I want to assemble a system that will let me do the fastest

If consideration were given to cpu speed, memory size, operating system, etc., which of these would offer the greatest contribution to internet access speed? Which would be the second?

I have a collection of mainboards, ethernet cards, and most of the windows operating systems and I want to assemble a system that will let me do the fastest online stock trading. I will be using a broadband cable connection.

Thank you for any advice.

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Reporting: I want to assemble a system that will let me do the fastest
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network bottleneck

Even a old piece of junk will be faster than the any internet connection. Even if you use all equipment limited to 100m you are still well beyond any internet speed you can buy. You might get 50m on a good system in bursts.
One of the few internet application that do need high power machines are games, most everything else is limited by the network connection before the PC has any effect.

If you are talking about real computer based trading where fractions of a second make a difference you cannot use internet you must be on the trading network.... cost lots of money.

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(NT) Thank u.
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Cost of Assembled cabinet

I would like to know how an assembled system will going to cost in comparison to new cabinet ?

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I don't really know the answer, but

I don't really know the answer, but it almost seems
to be a better deal to purchase a new computer system.
They are so much cheaper now and besides,
you don't have to deal with accumulating the parts
and trying to make them all work together.

In my case, I like doing that and since I already have
all the parts I need, I was simply wanting to assemble
the parts in the best combination.

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(NT) Thank u, that was the advice I was looking for.
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There is no one right answer to the OP's Q.

This is not what he is asking, and I have seen computers that slow the internet down they are generalyl bogged down with crap ware, but in some cases it has all been legit usage. Few people JUST browse on line, most are doing other things while they do playing I tunes, having an IM conversation with a friend, back ground has some game maybe majong, or whatever, word's over in there somewhere with a half written document, etc.. In these cases, it depends on the specific values you are taking about for CPU and memory, usually memory wins out, because it reduces hard drive writing which is the slowest process on any computer, but that is not always teh case.

There is no one answer. It depends on you, if you run 18 browsers doing 15 different things other than web [page reading, then, you may be pegging your CPU and memory, if you browse one page at a time, using one browser with nothing else going on with your computer [no IM/skype/itunes/etc..] then memory, as the larger of a buffer you have to fill the more data you can download at once before being forced to commit to to the ever slow hard drive. Even using a temporary ram drive used to speed up browsing for you a lot because temp files were written to RAM instead of ATA.

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It's all down to your internet down and up streams

Also you don't need a decent spec of a machine to just use the internet.

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(NT) Thank u.

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