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I notice you guys are avoiding the news out of Florida of

significant voter registration fraud coming out of the Republican Party.

I thought it was a nice touch that one of the fake voters' addresses was the local Land Rover Dealership. That would never occur to a Democrat. Also, in a nod to tradition, they registered a dead guy.

I first came across this issue on a clearly conservative web site, but went away to check it with a Main Stream, you know, dependable trustworthy site, or I'd post that web address too.

So all this frenzy over Illegal Aliens Swamping the Polls Voting for Obama was just a diversion while the Republicans went to work, thinking they'd never be noticed.

Why didn't they register the dead guy's address as the Land Rover Dealership? Then they could dig it up to see, A. was he home and B. was he still dead, and C. did he prefer Romney or Obama.

The State Republicans fired the Voter Registration Company yesterday.


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Reporting: I notice you guys are avoiding the news out of Florida of
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you might try reading , instead of assuming!
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From Salon Magazine this weekend (Sept. 30)

Romney has been forced to fire Strategic Alliance because of the numerous irregularities which have turned up in areas of Florida covered by SA's activities.

"Strategic Alliance is owned by Nathan Sproul, a former executive director of the Arizona Republican Party. Sproul's 2004 voter registration project was investigated by the Justice Department and the attorneys general in Arizona, Nevada and Oregon as claims of fraud emerged, but no charges were brought. As Brad Friedman noted on his Brad Blog last week, despite Sproul's checkered past, Mitt Romney's campaign hired him as a political consultant late last year.

"Friedman also noted that the voter form scandal, along with the recent revelation of a video showing a GOP voter registration worker screening out Democrats, is far worse than the claims made against ACORN over fraudulent voter registration in the past. Even before the latest news of suspicious voter forms, Friedman noted:

"While Republicans had long been critical of fraudulent voter registration efforts they inaccurately attributed to ACORN, the non-partisan, four-decade old community organizing group (which has since been forced into bankruptcy as a result of the years-long GOP effort to mischaracterize them and their work) there is no evidence, to our knowledge, that any of its tens of thousands of registration workers ever screened out potential registrants from one party or another before allowing them to register, as seen in CO.

"Neither is there evidence that any of their workers ever changed party affiliations on registration forms, as is being alleged tonight in Palm Beach County, or destroyed Democratic forms, as has been alleged over the years, as noted by Republican Rep. Cannon. [Rep. Chris Cannon (R-UT), during a hearing on voter fraud, said that "the difference between ACORN and Sproul is that ACORN doesn't throw away or change registration documents after they have been filled out."]"

So Sproul has a long track record of Voter Registration Fraud in the employ of the Republican Party going back at least to 2004. But it has been Republicans who have perennially and loudly accused others of frauds which have never been proved. The Great Inversion. Accuse your opponent of the crimes you yourself are perpetrating. Great Camouflage, shame it doesn't seem to be working.

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this is the third time

It's already in a thread someone else started, and then afterward you opened a thread on it and were linked to the first thread, and now you open ANOTHER thread on it. Other than pointing that out, this third thread will also be ignored by me.

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This also was odd activity on forum

Happened on two threads to me. I clked on this thread and the only post it displayed was the last one by Rob, so it seemed to be another new thread.

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I didn't comment on your

first post about this issue, but will now. I saw the same thing twice and had to refresh the page before I got the whole thread to show up. I got mocked here in SE because of a 'glitch' in the software that kept making my posts appear in the wrong place if I tried to reply to more than one post within that thread. The first would show up in the right place, but any posts after that would end up under the main original topic post. Now you're also having issues.......nice to know it isn't just me.....unfortunately because we are on the same conservative side of the political issues for the most part, get ready to have it be your turn to be mocked. My post issues stopped after using Firefox exclusively for SE and not IE so I thought it was an update from IE that threw me off.......but since I only use Firefox for SE now and had the same issue you just experienced, I didn't say anything. Something is definitely off with the SE software and it seems to only affect conservatives.......could it be that CBS is messing with us? How's THAT for a conspiracy theory? LOL

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I think it's hit and miss

Maybe some timeout issues on CNET servers? I know I set my timeout manually to double what Firefox usually allows to compensate. Just several times it seems only the last post shows up, or the opening post and the last one posted. If it had been just once I'd assumed I'd accidentally clked on the time stamp for last post, but I'd not done that twice and almost never do that from the SE main page unless it's after a refresh immediately after I put in a post and I want to return to something someone almost immediately posted.

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(NT) good grief, assigning glitches to liberal conspiracy?
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Did you not see the LOL at the end?

Did you really take me seriously on that?

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I got it, and I enjoyed it. Thanks, Toni.

In fact I got it in the first two sentences, and could almost see you smiling at your keyboard. A very good bit of irony, and fun.

Thanks very much, Toni,

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I accept that I may well have made a mistake, I apologize

for starting this thread when apparently JP had already started one. I may have read it, but didn't retain it, and picked up the story when following your post Toni, deriving from RT. Having read their story, but not being comfortable with the source which I couldn't at the time establish, I went hunting elsewhere for links

I too have had glitches, but nothing quite as irritating as those you mention. I log on to post a reply, get the appropriate screen to enter text which then disappears the second I click my cursor in the right place. So I go to Reply again, and it opens up properly second time around without requesting a new log-in. The thing is, it happens EVERY time. But such is life in the wired world. In this we are all equal and all equally irritated.

Best of luck to all of us.

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