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I start a download, pc freezes and net cuts off.

Every time I start a download, no matter on which drive, my pc freezes completely and the internet is cut off for a while. I share my mobile network to my pc, could that be a problem?
(can't publish a speccy link for some reason, here's a file )

EDIT: Did some tests, when I plug in my normal internet (it's currently limited to 60kb/s), the pc doesn't freeze and downloads fine. My new question is, could it be my mobile freezing my pc or my hdd/ssd not keeping up with 31Mb/s? (mobile net speed)

EDIT 2: I also get a watchdog_dpc violation, might that be an issue with my SanDisk ssd?
I've also heard seagates might cause this error, although I don't think that's the case as I had the same problems before buying it.

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Reporting: I start a download, pc freezes and net cuts off.
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When you noted the watchdog_dpc violation

I checked the Seagate HDD. Yes, you can see large values in the usual 01 and 07 values. This is a very common issue if you know what to look for.

The SSD looks to be in excellent health.

Pre-answers. No, you can't keep this failing HDD in your PC. No, so far no one has fixed such a HDD. No, it has to go away.

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PS. If you had the issue before.

Then the other is driver related but with the 01 and 07 values on that HDD no tech I know will leave that drive attached. That's do first before we google and read other DPC failure discussions.

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SSD will have to go as well

SanDisk has no drivers except from standard windows ones that I know of, and it's freezing my computer as well, guess I will have to RMA both of the items, sadly.

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I've never had to install a driver for the SSD.

The report shows the usual 01 and 07 value plus you have the matching DPC error.

I'd pull the HDD, keep the SSD and keep testing.

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Thank you so much, fixed!

I removed the HDD (unplugged it, didn't remove from case as I'll RMA it tomorrow) and it worked! The SSD didn't freeze up when I ran a bit of testing like downloading from the sites that used to freeze my pc. Thank you!

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PS. I also had a failing drive before.

When I had the problems before getting this HDD, I had another HDD that was also failing from old age. I guess it caused all the problems.

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Glad it was the usual.

What DPC violations beyond drive issues cause a lot of work, often something arcane (and rarely guessed by others.)

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Update about the seller.

Turns out it's a scammer, clears the SMART to not show any problems and sells off used, broken hdd's for full price and "as new."

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