If you are willing to spend over $2500 than the Powerbook 17" model is an amazing 6.9 pounds. Most Pentium M Centrino models with a 15.4" widescreen are in the 6.2-6.9 pound range............

If you are not tied to sharing IBM programs with a work pc or need certain PC only programs than an Apple is a great choice.

Unlike the Sony 17" Pentium M Centrino model which is also over $2500 (but last in service among major companies) Apple is #1 in service and #1 in support.

You can go into the Apple retail stores (long lines of course and people like Tom Petty in Santa Monica needed a house call to avoid the fans) and get free support even after the warranty is expired (you can't get free phone support after the warranty is out).

The halo effect of the Ipod is pulling up Apple stock over $60 already and analysts think it could hit $100 in some cases (and it was under $20 only a year or so ago).

If you are saying you are traveling, however, a 17" notebook is too large to fit in a notebook backpack. Either a 15.4" Pentium M Centrino notebook (widescreen) like the 6.5 pound HPZT3000 or the 15" Apple powerbook should be a better size (and a 15" Powerbook is $2000-$2500 depending on whether you get a DVD burner or not) and will fit in a notebook backpack for the easiest travel method (on your back and for a less obvious advertisement you are carrying an expensive notebook -- see some of the simple Black Targus 15" notebook backpacks at www.targus.com like the Matrix.

You are paying a premium for Apple. For example you can get a very nice HPZT3000 Pentium M Centrino for under $1500. But if you are willing to pay over $2,000 (not worth it in windows PC as 64 bit Windows Longhorn is coming by 2007) then the Apple powerbooks are great choices.