I need help deciding what TV to buy to use for PC gaming

Feb 29, 2016 9:52AM PST

I want to buy a tv as a monitor for my pc, and it will be used for games, movies and simillar stuff. The TV should be LED ( If you think i should look at Plazma, please tell me the pros of it, but also the cons) FullHD (nothing under or over it, my 970 cant handle 4k and i didnt pay for it to play on 720p), 40-43 or under 50 (the price will influence the size). Now i have a couple of TVs already set in my mind :
1.Sony KDL-40R455
2.Sony KDL-40R470
3.Sony KDL-40W605
4.Sony KDL-40R555
5.LG 42LF561V
6.LG 42LF5800
7.LG 42LB630V
8.LG 49LB5500
9.LG 49LF540V
10.LG 43LF5400
I would like for people who know TVs better than me (at this point that may be almost anyone), but i would like to hear profesional opinions on why model A is better\worse than model B, and no the screen is bigger so buy it. Here are some questions..
1.Lag is also not that important as i dont own any online multiplayer games that i can play with a controller, so i will still play Battlefield on my monitor Happy
but i would like to have a low-medium lag gaming experience.
2.Refresh rate, i really dont get it on the TVs descriptions, on monitors its accurate on TVs its blown out of proportion, and here i need someone who knows a bit or two about TV refresh rates.
3.Also i know that to see what TV has the best picture you must see it LIVE, but it would be helpful if i could narrow down my selection to a smaller number and to know what TV has the best picture quality.
4. Brand pros and cons, this is better for people who actually owned or own TVs from brands that are available in my country.
5. Sound, what is the important part for TV speakers
And for the finally, i will post some websites of stores in my country (it will be the TV section, as the site has no english version, but i think it wont be that hard to find your way around the site) so that maybe, and i hope you do, take a look at what they have in stock and maybe even present a new model for me to think about it.
I would like to thank everyone in advance that will help in any way, cheers.

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OK, you have these models. Now go find INPUT LAG
Feb 29, 2016 10:05AM PST

One of the recurring cries I hear for gamers on TVs is "input lag."

Add that to your list and dismiss the ones with high lag. You may get down to 3 models fast.

NOTE Added after post: You wrote lag doesn't matter but this Input Lag does matter for local gaming.

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Thanks for the post
Feb 29, 2016 10:24AM PST

Well i said i dont mind if the TV has acceptable lag, i meant i dont need it to be the same as a monitor as i dont play online multyplayer. But what input lag is acceptable (the golden middle)?

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For me that's one frame of lag, let's use math.
Feb 29, 2016 10:33AM PST

I'm going to answer 1/60th of a second should be the goal. That's about 17 milliseconds. I'd remove any over 2 frames or 34 milliseconds.

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Feb 29, 2016 10:41AM PST

Well i still cant seem to deciede, i guess i have to narrow it down even more, but the problem is in my country many models that are listed on many sites arent available or are 4k. But i found something on the Sony KDL-40W605 (33ms LoL) and Samsung UE40H5500, but i would also like to know what company has the best picture for the asking price, and will Gaming mode on any TV lower the quality of the picture.

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4K gaming is not quite here yet.
Feb 29, 2016 10:58AM PST

There are two recurring yelps I get about 4K gaming.

1. Many connect up and find they only get 30Hz refresh rates. Why this is, is on the web.
2. The next thing is that even armed with a trio of over thousand dollar video cards, many games run at 20 to 40 frames a second.

My advice is to run at 1080 for now.

As to picture quality, that's in the eye of the beholder. What I find great you may not like. Go see these in stores.

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Feb 29, 2016 12:22PM PST

Yea i know, but i guess all these internet sites just think everyone has three titans x and another 2000$ just laying around to buy a 4K TV, and there really isnt that much 4K content to spend that much money and really i think it isnt really worth the final price at the moment, maybe in some 2-4 years when single 400$ cards can run 4k at 60fps at high settings.

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