I have windows xp and tried to install Windows 7 and now am

I have windows xp and through my ignorance tried to download and install "Windows 7"

I purchased "Windows 7", so used my unlock key and downloaded it. Now I am stuck because I didn't know I needed to save my files, etc., and do a custom installation. I am not capable of that.

Now I just want my Windows XP back in good working order. Does anyone know if I have to uninstall my download of Windows 7? I know how to go to "Add or Remove Programs", but don't know what to remove.

Under "Add or Remove Programs" there is a lot of "Microsoft" stuff. The only thing with yesterdays date (which is when I did the download) seems to be "Microsoft Store Download Manager". Can I just remove that, or should I just leave everything alone.

I am very worried that I have damaged my computer and just pray I can get things back as they were.

Can anyone help me. I need easy to understand directions because I am quite computer illiterate.

Thank you,

Barbara K.

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Reporting: I have windows xp and tried to install Windows 7 and now am
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Installing Win7 On A Win XP Comp, Requires a Clean Install

You can't perform a traditional "upgrade" install of Windows 7 to a Windows XP computer.. It requires formatting of the hard drive (which wipes everything from the drive), then a clean install of the new operating system, all drivers, and any programs that you want to reinstall to the new operating system..

In your case, it's not clear where you are at this point.. Simply "downloading" the Win7 operating system from the Microsoft Store, will only place a new file on your computer, although it will be very large.. Part of downloading the large file to your computer involves installing the Microsoft Store Download Manager" simply so it can download the large file to your computer.. It doesn't install the new operating system. It doesn't remove XP from the hard drive.. In order to install Windows 7 to the machine, you'll need to burn the Win7 operating system file to a DVD disc, then run the disc to format the drive and install the new operating system.

Have you done all that? If you haven't, then you can't go backwards to find your old XP system and its files.. Where EXACTLY are you at this point?

Hope this helps.


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I did not format the hard drive, I only downloaded Win 7

The only thing I did was download "Window 7 Home Premium Upgrade" from the Microsoft Store, so must have also downloaded "Microsoft Store Download Manager".

I have not formatted the hard drive and I have not burned anything to a DVD disc. I wouldn't know how.

I just want to know if I can undo the damage I have done. I just want Windows XP back and hope I didn't destroy my computer. When I go online now a messge pops up that reads "out of memory at line: 1".

Immediately after I downloaded "Windows 7 Home Premiun Upgrade", a screen came up that said I had to click on the custom option to continue. At this point I shut my computer down.

Can I return my comuter to the way it was before I made this terrible mistake?

When I go to "Add or Remove Programs", there is a lot of stuff under "Microsoft", and a lot under "Windows". Would anyone know what is associated with Win7 that I should delete. Or more importantly can I delete anything to get rid of any parts of Win7?

I have Windows XP Pro
Version 5.1.2600
System Model: GA-MA78GM-S2H
Internet Explorer 8

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Re: Windows 7

As Grif says, it seems that all you have done is:
1. Install a download manager.
2. Download a file to the hard disk.
None of the 2 should cause any damage. And you should still have Windows XP. Nothing should have changed.

Can you tell more about the current state of your PC?


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It Appears Like There Is No Damage

The "out of memory at line: 1" error you're seeing is most likely a scripting error on the webpage, which is probably your homepage.. That's not "your" problem but is related to the website itself. Generally, the website will need to fix it.

As far as the "Add/Remove" section, there SHOULD be a lot of stuff under Microsoft and Windows.. Sounds like a fairly normal installation of XP.. Since Windows 7 hasn't been installed yet, there is nothing to delete from "Add/Remove" regarding Win7.

As far as returning your computer to the way it was before you downloaded Win7, all you need to do it uninstall the "download manager" you mentioned earlier PLUS you should be able to delete the downloaded Windows 7 file, wherever it was saved on the computer.. Usually the Win7 download appears as a file with a .iso file extension at the end.. plus the file will be quite large.. a few GB if I remember correctly. You should be able to identify the specific file, then delete it.. Still, I'll guess you had to PURCHASE Windows 7 in order to download it, (it must have cost some money), so you may want to keep the file until you are able to get help burning it to a DVD disc, etc.

Hope this helps.


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Thank You

Your explanation and directions were wonderful. I did delete "download manager" and will keep the Win7 download until I can connect with a proper computer repair person and have them do it for me.

I am curious however, I understand Windows XP is going down so what is your recommendation for the best Windows I should get?. Or do I just need a new computer?

You are great! Thank You

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Re: new computer

My take is that you need a new computer if - for whatever reason - the old one doesn't do (any more) what you want it to do. For example: it's kaput, it's too slow, it doesn't run the applications you need.

If it's working fast enough and does what you want, there's no good reason to buy anything else.
But being able to show your friends what a wonderful new PC you have ("what a beautiful screen", "wow, Windows 8", "it's so fast", "don't you love the Metro interface", "so many nice apps", "that touchscreen works very nice", "I can't imagine I've used that old crap so long") could be a very good reason also.
That's up to you.


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It's Your Choice

I take care of a number of couples and own a few as well.. In my situation, I'm going to continue using my Windows XP machines till they die or till I no longer need them.. (Windows XP will still be supported and updated by Microsoft till 2014)

Still, I've also purchased some new machines, upon which I have Windows 7 installed.. They work fine for me as well and because Win7 seems to need more RAM and a little faster processor to function nicely, getting a new computer seems a good choice for me..

As for your needs, only you can make that decision.

Hope this helps.


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Window 7 does not recognize external HD

I use win 7 OS and it is 1 yr old Dell Optiplex 780 desktop. I had no issue when it was new to put the machine in hybernation, now it does not go into the hybernation mode! the machine recognizes the HD Control Panel under the Search devices .. but when I go the computer to look for the device it is not there. Unable to back up my files. In the task bar it has the icon to safely remove the hardware. I use that before removing the HD. I also checked the drivers and the it indicates that drivers are up to date.
A year ago when the machine was new I did not have this problem. The external HD is ok as on the 2nd computer running XP the HD is recognized. I wud apprecaite any feedback.

Thank you so much.


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Your Topic Has Little To Do With This Thread

As such, it would be better for you to re-post your question in this forum as a new topic. More folks will be able to read it and should take interest in responding.

Hope this helps.


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