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I need help upgrading my PC

So I bought an Acer Desktop with Monitor keyboard/mouse for around 400-500$ and I want to turn it into a sort of gaming machine, the current specs on it right now are

Processor: AMD E2-6110 APU with AMD Radeon R2 Graphics
RAM: 4.00 GB DDR3 Memory
System Type: 64-bit Operating System
OS: Windows 8.1
HDD: 1TB Hard Drive
With networking integrated LAN+Bluetooth.

And I think by checking the PSU it is like 220W :/
It just says MAX. OUTPUT POWER: 220W and some other stuff.

And this is basically the case I found off google images:

So I was thinking of changing it into a sort of a gaming PC.

So the parts I was thinking I might be able to acquire soon are maybe.

1 or 2 GTX 980 4GB.
Another 16-32 gb
And the WATT is very low I wasn't sure which one to get, but a friend suggested this
And I don't really know about the case,

And am not sure, don't really wanna be buying all the parts all again, so I badly need help : /.
Please try help ASAP someone.

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Bail out now.
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At a minimum you will need.

Video card

Your looking at about 700 bucks.
As mentioned...."bail out".

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I mean I will be getting 1 or 2 GTX 980's brand new maybe I could SLi with a better PSU and maybe try reuse the AMD CPU and get like 16GB , and a case, so I just needed some help for not to spend too much money and reuse it. I mean I can reuse most stuff e.x 1TB HDD, the RAM, processor etc..

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Look at your you have a pcie x16 slot?

Your cpu does not have enough muscle for gaming.

Is there a model number on this machine....perhaps on a sticker.

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Model Number

Yes it has a model number it is

Acer Aspire XC-215

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That doesn't appear to have any slots.

It also looks to be a micro case that can't hold a full size card.

Didn't anyone warn you about these models?

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That tiny case

That model is lacking so much. They really need to bail out before they are stuck with it.

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Your going to be very limited upgrading that machine.

Look at your cpu and see if it's socket mounted or soldiered to the mobo.
If socket mounted contact acer and see what your upgrade path is.
If soldiered to the mobo then your looking at a new mobo and OS.
The cpu you have will not game.

You have a pcie x16 slot but in order to use it for gaming will require a psu upgrade.
With that small case you will be limited to a psu and a video card that will fit inside the case.

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We owned one of those Acer small box PCs.

The Speccy shows slots but inside, no slots. I'm sticking with bail out fast.

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So am I

But if the op insist they better do their homework before starting down the upgrade path.

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It's like they bought a bicycle

And want to fit jet engines to it.

Well, some can do that.

There's not much left of the original bike.

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I looked at the CPU

And supplied a comparison to a lowly i3 and it didn't compare well. This PC is not what anyone would build a gamer on.

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save your money

toward your next real gaming computer. That one is and never will be more than an office capable work station, and then destined to be a door stop, or for backups only.

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What about.

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What about
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Re: what about

Apart from the fact that it currently isn't available, a liquid cooled PC with an I7, 32 GB of DDR4 RAM and an NVIDIA GTX980 video card is the other extreme. You might prefer a somewhat cheaper one.

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Want to see the inside of PC and how much space. And a couple more pictures of parts.

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The OP is lost.

I had one of this series. No slots, not even a spare SATA or other motherboard connection.

Nope. It's not.

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