I miss the tree view the forums used to use.

I miss it, and in my opinion, it was much easier to track conversations and check for new posts when we had that handy little road map at the bottom of the page. I don't mind have a thread 3 pages deep. but I wish I could see what was on all the pages without having to jump from page to page or having to continuously collapse and expand.

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Reporting: I miss the tree view the forums used to use.
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I hate not having the ability

to right click any topic and open in a new window/tab keeping the forum in place like I used to do. Now I have to click the topic, have it change my original page, the click on Next Message, and after reading all new posts, scroll to get to 'Back to SE' and get back to the original page. What kind of stupid is that?

I also don't like that none of the profiles anymore show if they allow email messages from members...when did THAT go away?

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I can still do that.

In the Speakeasy forum for example, I can right click any thread starter, the Topic, and select Open in a new tab/window. Does that not work for you?

Also, if you go to my profile do you see my option to email me? The option is still there if the member has set it. If you don't see that, then let Lee know as there may be a fault with your account.


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I see your email option

(Obviously James Denison doesn't have it available lol); however, I don't see that in my profile to 'turn it on'. Also, going to the SE home page with all the topics listed, I cannot right click on ANY of the topics and get the option to right click and open in new window/tab. I can only save as background, etc. Using IE newest version with all updates.

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I had things in my profile

but it seems to all be gone now, everything is empty. Maybe I'll fill it out again later. Why didn't it transfer over or make it past the first reboot?

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Did the Profile

not much, but something at least.

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That's interesting.

I can see the new tab/window option using Firefox, but I've just logged in to CNET using IE9 and you're right, no right click options to open in a new tab or window.

However, I managed to get that back, at least for me. IE9's "Compatibility View" option. I saw a pop-up offering it to me, so I clicked it, the page reloaded, and I now have right click options.

I can't say if they will stick when I log out from within IE and try later, but its still there.

Also, open your profile page, (not the one top right where the sign in option is, but your name under your post header. Then select "Click here to edit your biographical information", and you will see the email option.

Right Click and Compatibility.


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That's why I don't install anything until it's been

around for a while.


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It is still there Grim

Have a look at the first reply to any thread starter post. Just above is "THREAD DISPLAY PREFERENCE COLLAPSED EXPANDED"

Click Collapsed and you get your Tree View back.


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tell me this then

when I come back the next day why do all threads default to the expanded view, including ones I left collapsed the day before? Yes, you can open each thread in a different tab, which I do, but then I have to go through again to clk on collapsed, especially on mature threads to more easily see the new posts I might or not be interested in reading within the thread.

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Good question

Just before the new forums were introduced I'm sure that was an option in the profile, to select collapsed or expanded view. I don't know where that went.


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(NT) It's webpage gymnastics
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Missing much = visiting less

When message handling and ease of reply, effective monitoring and increasing visitor numbers will take care of itself. Working across multiple platforms will prepare one for different approaches to to an online magazine and forums are part and parcel to those who have a direct contact withyour presentation. You learn to live with what you have to work with and make the best of it. Few have the same format and some are easier for their own intended functions. Change is good but frequent changes can leave others lost and frustrated. A recent post column could make it faster for the frequent user.

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