I need a telephone. Would someone please make one?

Am I alone in my need for real time communication? It appears so. This has to do with work. I'm on call every weekend. My call volume can reach avg. of a call in or out every 3.5 min and hold there for 1-2 hrs at at time. Meanwhile I'm driving, writing, seeing patients, receiving pages and texts.(No, I don't dial or write or text unless the car is parked) A "smart" phone is utterly useless because I'm talking on it all the time. And I can't get decent call clarity, range, battery life,(12+hr talk/72+standby might come close), call/message memory, durability or support for a plug-in headset. No, can't use Blue Tooth. It can't keep up. Can't use anything that has to be charged.Besides, the only thing that can stay in my ear as long as it needs to without creating nerve pain is the plantronics mx 510. Discontinued but i bought a bunch of them. Can use an external set but they're bulky. And I must be able to answer/end call from the headset. Eyes on the road.

Touted features today are choice of phone colors, stupid ring tones, internet shopping, music, video games, instant message (no phone belonging to an adult should have that), and other useless junk. Phones that articulate are impractical for someone who uses the phone as much as I do. Only a bar will work. When I'm not working, I don't care what I use. But why would I buy the big package from manufacturers and service providers who can't even make the basic features work? I've looked at Sonim but they're still making 2 Gen. phone and they're not without function problems either. Are there any custom phone builders out there. I'm willing to pay. I refuse to get ripped off on a "smart phone" package when the "smart phone" won't meet my needs no matter what kind it is. I'd rather put the money into a device that does what I need it to do than have to pay the money anyway while I meet the needs of the phone. Ideas?

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Reporting: I need a telephone. Would someone please make one?
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I understand your frustration

...but no cellular phone company is going to design a phone to fit only your needs. You need to find a phone that best suits your needs. Development costs are very high and what works with one cellular carrier may not work with another one. While I think it would be nice for customers to be able to order phones with only features they need, it wouldn't be economically feasible for the carriers or manufacturers. They like to bundle features and services you may not want or need (just like cable/satellite TV) but you are forced to pick a pre-designed package none the less.

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I understand your frustration

Thanks for the response. What is particularly frustrating is that I can't even use anyone's search features to find what I need because they don't include telephone features, only the non-telephone related things.The sales people never know the answers and frequently the tech people don't either. They usually can't even tell me what kind of headset input a phone has or if it even has separate headset and charge inputs. But they will know how many color choices you have.

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I can recommend the "Phone Finder" tool from the Phonescoop.com internet site. It might help you out tremendously. The tool allows you to select specific features and match up the phones that fit your criteria. Give it a look and help that is helpful.

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What you ask for does not exist and likely will not

Right now such limitations of battery life and the necessity to charge often for heavy users are basic limitations. Your workaround is being able to deal with a slightly uncomfortable earpiece and (power) tethered smartphone while in your vehicle on call. That's what my friend whose a regional nurse does. His 'upgrade' (if you will) was an in-car bluetooth speaker that at least kept the discomfort away that you mentioned.

You won't do any better than this while mobile unfortunately. My other friends in sales concur.

Go to the manufacturers web sites for phone info that phonescoop (etc.) do not include. You can also download a user manual from either the carrier or manufacturer web site. Just enter the model numbers. IMO walking into a cell phone shop is akin to having a chat with a used car salesman Wink.

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Down but not out.

Thanks guys. I wholeheartedly agree with the assessment of what it's like to shop at a phone store. I have noticed that several new phones have stand-alone chargers listed in the accessories. Somebody is thinking for a change. My response has always been to have two old phones. One to act as charger.
But, no, I'm not ready to let these people force their trash on me. I was told that I could not put a trailer hitch on my car. It now has one. I was also told that nothing could be done about the fake spare tire. That's the norm now. Having the spare tire well cut out next month and replaced with one that holds a real tire and wheel. Once that's done, I can turn my full attention to the phone.

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good idea

This is a good idea, but I doubt that anyone would go for it.

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If there is no app, we could learn to write them.

I've been writing mobile apps (and ones for embedded and Windows) for over a decade moving from PalmOS to WinMo and now to Android. If there is hope for you to find the apps, my bet is on the big 3 of Android, Apple or Blackberry.

RIM however is pissing off it's new developers with odd requirements to get some form notarized before you can put out an app.

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