THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS. Every time I post a message, I get it working. This time I just made a new boot disk! Well anyway. I still have 3 more problems before I can use this computer. I have a hard drive. As I am building the computer, I have to add it. Well, I plugged it into the mother board, but when I run dos, it can not see the drive. I know you have to do something, but I don't know what! 2nd. The hard drive was given to me by a friend, and he formatted it in NTFS. After I have got the computer to be able to see the hard drive, how can I re format it and turn it into FAT (or the linux file system, because I will probably be putting linux on it). 3rd. I have an external CD drive (not usb). I know it can work in dos because my dad had done it before (i think a program called swiss knife is used, but I can't find it on the net)