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I know why America is the fattest in the world!

I know why America and other developed countries are the fattest in the's because of the TV's! I just got a new samsung lcd tv and noticed it automatically distorts the picture and stretches the screen to 16:9, even if normally it's 4:3, so there's no black on the screen. That makes all normal looking people look like fat people. And it makes people watching tv think the normal way to look is to be fat, and they quit caring about how they look because everyone's's on tv.

I have at least 4 friends with 16:9 tv's, and they all view regular 4:3 tv on their screens as 16:9, even regular tv programs, thereby stretching everything widthwise and making everybody look fat on tv. The tv's can be set to view at 4:3, but they need to be set that way and even most tv companies don't recommend that view because of the black lines on the edges, and these people don't bother to mess with their tv's settings.

So everyone thinks that fat is the normal way to be. Think about it, in the 70's when there were just regular tv's, nobody talked about the obesity problem in America because there wasn't any, now it's everywhere. It's because of the TV's!

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Reporting: I know why America is the fattest in the world!
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besides the aspect ratio

It's a common belief "the camera adds 10 pounds," making anyone in a photograph look heavier than they actually are. This is mainly caused by an optical illusion, along with personal perception.

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but it's physically a fatter picture

I see your point about the perception, the thing here is there's no optical illusion, it's physically a different picture than it would have been on a tv 20 years ago. The 16:9 tv's today (which is almost all new tv's sold today) stretch a normal 4:3 picture that's broadcast on tv. So a picture that would have looked normal on a tv 20 years ago now gets stretched widthwise, making everyone look fat. It's physically a fatter picture than it used to be.

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I can change the aspect ratio on my tv

16:9, 4:3, cinema and panorama.

And I agree with you, I watch most of my tv in the 16:9 mode, when I first started using it I noticed the difference, now it doesn't bother me.

Speaking of "fat" I've read many article that say more people are fatter/obese.

Perhaps we're living in a 16:9 world? Wink

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If a tongue in cheek claim

it's an amusing exaggeration of a fact to explain something.

However, to be too pedantic and boring, the obesity of Americans was a topic long before even 10% of us had 16:9 capable TV. Watching TV has been accused of being bad for us, causing problems from obesity to violence, since at least 1980. But other than a rather wryly humorous explanation of a problem, I don't think 16:9 aspect TV makes that much difference.

I know, I'm too literal and a spoilsport.

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not really, though

I still think the tv's are a big part of why we're fat. Maybe only 10% of us had those tv's back then, but that's ten percent more fat people and back then the problem was just getting started, now there's a lot more of those tv's, almost all of them. It's not just an amusing observation, it's a fact that today's tv's make everyone look fat. That's the normal way you view them, and if you want to view them the regular way you have to make a specific adjustment to the tv to set it that way, and most people don't even bother making that. AND TV MANUFACTURERS DON'T EVEN RECOMMEND YOU VIEW THE PICTURE THAT WAY cause of the borders the picture makes.

So the normal way you view tv is always to watch a bunch of fat people. The fat people are fat but so are the skinny people cause stretching the picture to 16:9 makes everyone look fat. So someone watching gets a subliminal message that fat is the way to be, and everyone has a tv and most are 16:9 now so everyone gets a fat picture, even if the person was originally skinny, they're fat now. And the fat people are now really fat. So all anyone sees is a bunch of fat people on tv, that sends a subliminal message to them that it's ok to be fat cause everyone they see on tv is fat.

So people start getting fatter cause of tv, then even if someone doesn't watch much tv, now they're surrounded by fat people so they want to fit in, so they gain weight too.

Right now it's just a theory but it makes a lot of sense. There should be a bunch of studies done on it. It's not just an amusing exaggeration cause these days people can't even buy a 4:3 tv anymore, everyone has 16:9.

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Food Ads

I think it's all the food ads on TV that remind people of something they'd like to eat, even when they aren't really hungry.

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What a surprise. You really did your research. But I think if it is all because of a TV then not only America looks fat but all of the countries in the world since everybody has its own TV. LOL

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America watches the most tv though, by far

America watches more tv than all of the countries in the world, by at least twice as much! So that would explain why there are more fat people in America than in other countries.

This is where I got my statistics, but it's easily internet searched that America watches more tv than other countries.

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The "world's most obese" tag changes from month to month. It's also been Australia and American Samoa in 2010.

I think just sitting and watching TV instead of exercising has more to do with it than the fact that some don't know how to adjust the aspect ratio of their TV. That theory sounds to me like pure crackpottery.

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It's still bad, though.

I'm not looking as to who is the fattest, to the nearest tenth of a percentage. I'm just saying America is one of the fattest, and they definately watch the most tv. Yeah, by watching tv you're not exercising so that would definately be a big part of the problem. But also we're watching a different picture, physically, than what it was 20 years ago. That's a fact. It's physically fatter and it makes everybody look like a fat person, whether they are or not. I think that would be a big subliminal message that it's good to be fat, especially when there's millions of people who watch tv that way. The tv companies actually tell you not to watch a regular 4:3 picture cause the black lines around it can damage the screen, they actually urge you to watch a fat picture.

This isn't some weird idea I just decided to post, it makes sense. Okay, for now I'll just call it a theory now cause there hasn't been any studies done on it, but I wouldn't call it crackpottery, it hasn't been studied yet but it actually makes sense. Just nobody else has even given it a thought. But you should.

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I see your point, but ...

My impression is that the obesity rate started climbing well before wide screen TVs became common enough to matter. Personally I think the lack of exercise and excessive food intake that are so prevalent in the US have more to do with the obesity epidemic than any subliminal message from distorted TV images. For one thing, a lot of the actresses on TV are so thin that distorting their image probably makes them look a more appropriate size rather than making them look fat.

Also, I'm skeptical of this: The tv companies actually tell you not to watch a regular 4:3 picture cause the black lines around it can damage the screen, they actually urge you to watch a fat picture. My LCD TV did NOT come with any warnings about this, nor have I seen such a message in the past for anything but CRT displays, though I suppose some manufacturers may give instructions to that effect. Regardless, I plan to continue displaying my TV images at the appropriate aspect ration rather than stretching them to fill the screen.

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Maybe you should read your manual better

Here's an excerpt from Pg 16 of my Samsung manual, taken from the pdf file of it:

"Wide Fit: Enlarges the aspect ratio of the picture to fit the entire screen.
4:3: Sets the picture to basic (4:3) mode.
Do not watch in 4:3 format for a long time. Traces ??of borders displayed on the left, right and center of the screen may cause image retention (screen burn) which are not covered by the warranty.
Screen Fit: Displays the full image without any cut-off when HDMI (720p / 1080i / 1080p) or Component (1080i / 1080p) signals are input."

My brother works on tv's and he's brought back different brands of lcd tv's that they were watching in 4:3 mode cause they wanted the normal picture they always had.....sure enough, they all had permanent lines in the screen where the 4:3 box was. I'm not sure how long this takes but it can't be too long, lcd tv's haven't been around that long.

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How do corrective lenses fit into all this?

Not everyone sees things the same way.

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A big part of the problem

The biggest.

The other thing about the aspect ratio... not part of the problem at all, IMO. No, it makes no sense.

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They said that about Christopher Columbus when he insisted the world was round. Poppycock, they said, you're crazy! Everyone knows the world is flat.

Same with Louis Pasteur when he explained about his "germ theory of disease". Or Nicola Tesla when he came up with an AC motor that uses no brushes and his other electrical inventions. Or the Wright brothers when they insisted they could build a machine that actually flies in the air. I can list hundreds of scientists who had weird ideas that nobody believed, but they were absolutely right.

Just because you don't understand it doesn't mean it's not true.

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They said that about Christopher Columbus ....

Actually, they didn't. It was pretty much accepted by the 15th Century that the world was round.

It's not that I don't understand it. I do. I just don't buy it. Evidence is very lacking. Sorry.

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Ancient Greek sculpture...

Bear in mind that ancient Greek sculptures of Atlas holding up the world showed him holding a globe, not a flat plane.

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bible too
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Yeah they did!

Maybe they didn't in different parts of the world, and it actually was proven in different parts of the world long before columbus, but for the most part, people thought the world was flat.

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Yeah, sure. Okay...

The paradigm of a spherical Earth was developed in ancient Greek astronomy, beginning with Pythagoras (6th century BC), although most Pre-Socratics retained the flat Earth model. Aristotle accepted the spherical shape of the Earth on empirical grounds around 330 BC, and knowledge of the spherical Earth gradually began to spread beyond the Hellenistic world from then on.

The misconception that educated people at the time of Columbus believed in a flat Earth has been referred to as "The Myth of the Flat Earth". In 1945, it was listed by the Historical Association (of Britain) as the second of 20 in a pamphlet on common errors in history.

You're only a few centuries off. Too much TV perhaps?

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I just paid too much attention in school

No I just remember learning this in school.

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Uuuuhhh.. but what you learned...

is wrong!


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back to the tv's

How did we start talking about Christopher Columbus anyway, this post was about fat tv's. Whatever, no more Christopher Columbus.

I do know that the tv distorts the picture in it's normal viewing, and makes people look fat. That's a fact, I can see it. I also know that my manuel says not to watch the regular 4:3 way because the lines around the box cause permanent screen burn-in. I also know this is the case for most or all of these flat tv's cause my brother works on tv's and he's brought back a bunch that all had screen burn-in and says that's a normal problem with lcd tv's, whether it's the 4:3 box or the logo the channel puts on the screen all the time, (for the ones who always watch the same channel). I also know you can't buy a regular tv anymore, they just don't sell them, at least not in any of the places I've looked.

So I don't need to prove anything, I just will always watch the tv in 4:3 mode and wait for the screen burn-in. That sucks knowing I used to watch tv's for decades, but now I'll be lucky for a few years before screen burn-in sets in and I have to buy a new tv. I'm surprised I don't hear about this problem more...oh yeah, everybody watches fat people on tv now.

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How did we start talking about Christopher Columbus

Seriously? YOU brought him up.

I don't dispute that SOME TVs distort the picture, but the leap to that being the cause of American obesity is waaaayyy too far and frankly IMO, absurd. You have no evidence whatever to support the idea. Sorry.

"So I don't need to prove anything... Good thing.

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Not just some tv's

Not some tv's, ALL new tv's. I can't find a new lcd or plasma tv anywhere that isn't 16:9. Or any new tv at all.

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Get a factory refurb then

There's still a good number of those with 3:4 aspect out there.

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I don't want a used set!

I want a brand new tv and all that's available are 16:9 ones, the fat tv's, all they would have to do is start making some flat screen tv's in 4:3 mode, I'm sure there's a demand for them cause everyone I know watches regular tv in fullscreen, making everyone look fat. This way they could fill the screen up with the whole picture and just watch a regular tv and if they occasionally watch a 16:9 picture they could have the black bars on the screen for that one, but most of the time the screen would be filled and people wouldn't have to always watch a bunch of fat people.

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I dont agree

I am not going with this context.

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If someone's friend gets fat they will too

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