Did you happen to acquire the Compaq System Restore CD that came with it also? Otherwise you might have a big problem. You can find a generic Windows 95 CD on eBay, but laptops generally come with their own drivers, which might not available anymore at Compaqs site. Finding this specific Restore CD on eBay will be difficult also, I suppose.

You didn't happen to make a backup of the system registry, before installing Office 2000, I'm afraid. Depending on the previous user and what he cleaned there might be a system.1st (I don't know the exact name, but you'll recognize it) in the root folder. That's the system part of the registry, as it came out of the factory (if you're lucky). If you can find it, and you know enough of MS-DOS to copy it over system.dat in the windows-folder, it's possible the system will boot again, and work again.

Note that Office 97 runs very well in Windows 95 on a 32 Mb machine. I've used it for years, and only recently upgraded to 48 Mb.

Hope this helps.