I think my PC needs a "tune up." (Crashing during FF14)

Hello. I bought FF14 a couple weeks ago and it's been running smoothly enough but today it crashed twice, both times while in the middle of a dungeon, which I assume are the most data-intensive parts of the game as so much is going on and I'm grouped up with my friends and stuff. The first time I didn't really observe much, just hard-restarted. But this most recent time I noticed the sound of the birds chirping from the game was still playing/looping what I assume to be normally, and I was still hearing my Discord notifications, so it's as if the system didn't crash entirely 100%, if that's a thing lol Idk. I pressed ctrl+alt+delete to try to close the game and that first screen came up but then it froze completely when I clicked task manager. I've had a couple other problems in the past like screen tearing, but I don't really play on PC enough to be able to tell you much more than that or have any patterns or anything. I just really want to diagnose what the issue is and find out 100% sure if all my components are in good condition and stuff. I've never really kept up on maintenance so I've never updated drivers or anything (I know, I'm dumb. Sorry.) and I get a notification to update my BIOS every time on startup, but I've been too afraid to mess around with that cuz I'm pretty sure that's complex stuff.

I have a GTX 1060 6GB, an i5 6600-K, 16GB of RAM, aaannndd, yeah. What else do you want to know? lol I'm not sure how to check what HD's I have without getting into my PC but I'm 99% sure I have one 500GB Samsung SSD, partitioned into 2 drives, one 250GB for my OS and one 250 GB for games. Might be 2 SSDs lol. I also have 1 or 2 HDDs but I try to keep the couple games I play on my SSD. The drive/partition is almost full (18 of 232 GB free) so Idk if that's the problem.

But yeah, if you could help me troubleshoot the reason for these crashes and tune up my PC and make sure all my components are in good, working condition, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

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Reporting: I think my PC needs a "tune up." (Crashing during FF14)
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Let me share my old iron I put a 1060 in.


I used SPECCY to share machine details and I see Speccy is now up again so you can share details like I did so we can check it out.

1. Read how at

2. In decades we have yet to lose a motherboard over the BIOS update. We do hear of folk that blow up their OS as they tinker with BIOS settings but nothing more. I guess folk could have an issue if they yank power in the middle of the few minute update.


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Not by my PC

Hi! Thanks a lot for your response! I'm not gonna lie, I don't feel super comfortable posting what appears to be highly comprehensive info about my computer lol. I'm sorry! No offense, I trust you, as I see you've been with this site a long time. Is there specific info I can look for and provide you? All the temperatures I've seen so far (not running the game) are 37-40 degrees. Earlier I tried to pull up task manager while the game was running but when I do, it minimizes the game and the CPU usage almost instantly drops from like 74% to like 30%. So yeah not sure how overloaded my components are, if at all. My PSU is an EVGA Supernova 650 GS 80+ Gold.

So all the stuff I hear about "don't do that! You have to go through all these complex steps to flash your BIOS!" are just overhype? I can just click "yes" on that notification that comes up every time I startup without having to worry? Even though I've ignored it for this long and thus likely missed several updates? Sorry for being overly-concerned. Thank you very much again!

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This is like

Taking your car into the shop and not wanting them to know all about it. As to what your wrote, it doesn't help me enough to really dive into what may be going on.

There are shops that deal with PC repair but then again, you have to let them login so there goes the data.

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Lol no..

This is like taking a car into the shop and posting a giant billboard outside the shop with the owner's ssn and everything so he can diagnose a vehicle.. lmao I mean.. You need my addresses and everything? To troubleshoot a game crashing?

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If you don't want to post a speccy

Then don't expect members to play 101 questions with you.

Copy off your stuff and take the machine to a shop.

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(NT) Well said, sir!
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It's the method used here.

I will not dis you about this but it means I can't see under the hood and more. There is no SSN exposed, and even the Dell Service Tags are not reported.

Let's hope someone will try anyway. As it stands you hope to get lucky to avoid the shop.

-> Maybe this. You wrote it's a game crashing. That game most likely has a forum. They should get your complaint or you asking for a fix. Here I only have what you share and so far, it's FF14 and the CPU+GPU. I respect your privacy but you want help. May have to give up more.

As to 20 questions I've worked such before and it's actually 1 to over a 100 depending on luck.

In parting, try latest drivers and the FF14 support forum.

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Try HWInfo

There's a free, safe app that monitors temperatures of your cpu (processor), hard drives and SSDs, and your graphics card (the GTX 1060). The app is called HWMonitor. The free version is the one you want.
Start the HWMonitor app before you start your game. When you exit the game or when it crashes then HWMonitor will show current/lowest/highest temps. of all those components. This will tell you if excessive heat is triggering the game freeze or crash. You can post those temperature readings here if desired.
To get the app go to . Near the top of the page right below the big CPUID logo, click on "Software" and select HWMonitor (not the Pro version). A new page opens. Scroll down slightly to see "Download" and select the purple "Setup - English" (or the "Zip" version if you prefer, they're both the same app). Right-click on the downloaded file and scan it with your anti-virus program (always scan everything you download before opening, right?)
By the way, if your game does a freeze /crash you can tap CTRL/ALT/DEL and select Task Manager. Task Manager will let you close the crashed/frozen game without having to a hard re-boot of the computer. Worth knowing!

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