First off, we need to be clear on a couple of things.

Evolution X was a "hacked" dashboard for the ORIGINAL Xbox, not the 360. It required, at a minimum, some kind of softmod to the system. So first thing is to make sure you're dealing with an original Xbox, and NOT a 360.

Now, assuming we haven't found the problem already, you also need to make sure you're using a crossover cable to connect the Xbox and PC. A regular patch cable won't work unless there's a router between them.

Third, if you set a manual IP address, the default is always going to be all zeros. You just set it to whatever you want, and then make sure the settings match on the other side.

Fourth, since we're talking about software that is legally questionable to begin with, I'm going to send this discussion off for review by the CNet mods, who will most likely lock it. So I'll leave you with the parting advice that all you really need is some basic networking 101 skills. Learn those, the rest will follow.