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I DONT have a plan

Ok, I volunteered to cook dinner tomorrow for the family as my Valentines Day offering for my wife and family. I will probably do something with the wok (besides wear on my head:)). We have an asian store near by and am looking for some unique ideas so I can take charge. Otherwise, my wife will "kibitz" mercilessly. The meat will probably be pork or chicken....maybe velveted (yummy). Any ideas for special sauces or "secret" ingredients to really make this tasty? TIA Happy

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You're a good guy, Steven

a lucky family you have Happy

Anyway, I like the flavor of chicken and toasted walnuts together in a stir fry. One of my favorites.

Don't forget the egg flower soup as an appetizer.



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Recipe from Japanese restaurant

where I used to eat all the time in Cleveland

Chopped chicken pieces (bre ast), onion, celery, zucchini, mushrooms (all sliced in larger pieces, not chopped). Stir fried in Sesame Oil (obviously not all at the same time in order to preserve the 'crispy' as you bite into the veggies.

Once everything is done, dump in loads of bean sprouts, flip it around to absorb the oil flavor into the sprouts and serve it up.

(Takes less time to cook than it does to cut the stuff up ahead of time)

Everybody in my house loved it with white rice on the side if you like.


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Don't forget

the spiced Ginger and poppy seeds to top off the riceHappy

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Marinating idea...


1 cup of Plum Sauce
1 tbsp of white ground pepper
4 gloves of crushed garlic
1 tsp. of crushed dried red chili pepper
4 tbsp. of fresh lemon juice
1 tbsp. of grounded fresh lemon grass
1 tbsp. of sugar
salt --- season to taste

Whole Chicken or cut in half --- marinate over night

Grill the next day...

Served with nice steamy Buttered/Garlic Basmati rice

Mix 1/4 cup of melted butter and fresh chopped garlic with the 3 cups of rice in the Rice cooker. Don't forget the water added to it. Steam.

There yah go.


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(NT) (NT)
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(NT) (NT) too
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(NT) (NT)
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Wow, thanks to all

I like to cook but creative, I am not. I get lots of grief for not following recipes to a T. I prefer to look at several and extract ideas from all of them...and several I got. Thank you all. I'll let you in on a great secret. Cooking can really be good for a guys hands. I've found that, after doing some really dirty work on a car such as a brake job, nothing gets all that black crap out from under the fingernails like hand mixing a nice big meat loaf.Devil

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(NT) (NT) Remind me to take you out to eat if we ever meet. ;-)
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(NT) (NT) when are you comeing to ga:))))
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Hey Mark, just a warning during lent

You may have heard that Catholics are to abstain from meat on Lenten Fridays but can have fish. It's much worse than that. The official custom is that we are not to eat "the flesh of warm blooded animals". I don't think it should be a problem for you but make sure to keep your pets away from Catholics for a bit.Happy

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my snakes not that big

my ball pythons eating large rats.

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But, Mark, You don't need.........

that much meat in Oriental foodHappy

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How did the dinner go??

What menu did you decide on? Is the family alright???

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Well, thanks for asking

I was unable to control my "back seat driver" wife so I gave her the job of cooking the rice...I'm not good at rice because it involves boiling water.Happy All in all, it was not bad but needs an improvement in the sauce. We had marinated pork which I cut into 1" cubes. I used an oriental veggie/fruit marinade and bought some oriental cabbage that cooks down well, added something with carrots strips and another veggie I never heard of. All this stuff is from an oriental store and I was the only occidental in there that AM. We had some leftover snow peas from last years backyard crop so those went in. I bought a fresh whole pineapple (YUM) and sectioned it. I cored it and used the center chunks as part of the marinade which I tossed before cooking. On the side we had fresh pineapple rings with a nice juicy fresh strawberry (from who knows where). It was very good but could be better. The trick, I think, with wok cooking is getting the sequencing right. It's lots of fun and thanks for asking. As a side gift, I gave my wife some of her favorite cookies from when I first met her. Pecan Sandies....15 boxes! Happy

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Yummy! Sounds good:)

Some hints for youHappy Put one cup of rice into a covered microwave dish two cups of water, 15 minutes on high, open stir the rice and cook for 5 more minutes. I have found the easiest way to keeo the veggies crisp is to cook the meat first, add the rice and then add the veggiesHappy Yum! Pecan SandiesHappy

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But this was different rice.

It was oriental brown rice. The microwave is too quick and I needed to keep my wife occupied longer.Happy. Yep, the meat was done first in the hot wok with sesame oil. Next the cabbage, then carrots and burdock with some show peas and a few other stuff I never heard of. I put some fresh cut red and green pepper and the pineapple last so it wouldn't get too overdone. My mistake has always been in getting the right amount of cornstarch so as to thicken just right. My daughter was home for the weekend and volunteered to take some of the cookies back to the dorm with her. What a thoughtful child.Wink

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OK! You didn't explain.......

you were just trying to keep the wife busyHappy LOL
Sounds like you did everything just rightHappy
Kids are great aren't they?? Can't imagine your wife having to eat all those cookies by herselfHappy

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(NT) (NT) 15 boxes? wow, that's a serving and a half

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