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I need somebody to help stop an internet explorer revolt.

About a month ago, My daughter's computer got very sick. It slowed down to a snail's pace not only online but even all the windows programs offline.
I asked a friend, who is knowlegable of computers, for help. He did some things I'd already tried (scans for virus, clean-up, defrag, system restore),and some things I hadn't.
Nothing helped. He said it seemed like something was running in the background and he couldn't figure out what. Finally. he did a system recovery, re-installed the things that needed to be, ran a couple of windows programs, went to a couple of websites, and Voila! , ok, problem solved.
But no. Over the next days, we found a lot of sites we couldn't go to, a lot of pages we couldn't open, the e-mail is eratic (her AOL and my YAHOO),we can't open windows updates and sometimes internet explorer. These are things we could do before the system recovery, althoughit was verrrry slowwwwly.
We now get an error message like #0x80072EE2 or it saya the site is no longer available or DNS error internet explorer.
Her computer is a compaq presario intel r, With windows XP, service pack 1, (I couldn't get it to install service pack 2 even when it was working right).
If anyone can help I'll dance at your wedding. I can't keep asking my friend for help because he doesn't have the option of refusing.

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This is an ever growing problem for people who use Windows, and more specifically, Internet Explorer and Outlook Express (Windows Media Player is even being targeted to a small degree).

You can use the search box at the top of every page of these forums to search for posts detailing how to clean up spyware. Then, to help keep it off, you need to stop using Internet Explorer. Replace it with something like Mozilla Firefox, and if you use Outlook Express, replace that with Mozilla Thunderbird.

This will buy you maybe two years before spyware authors start exploiting Windows in general, not just IE, and spyware programs come bundled with more and more programs, commercial, freeware, and otherwise. A wise person would use this time to either become comfortable with using Linux, or saving up for a Mac. Microsoft itself is admitting to the fact that very soon it's platform may be hit with spyware that cannot be removed without damaging the OS. The ship is sinking, and Microsoft isn't interested in doing what it takes to save it. So you can either go down with it, or get aboard another ship.

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If Microsoft is so bad, I'm wondering why you hang around this forum unless it's to steer people away.
With proper maintenance Internet Explorer and Outlook Express is quite functional. I'm supprised that you didn't recommend a Mac!

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Regarding Sinking Ship

Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed reading your article / post. Insightful and very well written.


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RE I need help

Assuming that you scanned for ad/spy/malware look to the firewall security settings assuming you ARE using a software firewall.

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reg internet explorer and sinking ship???????

have u tried to check the speed of the computer in
safe mode.If u have a cable or DSl always on connection
try to check the internet speed in safe mode with networking and please let me know the results
Also when boot to the desktop open the tasmgr(Alt+ctrl+del) or type taskmgr in run windows, and check what is the CPU usage if it is 80 or 90 percent then check which process is taking up lot of memory usage (like 10000 or more) then end that process
NOTE:donot end explore.exe and also svchost.exe
if the computer is pretty faster in safe mode then please reply so that we can try the next steps

And regarding the sinking ship
1 If you are thinking that windows is vulnerable then
I am sorry about that if u have any antivirus program +
firwall+spyware program+sp2 then i will bet u that it is secured forever

And regarding UNIX please donot think virus programs cannot be written for those OS,since it is less popular the programmers are not breaking their head to write virus or spyware programs for that
For your information windows is much attacked because it very user friendly and gives lot of permissions to modify even their system files and do whatever they can
easily,this is applicable for viruses also
Also LINUX which is 95% of UNIX has free download online with its code,dont u think noone can break LINUX or UNIX after having the code

so instead of changing the OS we shall why this is happening and reply me

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how to enter safe mode

restart your computer and kepp tapping F8 continuously until u see windows advanced boot options
select safe or safe mode with networking(if u want inet acces)
if u dont get the windows advanced boot options
then follow this way to goto enter safe mode
click start and click run and type MSCONFIG
and click ok
then click on BOOT.INI tab wich will be on top of the window and put a check mark in safe boot and automatically minimal will be selected
if u want to goto safe mode with networking
click start and click run and type MSCONFIG
and click ok
then click on BOOT.INI tab wich will be on top of the window and put a check mark in safe boot and put a check mark in network

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