Well, here is my advice in a nutshell:

1. Cingular and T-Mobile have the nicest phones and lots of technologies like Bluetooth, 2.0MP cameras, but really poor when it comes to Online speed etc. They aren't fully on the "EDGE" technology yet, and the reception is terrible.

2. Verizon or Sprint = GOOD INTERNET. They will probably give you the best online capability and signal. The plan is a little more pricey but will give you more stuff geared toward business. They also will provide the better phones for your business. So i would say hone in to those two services.

Note: Bluetooth is still very slow speed connection. Using Bluetooth to get on the net will very VERY slow. We're talking about "dial-up" speeds. Bluetooth is great with Headsets and Syncing with your Laptop for notes, calendars, etc. like a PDA. BUT not internet. You will have to use the cable they give you to hook onto the internet with your computer.