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I'm going INSANE, please help me!

I initially tried to diagnose my computer on my own but I cannot find the problem. The following are my specs, the problem, and what I have ruled out so far. When the problem is solved the solution will replace this paragraph.

Windows 7 home professional 64bit
Gigabyte GA-B75M-HD3 B75
Intel Celeron Processor G555 DC 2.70GHz - 2.70GHz
NVIDIA Geforce GT 630 4GB
16GB 2x8GB PC3-10600 1333MHZ DDR3
Hitachi SATA 320gb hds721032cla362(Out dated I know, was building the computer myself and it's all I had and all I needed.)

Computer/parts are 11months old. Harddrive is 2years old. Usage wise.

Hic-ups, also known as stutter, is when a computer freezes for 0.5 to 1.5 seconds once every 3-40 seconds.

1. Cpu and memory card temperature stays within safe ranges even through stress tests.
2. All inner connections are secure and clean.
3. Event viewer shows nothing abnormal.
4. All drivers are up to date.
5. No unwanted running software.
6. Cpu usage does not spike during freezes.
7. After losing my mind, finally asked for help.

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I'd run chkdsk & check for possible bad sectors

In reply to: I'm going INSANE, please help me!

Also you could check the cryptic error log for entries flagged "error". It sounds like it's going through some kind of error recovery, and bad sectors would be where I'd start looking first. To check the rather cryptic system event log click Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Event Viewer. Once in Event Viewer click on the system log and scroll through the entries looking for those flagged "error" to see if you can find hints as to where the problem could be.
Good luck.

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Thank you for replying.

In reply to: I'd run chkdsk & check for possible bad sectors

I already checked Event Viewer for anything abnormal as stated in my original post, I will however update the original post about doing a chkdsk.

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In reply to: I'd run chkdsk & check for possible bad sectors

Looks like I cannot edit posts on cnet I guess?

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Unfortunately you can't edit posts here, dunno why not

In reply to: Nevermind...?

I've often wanted to edit posts and not been able to. Sorry I did miss your #3 item about event viewer. If you've run chkdsk already, as you seem to hint, then it's time to check for malware and driver problems as Bob suggested. I like the free version of MalwareBytes too. My advice about drivers is not to use the automatic updaters, get them only from the manufacturer, and as Bob says, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. While it's good advice to install the important Windows updates, the opposite is true for drivers. When you get them from the manufacturer and they work, do NOT update them; that's usually gets you in trouble.

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Yes you can.

In reply to: Unfortunately you can't edit posts here, dunno why not

You hit preview before you post.


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Yeah But

In reply to: Yes you can.

Once it's posted and you realize you stuck your foot in your mouth you can't edit that. My foots always in my mouth. LOL


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And if you alert your own post.

In reply to: Yeah But

A kind moderator can delete it (certain restrictions apply, offer not valid in all countries, delays are expected, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are real.)

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(NT) What about the Tooth Fairy?

In reply to: And if you alert your own post.

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Would not let them collect here.

In reply to: What about the Tooth Fairy?

DNA samples? The others leave presents, this one takes samples.

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Yea well... we've all been there.

In reply to: Yeah But

My problem is I'm a speed reader. As a result I don't always read things properly. I've now diciplined myself to hit preview and read again. Doesn't always work.

PS. We got hammered by Ireland in the six nations rugby but we totally slaughtered France.

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It's a trap.

In reply to: I'm going INSANE, please help me!

"4. All drivers are up to date."

I can't guess why folk fall for this one. If a driver works we don't update it without a very good, solid reason. There are driver updaters that spout what is pure bull. Don't fall for the trap.

OK, given the story I'll share a few ideas.

1. Scan with what Grif notes at;msg5509131 and with ADWCLEANER from the bleepingcomputer site Grif noted.

2. Reset the browsers. It's not that terrible and I had to reload 2 addons (Web Of Trust and Adblock+) but I was tracking down some oddity on a slow browser launch and that fixed that.

3. It could be some odd software conflict. I don't see a full listing but I've lost count of this area. Try items 1 and 2 as well as the other good advice then we'll pop the lid with HIJACKTHIS logs later.

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Thank you for the reply.

In reply to: It's a trap.

I listed "number 4" so I could weed out people mentioning it.

I have no use for another cleaner because as mentioned I do not have any unwanted running software.

The hic-ups continue regardless of a running browser, restarts, and shutdowns.

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OK, let's take that challenge. Ready?

In reply to: Thank you for the reply.

Reply here with the HIJACKTHIS log for a look see.

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Look at...

In reply to: It's a trap.

You can go what Robert posted with and see if that isn't a problem. truly scan it and come back with results.

Myself believe you're pushing the system and basically stuffing it. All that ram and video ram has to be maintained under control and having a Celeron CPU could be asking too much. You need real full-feature CPU that's more up to the task. Also, if you haven't yet check the bios status and see what realse standing it has. If is behind, what those bios updates actually fix if available, but having the latest bios update install is MUST for best operation of top of anything else. As for "event posting" it may not have time to render that if it locks-up too quickly as that is yet another task it has to do. The stuttering is a sure sign that too much is happening or its become overwhelmed trying to keep-up. Since, it has little in s/w upkeep this maybe more system based as I explained above to exclude any AV issue if found. Try another video card as a test.

tada -----Willy Happy

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(NT) My response to you is mixed into my reply to jimmy greystone

In reply to: Look at...

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Just to be clear

In reply to: I'm going INSANE, please help me!

Just to be clear, these performance hiccups are happening no matter what you're doing? You could be just listening to an MP3 (from a local source) with nothing else other than say Windows Media Player running and it will still stutter? Or does it only happen at specific times?

While I don't subscribe to Willy's idea about excessive amounts of RAM (any 64-bit CPU should be capable of managing somewhere around 256TB of RAM), I think he did hit on something with the fact that you have a Celeron CPU. The Celeron was always Intel's "budget" (i.e. lower performance) line, but when they went to the whole Core brand, the Pentium and Celeron brands both became the budget lines, with the Celeron generally being the lowest of the low. So given you provided no details on what programs are normally running and what you use the system for, I would not put it past the fact that the OS is simply task switching and the CPU can't keep up. If you didn't have 16GB of RAM, I would have expected the problem to be significantly worse. This reminds me of back in the early days of XP when you'd see people buying computers with only 256MB of RAM and they would be the most god awful slow things you've ever used.

So, you could be using a known resource hog like McAfee VirusScan, which has got to be the single most inefficient program I have ever seen. Even the guy who made it was running around saying how glad he was Intel will be retiring the McAfee brand, so his name won't be associated with that steaming pile anymore.

You have a low end GPU with a curiously large amount of RAM, so unless you're running like 4 monitors or maybe a 4K display, most of that is going to waste. It should be enough to handle the Windows GUI, but much else beyond that will get a bit iffy. The 630 GPU is the sort you get when you want something better than integrated, but don't do any gaming, or if you didn't do any research ahead of time and just figured that 6xx must be better than the 4xx and 5xx cards on the shelf.

You say there's no "unwanted" software running, but we have no idea what that means for "wanted" software. I worked a job one time where there was a 4-year replacement cycle for new computers. There was a guy who was at around 3 or so years of those 4, who was always complaining about how slow his computer is. No less than four separate people went out and every time he'd have every single program from Adobe Creative Suite open and probably a dozen other programs. Every single person told him he needed to close some of these programs down when he wasn't using them, his current system (which would not be replaced for several more months) just wasn't up to the task, but he wouldn't listen. Right now, the most plausible explanation seems to be that you are one of these people: someone who expects prime rib on a ramen noodle budget.

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Thank you for replying.

In reply to: Just to be clear

Just to be clear of assumptions.

Yes, the hic-ups happen no matter what. I can have a clean restart, do nothing but open task manager and it will be happening. There is ZERO predictability on them.

When I say my computer is clean, I'm saying that I'm obsessive compulsive with every little thing and every little program. Been using computers since I was 8 years old and I have an 8 year old of my own now. Unwanted running software includes any forms of malicious software or programs running when they should not be running.

My computer might look like a scrawny dude with a thick right arm because half way through building my computer unexpected things happened in life and am now paying off 2 lawyers for a crime I didn't commit and was found innocent of.

It also might have a cheaper CPU and GPU but it was in fact made for gaming and gave me ZERO issues for months. I can run MMO's on high to ultra settings depending on the game, but truth be told I choose not to. Highest graphic settings can be too smooth, impair or remove visual aids needed for split second calculations and response. Bottom line, no, I do not push this baby hard. It can handle well over what I put it through.

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In that case

In reply to: Thank you for replying.

In that case, I'd not just rely on chkdsk, but go to the manufacturer's website for the HDD and see if they have some downloadable diagnostic program. Wouldn't surprise me if the drive is on its way out, but obviously before going there it's best to eliminate other scenarios such as software.

Anyway, believe it or not, I can understand being the one who ends up taking the blame for not doing anything wrong. At a previous job I was rather ruthlessly taken advantage of because I was the only one who could figure out the bureaucratic mess that is being an Apple Authorized Service Provider. I was dealing directly with mid-level managers at Apple and on paper I'm just a service tech at this place I'm working. I catch one of said Apple managers pulling some suspicious stunts, I report it to the guy's boss and her boss. I actually took the issue all the way to the C-suite at Apple, purely with the intention of saying, "Hey, this seems a little fishy, maybe you should take a look." Part of the whole ethical code Apple expects certified techs to follow. They didn't even so much as say that they'd look into it, the sort of universal bureaucrateese for "shut up and go away" they come back around and accuse me of trying to blackmail the company because I told them I would not distribute some of the documents this guy sent me which he really had absolutely no business sending to me. They then also pressured my former employer to fire me, which they did... First suspending me for a couple of days without pay, and I would later come to find that they had already started the paperwork to fire me before they even suspended me. Basically cheating me out of about a week's worth of pay.

At the job before that, about a month or so before we parted company on rather bad terms, I found out that my boss had been basically embezzling money. He wasn't paying state or federal withholding taxes for employees. The company accountant found out about it and then tried to cover it up. Being that I'd never been in such a situation before, I stupidly agreed to let them give me a 1099 tax form with the promise that they'd pay me the difference and I could just pocket that. They paid me the back wages they owed, but then refused to pay me the back taxes they owed, to the tune of a couple grand. I was insistent enough that they threatened to sue me, right up until I told them that as soon as their legal representation finds out that they've been knowingly covering up tax fraud, they'd likely just refund any retainer left with a note saying to lose the firm's number. I reported the issue to the IRS, which strangely, has no means of following up on a complaint. Not even to find out if it's under active investigation. It just kind of goes into this black hole somewhere in the California Central Valley. The owner of the company died, but I can always hope that the accountant has, at the very least, been stripped of her CPA and barred from practicing for life.

I also have a friend, who I've mentioned a time or two on here. Worked for ASUS Computer International in California. He was one of about 10-20 non-Asian individuals in the company, which is around 300 people total. Not just Asian or even Asia-PAC either, pretty much everyone was either Chinese or Taiwanese. Now considering ASUS Computer International is basically the official and exclusive reseller of ASUSTek products in the United States, and ASUSTek is a Taiwanese company with a lot of ties to China... To quote the French: Quelle surprise! Anyway, for several months his coworkers basically treated him like dirt and two different supervisors going out of their way to deny him access to the kind of training needed to do his job. As he put it, the good days were when they completely ignored him and pretended as if he didn't exist. He tries reaching out a couple of times, each time they swear up and down it's just some kind of misunderstanding, but nothing changes. Finally he says something about how it seems odd that he's the only white person in the group and he's the one that seems to be systematically excluded. The person he said it to, Asian, flips out and by the end of that work week they are filing a complaint with the HR department. The same person was also, coincidentally, caught red-handed manipulating his performance reports on four consecutive occasions, but naturally the HR department at an Asian company isn't interested in any of that. Long story short, as soon as my friend says something that could be construed as being about how he's treated differently because of his race, he's subjected to an ambush interview by the HR department who doesn't even tell him the nature of the complaint, then fires him about 2 days later. They even went as far as to encourage the complaining employee to file a false police report. I personally suspect some of it had to do with the fact that the HR investigator was a lesbian (based on everything I've been told, it seems a safe assumption) and the complaining employee was a reasonably attractive young Asian woman. So even in the San Francisco Bay Area, probably the single biggest bastion of liberalism and tolerance to everyone's differences, these things still go on. Needless to say, I don't hesitate to badmouth ASUS any chance I get, when I can contribute something more than just how ASUS is a racist company. (My personal opinion obviously) Fortunately that friend has landed another job now where his coworkers are extremely friendly and supportive and his boss is the same way. Everyone deserves a job where you're at least treated with basic human dignity.

So, long story short, I get where you're coming from. Maybe not quite to the same extent, but I definitely understand what it's like to be falsely accused of things. I'm not usually one given to strong emotion, but that is the kind of thing that just infuriates me. Many years later, I could still throttle the school principal from my old high school for the way he would regularly single out lower income kids who might be a nuisance and just railroad them into expulsion or make life so miserable for them they'd drop out. To think of how someone in that position was actively cheating people out of a basic education... I'm hoping I can help get your problem resolved. May not be much, but it's what I can offer to someone who knows where you're coming from.

Anyway... On top of the HDD diagnostic program (and don't just run some generic thing that only checks SMART status) be sure to post the hijack this log Bob suggested. I don't personally have the patience to wade through those, but I've seen on more than one occasion where he's picked something out of that list which solved someone's issue. If someone's willing to dig through that, by all means, take them up on that offer before they come to their senses.

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In reply to: In that case

Glad to see someone understands. Hell I feel better just for the simple fact of knowing there are actually people out there who could understand. To add insult to injury right after needing to move and find another job(again, after being found innocent). One week after being at my new job I unknowingly pissed off the manager's son(lier, snitch, thief), who is being allowed to work directly beneath his father?

Growing up I believed standing by truth and what you believed was right as something above any form of personal harm or any events to come... In doing so I ended up in juvenile prision and homeless immediately after turning 18 all for hitting back on abusive parents and laughed at by that free defense attorney. Got back on my feet only then get kids of my own down the road and needing to always let go of truth/values/principles or inadvertently harm your child and their future. Talk about rage in the cage!

I will take your advice and use those two programs once my current is done scanning. Thank you for the story and for the help.

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Looks solved. Grape or other juice to the PC!

In reply to: I'm going INSANE, please help me!

Closing this thread.

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