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I posted twice

and linked to a story about how Jack Daniels and the WYCA et al have donated over $100,000 to pay for troops to come home for the holidays when they can't afford to pay for the trip, but both times, the posts haven't turned up. Any particular reason? Are certain websites blocked here?

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Reporting: I posted twice
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I don't see any reason for them not being posted

There aren't even any emails about them.


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I don't know why Toni

althought there have been two cases of spam bombing here the last few days.

I don't know if that could interfere or not.

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When I posted

them, the first two pages of SE were nothing but spam, so maybe when all of that was being taken out, my two posts disappeared right along with them. No biggie.....I just wanted to post what I thought was an uplifting Christmas story.

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Be bad it that was what happened, I cleaned up

part of that but someone was helping because some were disappearing.

I didn't see your post, I certainly hope I didn't get into too big a hurry and delete anyone post that got in the middle of that mess.

Uplifting stories are always good to share.

For what's left of today, Merry Christmas and hope you and your family are all enjoying it.

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Derek and Heather

were here from last Monday thru Sunday morning with the boys and their choc lab, Cody. They had spent Friday thru Monday afternoon up in Cleveland seeing Derek's sisters and families. Derek got in some disappointing hunting and for a few of those days it was so bitter cold windy that the boys couldn't play outside at all. I wound up with a three day bout of flu and pretty much slept in the recliner most of the days, but got feeling better during late afternoons each Still kind of recovering with a shaky stomach but lots of cold water seems to settle it for some reason. They wanted to get home in time for Santa to show up at their own house for the boys (and maybe escape from me getting the boys sick lol). It was actually a pretty good visit even with the flu......the toys I got the boys were a real hit, thank God, and they were real least good enough to get their favorite treats of those cheapy pushup popcycles that come in huge boxes at the store. Gramma did good. Cody had stayed here from January thru August because when they left Manassas to now be stationed in Va Beach, they had to stay in a motel for almost two months while they waited for the paperwork to finish up on the house they bought. They got settled in and came back to get Cody (he's like a big toy to the kids.....ride him like a horse, use him like a floor pillow, sleep on him, etc.). Derek Jr was afraid that they were going to leave him with me again and was really happy when he got loaded up in the Pilot to head for home. He kept hollering out the window....."Come on, Daddy"........I was getting the impression that he wanted to hurry up and leave before I called Cody back out of the Pilot. lol The huge box that had held all their presents was used as a fort to hide in. Carter (he's one and Derek, Jr is three) finally figured out how to peek out and say 'pepekoo' at me by the time they headed out. It was really nice to have them here. I hope your holiday was at least bearable for you, Roger. I know what it's like to have a holiday after the loss of a loved one. My only wishes for you would be that you have other people around you that love you....friends and/or family.

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Thanks Toni

Actually my family isn't getting together until Friday afternoon/evening. It's the first day that everyone has time at the same time.

With my sister's inlaws, my neice inlaws, my brothers inlaws, church activities, travelling, etc, scheduling can be diffcult even when a family isn't scattered all over the country like my late wife's is.

While I admit that I've had down spells since Thanksgiving, I've dealt with it not to badly. Yesterday really didn't seem like more than a day off, since I chose to just do stuff around the house with most of my family travelling yesterday at least some.

Back in touch (online anyway) with people from highschool hadn't talked to in years, interesting what a few have been up to. Online works well, contact with being able to choose when you're involved and when you just want to be alone for a few minutes.

Now let's all hope for a good 2013, hopefully better than 2012 in so many areas and ways for all of us.

Happy New Year, don't party too much New Year's Eve!!!

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Looks like it got caught by the auto-mod...

The URL tripped an automatic filter - looks like it was a spammer favorite at one time or another. Anyhow, I undeleted the original thread you started - you don't look like a spammer to me. Wink

Merry Christmas!

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Thank you, John

There weren't auto filters for websites back in my Mod days, but after looking at the site URL I had linked to, I can understand why it might have been added to your list. There were other URL's I could have picked from for the same story, and probably should have thought about that being the reason it wasn't getting posted and tried one of them instead.

Have a great and safe New Year's..........

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Ahh...that explains it. You were ahead of me

I was going to make a suggestions that some mechanism would automatically look for the same spam activity that, in hindsight, people can see. We'll get a new member with a rapid succession of posts. Sometimes titles will be the same or strings of text in the message will be identical. I'd hate to think it would be necessary but perhaps a "waiting period" or "hold for review" with new members?...meaning the posts won't go out immediately but be watched for spam like activity for a period of time. MODs don't need this to make more work for them, however.

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