original lyrics, which only we old farts understand anymore. She's my go-to girl for Porter.
I'm fond myself of internal rhymes, and Porter.

Decades ago I was at a pop music radio station with a DJ friend and I noticed a Julie London album with some crayon marks on it. He said those were tracks covered with grease pencil so they couldn't be played on air- about half of them. Miss London had a way with some songs, even w/o the album art. Happy I still recall the thrill of it all ... sorry, I still recall that one was "Love for Sale".

Well, of course in those days a glimpse of stocking was something shocking, but now, God* knows, anything goes!

TNX for the link. Great; another time waster. Happy There's also one lengthy page of Porter's oeuvre, including a new one on me: "A Toast To Volstead". Internal pun!
* Ms McCorkle's and Porter's version.