In looking up your laptop on HP's website, I gave myself quite a shock by selecting the Presario 2100 Desktop (circa 1997), with a 2GB hard drive, 133MHz processor, etc. (Ah, flashbacks! :)) After a moment of disbelief, I then selected the correct match, the 2100 laptop, and came up with this guide to going wireless. It's 8 pages long and walks you through the steps of enabling wirless communication, both with the hardware and software. Then, for additional information, you can click here for the digital version of your owner's manual. (Both are PDF documents that you can save to your computer for later reference, or bookmark if you like.) Provided you already have your cable modem and wireless router (you don't need a networking card...that's built-in) if you want to browse wirelessly at home, you're good to go.

Hope this helps,