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I've written here re: wealthy US Citizens off-shoring money.

Jailed Banker Who Helped Crack Swiss Banks Gets $104 Million Payout from the IRS.

So far as I can tell he only helped crack open the records of one bank, UBS.

35,000+ wealthy people took advantage of an amnesty to repatriate their money, and paid the IRS more than 5 Billion Dollars in taxes owed. How interesting that vast wealth apparently washes away morality, ethical behaviour and even patriotism. They don't care about the United States, or about other Americans, all they care about is their money, and nothing is too underhanded to try in order to keep it ALL.

All US citizens derive benefits from US security and fair treatment and mostly good justice, and good government, but apparently all of that means nothing to some very rich people who think they're above the law as well as above the "great unwashed", IOW everybody who is worth less than they are.

Shame they didn't crack open all the Swiss Banks, Nazi gold, Jewish pre-war deposits, criminal enterprise money from the US, and all those wealthy people's criminal behaviour. If George Bush had wanted a real windfall, he should have attacked Switzerland, not Iraq.


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Reporting: I've written here re: wealthy US Citizens off-shoring money.
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I didn't see it when I started writing my post, nor do I

agree with your twisting of the jailed banker from a facilitator of tax evasion, to being a tax evader himself. Maybe he was, but that wasn't in the article I read. And repeated twisted headers on your part has led me to be wary of anything you say at the beginning of your posts or threads. You're as dependable as an English tabloid for putting the absolute worst spin and most misleading ideas forward in your headlines.

At least when they accused an English actress from Coronation Street of cocaine use, they had a photograph (presumably un-retouched, but who knows) of the actress from the side and slightly below chest level showing the complete absence of the septum, that part that divides the nostrils into two. I assume that when she was being filmed they created one for her out of putty, and blended it in.


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what part of....

...."convicted tax cheat" did you not understand? Oh, and that was a quote direct from the article, so long as attribution by you is, as usual, in doubt. I don't think you even took a look at the article.

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Tell me where

morality, ethical behavior and patriotism exist in abundance here and within what economic class the great majority exhibit whatever your ideal might be.

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In the majority of middle and lower class citizens, & a few

upperclass ones. Particularly those who have sent their kids into the military, and those who have simply worked hard all their lives. Most of our neighbours are reasonably ethical, and patriotic.


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I resent the hell out of your statement

>>>>>>Particularly those who have sent their kids into the military>>>>>>>>

A son or daughter turns 18 and old enough to make decisions on their own. They're considered to be adults in this country, Rob......If they are old enough to be swooned by an ******* like BO into voting for him, they are old enough to defend their right to be a patriot. Once in the military, most have realized that BO is the not the second coming and swing back to being Conservative thinkers and STILL want to defend the rights of others to be morons. No parent goes out of their way to 'send' their kids into the military.....even in peacetime. Every fiber of our bodies scream out to let somebody else enlist and keep my kid safe, but I figure they are probably safer with a 'family' of other military having their backs than they are on BO's home turf of Chicago, Illinois.

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(NT) Apparently I have a less cynical view of the American public
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You and JP are the most cynical of America

and its public than anybody I have ever encountered......He doesn't come here.....and you won't/can't come back. America ends up the winner either way......

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RE: JP are the most cynical of America

You're the one with gloom and doom, NOT me.

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Only gloom and doom with BO at the helm

While the liberals here and in the media paint a rose-colored glasses future for us with him as our leader.

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and no matter which win, it will be neither extreme

in all probability.

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