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I had PC Cleaner Pro check my computer.

I received a report saying that I had critical problems and an offer to buy. Before I buy it, I need to know if anyone recommends it or advises not to buy it. Thank you.

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Reply to: I had PC Cleaner Pro check my computer.
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Reporting: I had PC Cleaner Pro check my computer.
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Think before you do.

Where did this "report" come from and how did they know your system has critical problems?

Does it have critical problems? Have you noticed anything wrong?

Such things are usually scams, after your money.


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I see

that you ran PC Cleaner Pro.

I still think you need to be cautious. Did your system show symptoms before running this scan?

What 'critical errors' does it report?


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It was a popup, but I have removed it and do have Norton security Sweep, Webroot Secure Anywhere, and Registry Mechanic. My computer has been running slow, so I am copying my important files to an internal hard drive and a portable one so I can completely format it and start all over again. Thank you, Mark, for your concern.

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cautious is the right word...I was dupped by PC Pro Cleaners, I will say this I asked for my money back same day, lets hope they credit me back like they said they money, that's all it was about, they do these faulty scans to make you think you have major problems...even after they did this, Norton (whom is (was) my virus protector) and who I trusted came on and said I needed to download a tools removal.. ha ha when I did that, my Norton was deleted, I am now with AVG which I have on my other computer...I will never trust any other!

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Your Norton was removed by Power Eraser?

If Power eraser remover your Norton product you should be able to log into your Norton account and download the program again fro free. I had this happen and I got it back plus full years subs.

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Do NOT Buy It!


PC Cleaner comes with a long history. It's known to display exaggerated reports, most likely similar to the one's you received. This report from Symantec goes back to 2007. As does this post from an extremely reputable site.

IF you're able to remove it, please do. If you have problems removing it, I would suggest trying the (free) Revo Uninstaller. It should complete the job.

I would further suggest installing the free version of Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware. Update it, and run it to see if it picks up any traces of PC Cleaner. You might want to consider keeping it as a stand-alone scanner.

Let us know if you run into any problems along the way..

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PC Cleaner

Thank you so much for the advice, Carol. I have removed it from my drive and I will install the Malwarebyte's anti-malware. I have Norton, PC Tools and and Webroot

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Make sure you are using Webroot SecureAnywhere

Hi dena,

This is Greg from Webroot Support.

I am replying here to make sure that you are using Webroot SecureAnywhere and not one of our legacy Webroot products. SecureAnywhere has been completely redesigned and built from the ground-up. SecureAnywhere is also thoroughly tested to work alongside most other major security products. If by chance you are using an older Webroot product, please let me know and I will provide you with instructions on how to upgrade for Free.


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You tell me if its a scan or a scam

I tried PC CLEANER PRO today with results of over 92,000 problems on my computer!!! Four hours earlier I ran TUNEUP UTILITIES 2013 and fixed all problems it determined were neccessary. Completely optimized but I still have over 92,000 errors, problems and what evers that need my attention. NOT POSSIBLE!!! I also received within the hour I installed and ran the program, Three emails from PC CLEANER PRO offering me reduce rates on their program. I would like Microsoft and PC Cleaner Pro to explain this. Why would Microsoft partner up with this company.

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Re:: PC Cleaner Pro

In this thread I read several posts advising not to buy it. Doesn't seem a bad idea to follow that advice.

Alas, CNET can't answer your question about why they consider themselves to be a Microsoft partner and if Microsoft agrees with that. That's a question for Microsoft.
But it would be interesting if you ask them and post their answer here!


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PC Cleaner Pro

I bought it and it did not do what i initially needed it for. I do not know if the have a warranty but I do know If you call them you will get a hard sell to buy Microsoft technician repair for a year. I am going to try t get my money back.

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pc pro cleaner

I only trusted PC Cleaner Pro, becasue they said they were partnered with Microsoft...shame on Microsoft...

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I came across PC Cleaner 's free scan when searching on-line for a solution for my computer which had slowed down recently. I read their website and felt like it was a legitimate deal based on the accreditation's and reviews so I ran the scan.It showed I had over 28,000 problems with my computer.I paid the $39.94 fee with my credit card, a window popped up to call 1-877-522-8825 to" activate software" and the "fix all issues".The rep, Timothy Sanate in India, claimed he was a "Level 1" tech asked for remote access which I allowed but watched carefully said he fixed some of the problems and that a "Microsoft Certified Tech" would have to correct the rest. I was then directed to a "Level 2" female rep in India and after a lengthy convincing sales pitch agreed to the payment of a $255.00, I should have known better. I was then transferred back to a Western voice who took my credit card details again.Then I was connected to someone called Giovanni@ support who then took remote access to correct my problems which took about an 90 minutes to finish.I had already been on the phone for over an hour and he apparently fixed the problems. I questioned him about the supposedly "free service' that PC Cleaner Pro offers and he confirmed that is correct.Then I asked him if the $225.00 was a rip off and he answered YES. I very upset with the false claims and money this company has charged me.If it is not refunded in total I will take a class action lawsuit out.This has been reported to the Better Business Bureau of the Southland in California where several other people have experienced the same issue as me.

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I was duped into buying the PC Cleaner pro in the same manner as Bob above. I was trying to open a BIN file ( which I later discovered I didn't really need to do) and the ad said this program would allow me to open the file. After downloading and getting the prompt to call, I did so and was asked if I wanted online tech support to repair my laptop for $225. Feeling a little skeptical, I declined the offer and hung up after getting the program installed. Since this happened, not only is my laptop not performing better, it is running slower!! Also, within an hour after the program was installed I got an message saying it was expired. WTH? I will be calling them to get my money back and will be filing a fraud claim with the state. Shame on Microsoft for being a "partner" with this company and allowing their name to be associated with this scam.

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PC Cleaner Pro is a scam, or worse. I fell for it, especially the part about having to call a number to have the software 'activated'. A nice chap in the far east took remote charge of my system to install the activation program, which I now suspect altered a few key registry items. He then did a strong sales job by showing me all the crap infesting my machine, and offered 'Microsoft approved service' for amounts ranging from $100 to $300 annually. I smelled a rat, and declined. However, my system has been working worse since then, and I have taken months to find and correct some strange problems. I'll just bet if I had decided to call back for support, for only $100 or so some bright guy in India could have miraculously fixed the problems in no time, because he would know where the bugs were planted, by the activation program!. Just saying

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I like an idiot bought their product, for what I thought was a virus. I would run the virus check, quarantine the virus and then run the check again and there the virus is again. No matter how many times I did this, the result was the same. Not only did it not remove the virsus, but it crashed my hard drive. I have been emailing and calling them for days, and finally got them to agree to refund my subscription, but ha ha still no refund a month later.

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PC Cleaner Pro - scam

I also (like a dummy) ordered and downloaded PC Cleaner. My computer was a mess, it crashed constantly and the program seemed to download viruses of some kind. I cancelled a year ago, and was charged 2X this week for an automatic renewal - everyone check your credit card statements, which I am disputing. They are a complete scam!!!!

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pc Cleaner pro

I purchased this and found that it did not perform as I expected. However; I was pleasantly shocked when I notified the company that I was not satisfied as they refunded my money within a day. It is not very often that this happens where you purchase downloaded products and I am very happy that they were willing to refund my money as I was not satisfied. Finally a company that lives up to it's reputation.

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Doesn't do what is advertised.

I read all the advertisements and downloaded PC Cleaner Pro and ran to get rid of a problem with links not working since removing Chrome. The advertisements stated clearly that it would resolve this problem, but it didn't. Calling tech support, they advised me to go to Best Buy or Staples and have tech fix the machine. So far, trying to get in touch with their billing department to get a refund has been unsuccessful.

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pc cleaner pro

This company is a fraud and maliciously sabotaging your computer with their software. Your computer has been tampered with and will act disrupted. Then pc pro will state you have viruses and issue that needs to be taken care of. Prompting you to purchase their service...the just cause of your issues.
Be very aware...I don't believe Microsoft endorses or is in collaboration with this company. They are promoting themself through misconceiption.

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(NT) more propaganda
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Best to stay away from these.

They frequently mess things up and are not needed. They keep the service counters busy though.

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