Ok, Next time don't open the application in the volume. I did that and i fixed mine 10 minutes ago from it being on my Mac OS X Leopard Desktop.

Ok So you have been to Activity Monitor and ended ALL dbus-daemon processes.

as soon as you quit them quickly eject the disk. If you have already done that and you want to get it off your mac altogether simply double click on the process and in the window that comes up there will be three tabs.
On Default the tab will be on "Statistics" on the right of it is says "Open Files and Ports" click that and it will show info on where it is located on your hard drive. Delete the ones that have a similar code in them:


count=0, state=0x1

There will most likely be Three of them with the same thing. As i said end all three processes and then delete it. then empty the trash.

Enjoy deleting gimp