Every once in awhile I run into a machine that won't talk proper to an USB drive. Sometimes it's the motherboard drivers, other times it appears to be the old USB clock jitter issue. To fix it (apparently) I either add or remove the USB hub between said drive and the computer.

My recurring fix is to add a new USB 2.0 PCI card. That seems to be the better solution since I've seen it both ways on the USB hub.

The really nasty thing that happened after the IO error is that I may need to copy out all the files from that drive and remove the partition on it, create it again and copy the files back in. I have yet to find any click here cure when this happens. There are a lot of so-so USB case enclosures even in the name brands. Both the tech and I have too many years of shop time waiting for drives to run tests to see if they're any good so keeping a good backup is your best defense.