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I'm Disapointed

Let me be the first to say it!!

I am not happy with the Keynote. Within the two hours, only 2 products were released, none of which I have any interest in, or can get excited about immediately.

The Apple TV is a pretty impressive product, but I have no personal use for it.

The iPhone is FANTASTIC and I wanted one, untill MD said the price. The fact that it isn't even going to be in Europe by next christmas is also a big issue for me.

I was hoping more of Leopard could be shown, as I am going to join the Mac Family when it is released, and desperately need some more info!!!!

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Was dissapointed too...

In reply to: I'm Disapointed

I could care less for the Apple TV, and while the iPhone looks nice, I do not care for smartphones much at all and Cingular just sucks.

wished they would of talked about Leopard and got around to actually releasing the iPod video.

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apple tv & iPhone

In reply to: I'm Disapointed

i don't know what to use the apple tv for - most of my video formats aren't compatible in iTunes.

plus, i live in the country north of usa, and we don't have tv shows and movies in the iTunes store, so that disappoints me even more.

i want the iPhone...except for the price. good thing my birthday's at the end of june Silly (i don't get birthday presents, though Sad *is sad*)

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Once again...

In reply to: apple tv & iPhone

...Apple fans are let down by the Apple-hype machine. First of all, the iPhone is nothing special. The Apple TV? ehh... I've already built the same thing with a mini-ITX ultra small form factor machine running Linux, which is FAR more than just a media extender with a 20GB buffer. But, there are plenty who will buy this crap, thus making them instant hits.

As for the Leopard preview or possible release? I'm not surprised that it didn't happen. It's quite possible that they've already shown the only worthwhile features at WWDC. Those being Time Machine and Spaces. Time Machine is an interesting idea but it's really only a dumbed-down frontend to a decent backup application. Spaces?? not impressive since much better implementations have existed in the Gnome and KDE desktops for linux/unix for years.

All in all, very unimpressive.

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Yeah totally.

In reply to: Once again...

Although we tend to disagree in M$ issues, I do agree with you here that once again Linux kicks Apples butt in Windows alternatives and functionality. (and always in price)

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Apple is just another gadget company

In reply to: Yeah totally.

I really did want to hear about more of Apple's intentions in the OS/Server market, but, again, I'm not surprised that MD didn't say anything. Possibly because they haven't got anything astounding to show off. Do they really want to go full-bore into the cut-throat server industry with their XServ product? I don't think so. A Dell running (you know which OS I prefer) anything is simply more cost-friendly and scalable than Apple's stuff. Leopard's hype will once again be disappointing (even Jobs said it was merely an incremental upgrade to 10.5.) These Apple fannies need to stop kidding themselves and join the real world.

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well apple isnt too great in the enterprise

In reply to: Apple is just another gadget company

a year or so ago we made the mistake of buying Xraids trying to go cheap because we already had a bunch of sun Raids that were CRAZY expensive. Well, in the end, we paid for it dearly. Apple xraids overheat like crazy and shut down. The LED's often get stuck or just do silly things and the firmware locks up. They used to have proprietary fiber cables, but back then I hear rumours that they would switch to standard sfps.
I dont know much about the Xserves, but if the Raid is any indication, I dont want any part of em.
Why not just get a Dell 1750 and slap redhat on it and booyah, instant file/dns/web/IDS server for the cheap cheap.

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In reply to: well apple isnt too great in the enterprise

I've worked around an XServe RAID for about two years now (it's a first-gen model), and I haven't had any real problems with the thing. The only thing that caused some form of problem was when we cycled the power on it and it acquired a new IP address, so we couldn't administer the thing. I also haven't seen anything worth mentioning with the 3 different XServes I've seen (2 at an old job, 1 at the one I'm at now).


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Well I dunno your configuration.

In reply to: Really?

Well I'm sure different configurations and conditions will have different results, but in our environment, we had 8 of them all in a rack with the servers that were attached to them. We had to actually buy a standalone AC unit, bring it into our alreaady freezing cold server room, and duct tape some cardboard boxes together to create a funnel to point the cold air directly at those drives! But this was a govt. site with very heavy file access almost 24/7.

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Apple never created they Hype

In reply to: Once again...

You can put that in front of the media and the user communities.

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I'm not really disappointed

In reply to: Once again...

I have no use for the AppleTV or the iPhone, but I don't really feel let down about today's keynote. The only thing I would've wanted to see was something on the computer front. I imagine we'll see some sort of special event to cover us there. Also, I'll bet money that we'll hear about Leopard's launch date at said event.

Here's my question: How is the iPhone nothing special? I can understand if you aren't overly excited about it, but I think that if for no other reason, the fact that we have an application of the multi-touch screen in action is exhilirating.


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Speak for yourself, please...

In reply to: Once again...

I am so stoked about this phone. I keep hearing this lame complain about the price. For a Smart phone, it's very competitive! I thought it was going to be $699!! If you can't afford it, you weren't in the market to begin with. seriously.

I would have purchased the phone yesterday if I could have.

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One of those 2 is really 3

In reply to: I'm Disapointed

The 3 big rumors this season were iPhone, Widescreen Touch iPod, and Macbook slim. The iPhone is an iPhone, and a Widescreen Touch iPod, and, with it's web browser and all, it's kinda just a really small macbook, kinda. I'm not dissapointed at all.

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I agree, KeatonTech

In reply to: One of those 2 is really 3

I am not a fanboy.....but I think this product will hit a sweet spot for a lot of people. Compare it to the Origami stuff that didn't live up to the hype.

Precisely what is disappointing about this phone?

WiFi alone is a huge differentiator. I wonder how they got Cingular to agree with that? There is so much to like. Form Factor, Visual Voice Mail, etc.

The markets were NOT disappointed. Apple stock took off and competitors dropped.

To me, that alone argues with any disappointment.

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because it does nothing new and only 8G of space??

In reply to: I agree, KeatonTech

This thing is nothing but a re-skinned Sidekick.
You have all of this functionality in the Q, Blackberry, or any other smartdevice if you know how to actually use them. Wifi isnt that impressive, hell my Blackberry gets on Verizon's EVDO broadband automatically, why would I need to go running to find wifi spots when I have broadband wherever I go?

High price, no new technology. Thats why its disappointing.

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So what? It will sell anyway.

In reply to: because it does nothing new and only 8G of space??

But I think you are missing a couple of key points, vector.

As you said "if you know how to actually use them". The average person doesn't want to read the manual. They just want to jump in and start using it. If it seems scary or has lots of buttons or acronyms, then your target market is dramatically smaller.

Most of the stuff Apple does is rarely new. They just dramatically simplify it and make it cool. The iPhone has one button. And while that is obviously and oversimplification....that is a selling point. And it is terribly cool. Suddenly the target market is exponentially larger.

And there are LOTS of things new. Visual voice mail. WiFi. Widgets. Usability. Dynamic Orientation Adjustment. All Touch Pad. Consolidation of functionality.

Second, while I may reach and spend $499 for a phone (above my RAZR that I spent $60 for....I don't want to spend $45 - 60 additional dollars each month for an EVDO plan. But there are wireless connections everywhere. If I can suddenly check my emails, download music and browse the web at lots of places for FREE.....suddenly that $500 one time fee isn't so high. (This is why NOBODY ELSE offers WiFi because the telecom companies don't want to open that Pandora's box. It appears Cingular has.)

This is going to sell....and you are going to shake your head and wonder why since similar functionality is offered on competing products if people would simply take the time to do their research and read the manual. But they won't.

Just like the iPod.

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uhhh huh?

In reply to: So what? It will sell anyway.

Man could you be more wrong?
Firstly, there have been PDA phones that can connect to wifi networks for umm what 2 years?
Secondly, I pay $15 for unlimted blackberry data plan, I dont know where you get this 45-60 bucks from.
Third, the telecoms are only concerned about wifi because somebody else is getting their money, not free calls. Most people are assuming that wifi means they can make free voip calls. Uhh wrong, you will be having to pay for Skype, Vonage, or whatever 3rd pary Voip provider. So although you arent paying on your Cingular bill, you're just paying someone else.
Fourth, you honestly think that you wont be paying a monthly charge to Cingular? Think again. All smart devices on Cingular require a dataplan along with the phone plan. And last time I checked, Cingular's data network was not only slower than Verizon's and Sprints, it's usage plans were more expensive than Verizon (Sprint is free).
Fifth, widgets, usability? You've got to be kidding. I bet Blackberrys have at least 6 times the amount of great and easily usable applications right now that the iPhone will have at launch. And as many in these forums have pointed out, all touch screen is not necessarily a desireable feature.
Sixth, I never said it wasn't going to sell, I said its disappointing because it does nothing new from devices that are already out now (and cheaper)
Seventh, as far as "cool", that is all a relative term. Most practical people I know don't think its very "cool" to overpay for stuff. They also dont think its very "cool" that people are too lazy or unintelligent to read a manual and actually learn how to use the things that are available. If being ignorant is cool, that explains alot about the success of apple.

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....depends if you talked to my wife. I am wrong OFTEN.

In reply to: uhhh huh?

Wow... I thought we were having a polite, respectful discussion. I am sorry I clearly upset you since I enjoy reading your stuff.

Okay..without going into each and every point.... let me respond.

You make a good point about Cingular requiring a data plan. I had not considered that....they might. And as you point out, you pay $15 for Blackberry but Cingular charges much more for an unlimited Data Connect plan in Ohio....believe it or not....$45

Their lowest price is $20 for 5MB. No way will I be doing much web surfing or downloading of music with that. While I hope I could do without the data plan, I would go for the cheap plan and then supplement with the WiFi. Much less of a value proposition but possibly still attractive.

As far as WiFi meaning free, VOIP calls. Again, you miss my point entirely. Most people don't know what VOIP is....much less make the connection to free phone calls. The people who will buy this are people who think Blackberry's and VOIP are too complex. (Yes...I hear you when you say that is sad...but there it is.)

Listen back to the prediction wrap up show where 2006, per Molly, was going to be the year her mother knew what VOIP was. It wasn't.

But you know what, Molly's mom might like this phone. My mom would....if she could pony up the $600 bucks. (yes...that's a ton of money)

Lastly, I am trying to think of a way to respond to your "lazy and ignorant" opinion. I guess I only want to say that all these companies are trying to come up with good products that will appeal to the greatest number of people. Whether you like it or not, the fine details of a product manual will not appeal to the large majority of people. But since that is the market that will make or break a product, you have to design a product with that in mind.

Which brings us back to your last point...."that explains alot about the success of apple".

Yes....finally you get it.

It will be hugely successful because "lazy and unintelligent" people who don't want to read the manual will be able to figure out how to use all these great features simply by picking it up. They will tell their friends how much they love it and it will sell like hotcakes.

Not because it has an Apple logo....but because it is an amazing design.

The Wall Street analysts apparently agreed if you watched the stock prices of Apple, Nokia, Motorola and other competitors yesterday.

Suffice it to say, it will be fun to watch and argue about.

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(NT) yes, we see eye to eye on these points :)

In reply to: ....depends if you talked to my wife. I am wrong OFTEN.

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(NT) (NT) If only I could say the same for my wife. ; )

In reply to: yes, we see eye to eye on these points :)

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Did we see the same keynote?

In reply to: uhhh huh?

I can't believe you are talking so much trash about what is obviously a very nice product. I can't take anyone seriously when they make comments like"If being ignorant is cool, that explains alot about the success of apple." Seriously troll-ish.

I have a treo 650 on cingular. No data plan.

Blackberry's unimited data plan (at least in NYC) from Cingular is $44.99 a month.

How is a smartphone equivalent of a treo + an 8GB nano =$599 paying too much?? If I want The Treo 750, it's $499.99 with a 2 year contract and an 8GB nano is $249=$748. Hmm.

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In reply to: Did we see the same keynote?

How is it trollish? I'm am simply resonding to the multiple people in this forum who say that the need to read a large manual for other smartphones is a turnoff and leads to more sales of this iphone. Why would anyone be proud of lazyness/illeteracy? I didn't say it first, the macfanboys did!

Treo 650 is a palm OS. It only polls email when you tell it to. All continuous polling devices, such as blackberry or windows mobile require data plans. I'm 85% sure that this thing will fall into that category.

If Cingular blackberry plan costs that much more than Verizon, well then there you go! Just another negative point against this device ... you said it, not me!

Comparing two overpriced devices isn't a very valid argument. Treo 750 is overpriced as well! And IMO an 8GB nano is a waste of money ... I'd rather just get a 30G regular iPod. How about you pay $199 for a Blackberry or Q and $249 for an 30G Ipod video? That way you'll actually have enough storage for your music, same smartphone technology, and still come out 50 bucks cheaper.

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In reply to: Troll-ish?

I thought you weren't really serious when calling the majority of cell phone customers lazy and illiterate.

(By the way, misspelling "illeteracy" will cause people to ignore your logic and focus on more immature arguments.)

As much as you may think the telecom companies live to design/market products to people who choose to spend their time reading 80 page dissertations on the value of Bluetooth 1.2 vs 2.0 or trolling technology forums like you and me, they just don't.

Because far more very smart, hard-working people spend their time going to their kid's soccer games and building small companies or volunteering at Habitat for Humanity or simply catching up on "Lost" episodes.

There are far more of those people who want ONE DEVICE that's looks great, combines lots of features not offered elsewhere (in one device, is incredibly easy to use .....and yes.....has only a single button. They don't want one device for music, one for video, one for email, one for browsing the web and has lots of buttons doing Lord knows what.

You don't get it. This product ISN'T FOR you. You are an aficionado who likes to spend your extra time reading and arguing about this stuff. They are not. They are neither lazy nor stupid. They just choose to spend their excess time doing more important stuff. It doesn't mean they don't want a great device.....their needs are just different than yours.

But more importantly......they OUTNUMBER you 150 to 1. So if you are a really smart company with amazing designers, do I try to design a product for you or for them?

RIM's stock went from a high of $170 on Monday to a low of 154 on Tuesday. Lots of very smart (and hard working and literate) business analysts much smarter than me must agree, don't you think?

Trust me, the gang at RIM were not happy Tuesday afternoon.

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Why cant mac fans ever stick to the facts?

In reply to: Sigh

Look, I dont know about that 150 to 1 ratio you are talking about, but again I say "I never said this phone wont sell!" I recognize that "its not for me" but I refuse this whole "greatest thing since sliced bread" that people are throwing out there. This thing really is nothing new. Before you get all emotional, read back to everything I've said. I've said "this device isnt for me, but will sell." Sheesh!

You are talking about the stock market like it means anything about technology. If high stock=quality then the market would actually be predictable by any joe shmoe. The stocks went up because they know fanboys will buy anything new and shiny. Contrary to popular belief, consumer demand is not directly indicative of product quality, especially when it comes to Apple. That is proven by the first few rollouts of macbook pros, which had a huge number of problems. Even people in these forums say they want it, but wont buy it first gen. That isnt exactly a shining endorsement.

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How I see it

In reply to: Troll-ish?

There is a difference between having a thick manual that discusses the various features of a device and needing the thick manual to try to figure out how to use your phone. This is in no way "promoting lazyness/illeteracy" (by the way, "laziness" and "illiteracy"). Being the way that I am, I usually thumb through manuals at least once, but only after I've played around on my own, discovering everything I can on my own. A well-designed device will allow you to find out what everything is and basic functionality without making you resort to the manual.

Now on to price...
If you want two separate devices for your smartphone/music player needs, then go right ahead, nobody is stopping you. Convenience comes at a price.


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(NT) Just disapointed cuz I lack 600 dollars

In reply to: I'm Disapointed

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I spell disapointed with one "P"

In reply to: Just disapointed cuz I lack 600 dollars

That's how I roll.

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Ugh. Apple ***?

In reply to: I'm Disapointed

I agree. The keynote was sub-par. They only released 2 items..not very interesting ones really. I dont know about you but I felt the iPhone was supposed to be the big ticket item, blowing everyone away so nobody thought "Wow this is the big draw?". But for me the iPhone seemed sort of blah. I thought the whole touch screen was a cool addition..but when he first said that they were releasing a phone, a new way to use the internet, and a new iPod I was happy with that. Now that he combined it im sort of like eh. I think because alot of people already have an iPod and a cell phone this might not have great success. I know I wont get an iPhone because I do have a cell phone and an iPod already.. I would have been happier with three seperate products than an all in one..Plus 600 dollars for an 8gb model..? No thanks.

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Good points.

In reply to: Ugh. Apple wtf?

If you watched was a LONG key note. It took a long time to demo the phone. And clearly he is proud of the thing. Demoing anything else would have taken away from the overall impact.

The more details I get on Apple TV, the less impressed I am.

They HAD to introduce the phone now....because it takes 6 months to get FCC approval. To have focused on Leopard, changes to iWork and new iPod designs would have been too much. So those will get their own releases over the next 3 - 5 months.

I believe you will see a few things before June:

1) A pure Mac release focusing on Leopard with associated new apps. It would not surprise me if the new look and feel looks a lot like the iPhone interface.

2) New Hard Drive and Nano iPods with the new interface. The hard drive versions will be touch screen with all the bells and whistles minus the phone. They might even be wireless.

What does everybody else think?

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Wow, I hope your right about that..

In reply to: Good points.

Its true, Apple has been having alot of those "Quiet" releases lately..lets hope one of those will be a new iPod like your talking about..Wireless would be awesome too, its about time the iPod stepped up its game since companies like Sansa are getting smart and putting wireless connectivity into their devices. That'd be a real good thing to have. Touch controls would be great too.

I do understand what you say about introducing the iPhone now though..I think I was frustrated about no new iPods so I temporarily forgot about all the hype behind the iPhone..Its true, if it hadn't been released I bet Mac loyalists would be pretty damn mad. I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens.

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