al_Swerengen / July 13, 2009 2:57 AM PDT
In reply to: TalkToQwest

I am glad that the QWEST reps are monitoring these forums. I have used QWEST for mobile broadband in the past and had some pretty great results. M ind you that may be due to the fact that Verizon pretty much handles all that.

When I did have to contact customer service they were not as informed as I would have liked them to be but they were always courteous and polite to a fault.

I really do hope the Rep above is able to help out those complaining of poor service. How you treat your customers is so important and it is unfortunate that so many customers of major providers feel like they are no more than an after thought in the whole transaction process.

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Too Late, TalkToQuest
by NWGator / August 3, 2009 10:59 AM PDT
In reply to: TalkToQwest

I just switch my broadband service AND telephone service from Qwest to my cable provider with their triple package. Saved money, speeded up my Internet, and got the HD/HBO/DVR thrown in. My phone number switches automatically but Qwest will get a phone call from me next week to cancel my broadband after the cable install.

By the way, when I was getting passed around from your Reps from country to country, I asked for a phone number of your corporate headquarters so I could get my matter straightened out since they were obviously not going to give me a credit for your errors. NONE would provide it to me. When you call Qwest, you aren't a customer, you are the enemy. I spent hours on this issue and even drove to a Qwest kiosk at our local shopping center to get service. Good riddance. For the $105 that I was cheated out of and the distress caused by your "service" department, I'm going to give Qwest a lot of free advertising, but certainly not the type your marketing department desires.

The cable provider who's getting my businsess now has their call center about 30 miles from my home. And, they speak English that you can understand. And, their very friendly.

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