You will need to resize your NT partition.
Download and burn knoppix as an iso (image) file.

Set your bios to boot from the cd drive first.

let knoppix boot and at the initial screen hit F2 and F3 to set your frame buffer.
also set these options
"knoppix [frame buffer settings go here] dma " and let boot by pressing enter.
when the desktop comes up click the K on the bottom left corner
go to control center
to peripherals
to keyboard and set rate at 13 to 15 per sec apply/ok and close window.
Everything is single click on the desktop so be careful.
Bottom task bar will have a console- similar to a small monitor- click on it and type "sudo su' and press enter.
You should see "root@knoppix#" after the pound sign, type qtparted.
You can resize the partitions here and commit the actions.
Take a few minutes to play with the partition editor until you are comfortable with it.
After rsizing your disk, reboot the computer.
Burn the disc set or dvd and place in the drive.
go through the fedora set up.
use the free space that you now have and set up according to this: 1.5 to 2x the size of your memory as swap. the rmaining as the file system. It's best to set the file system first. This means knowing your RAM amount.

okay. you will commit the actions and will have three partitions: sda1 sda2 sda3. Sda3 is swap. make Fedora your default boot target and add sda1 to the boot list. Label it as Windows.
Install your software.

A word of advice: try different live discs from different distributions before you install. Linux/GNU will work an almost anything but some distributions work on certain hardware better than others.