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I want a network advanced profisional monitor

I want a network monitor so I can watch every connection and data transfered cross my internet connection...
some features I want to be in this monitor:
- showing all estanblished connection to the internet, displaying the remote ip and port and also resolving that ip add to its domain add...
- showing each program and the full web addresses its trying to connect to...
- allow me to see data transfered with the ability to filter the showen data...
I want to see every thing going out or in...
I just want an advanced network monitor (not a firewall)...
could you please sugeste some to me...
os: windows 7 64bit

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Reporting: I want a network advanced profisional monitor
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Have you considered Wireshark?
Wireshark is freeware that enables you to log and analyze nearly all network traffic passing through your computer. It doesn't address all of your needs, but:
1.) Lets you monitors all connections in realtime, including IP addresses and ports. Domain resolution when applicable can be enabled.
2.) This is where it fails - it can display the full web address, though it does not identify the local application the communication is from.
3.) Full filtering is supported, as well as exporting to various formats so you can use your own analysis tools as well.

Perhaps others know of an alternative that offers application identification as well, but Wireshark should get you close;

Hope this helps,
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thank you

thank you John...
I'll see the application and try it...

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i want to capture Internet connection transfered data

omg... it seems a very professional app...
and it seems capture only local networks...
I don't have a local network.. i want to capture Internet connection transfered data...

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Did you watch the video

I did, and it captures all network traffic passing through your computer, not just local networks.


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yes it did...
this program is very complex that its hard to track data transferring...
I want something more flexible maybe... something like kaspersky network monitor with much more features...

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You were asking for ...

an advanced professional tool.

So you got one. Now it seems you were asking for a simple laymen tool?


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I think you're going to struggle

I don't pretend to know anything about packet sniffing, and I am sure others here know much more than me and can tell you a lot more, but I am not sure that this is going to be easy.

Forget what you see in films and TV shows, where the heroes can see exactly what the villain is doing on his computer, and can track instantly and show on a monitor everything that the villain sees. It doesn't work that way.

Packet sniffing is all about capturing data as it passes through a computer. That data is represented in Hex characters and is the RAW data. It is then up to the operator to interpret the data. A utility like Wireshark presents the data to you, and it is then up to you to interpret it. There is no user friendly GUI which can display second for second what the user is doing like you see in Mission Impossible and similar films. In fact I suspect that this turns out to be hard work for the operator in interpreting and evaluating what the user is doing, and over time they gain a 'feel' and expertise in the work.

I don't know of any software that will do what you seem to require.


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thanks everybody for your help... Grin
thank you MarkFlax for your note... its really what i were in need to know...
i got the program and i'll work to improve my knowledge about it...
I really thought that i'll find an advanced easy one...
and I'm sorry for the confusion i made here... Sad

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No problem...

The biggest issue is that most programs, from your operating system down to your chat client, do not communicate in plain text, and all communications are broken up into chunks called packets. That leaves you to piece it all together and figure out what it means. Intercepting and reading data your browser is transferring is easy; doing such for *all* communications is significantly more challenging.

Good luck.

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