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I do wonder why more and more shocking events are

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Reporting: I do wonder why more and more shocking events are
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(NT) (NT) makes me sick
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Me too!

I hope she gets the needle.

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Very unlikely, since the baby mercifully survived

Besides, Jerry -- is that view really in keeping with Christianity? Why is it that so many who support the "right to life" of the unborn are so callous towards the born?

-- Dave K, Speakeasy Moderator
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I don't believe abortion should be a political issue

to start with. I am a tried and true centrist and don't believe in either party. I believe that the Libertarians have many fine points to their beliefs, but I don't waste my vote.

Taking human lives is wrong. If the Supreme court is to chicken to decide when a fetus is a child, why should I? A born child is a child in every party.

As far as being callous to 'her', the Catholic religion teaches 1) the intent made it a graver sin, the good luck on the child didn't change that and 2) God forgives all sinners, I have to keep working on being perfect.

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I side with Scalia on this

Abortion is an issue for elected officials, not appointed judges. Elected officials should write law with judges reserved to interpret it, not writing it themselves by fiat.

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Indeed, that was a repugnant act...

but I don't know if it means:

1) because of the new fangled "all news all day from everywhere" combined with the old fangled "if it bleeds it leads" brings all the outrageous behavior to our attention even though really there is no more or less of it than has been since Adam, but until now we only saw what happened right under our individual noses... or

2) as a society (worldwide, I might add) we are well down the slippery slope... or

3) this ain't nothing compared to what went on in other places and other times, but history didn't record it as well as CNN does now.


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I don't believe so

That certainly was a horrifying story. I heard the law enforcement official discuss it in a news conference, as well.

In my area a young woman was attacked in a mall parking lot. Not long after, another also reported an attack, but foiled her attacker. The second event turned out not to be true. It was said she told the police she did it "as a cry for help".

In my opinion, we hear more about more shocking events because of more media coverage, and from an increase in population.

But I believe we are far from being a morally bankrupt society. Every day there are still reports of the good-heartedness that abounds. This is evidenced in not only local news, but national, as well. We still have those who risk their own lives to save a stranger. Our local schools collect many tons of food for the Food Bank. Individual churches minister to the needs of their congregations, and the city and world alike.

There have been and always will be those who commit unspeakable acts and succumb to greed. But I believe the majority is good.

Over 70 years ago some thought this country was going you-know-where in a handbasket.


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Good call Ms. Booher

That baby wasn't tossed out of a car window at all.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida (CNN) -- A woman who reported seeing a newborn tossed out of a moving car made up the story and is the boy's mother, Broward County Sheriff Ken Jenne said Friday.

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its now said to be false

Woman Makes Up Story About Tossed Baby

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. Feb 11, 2005 ? The woman who claimed to have seen a baby being tossed from a moving car fabricated the story as a cover to abandon her newborn and hide an unwanted pregnancy from her family, authorities said Friday.

"It's not as horrible as we first thought," Broward County Sheriff Ken Jenne said. "The baby was never thrown out of a moving car. This is the case of a disturbed woman who gave birth and did not want to keep her child."

Jenne said the woman, identified as Patricia Pokriots, 38, kept her pregnancy a secret from her family and others, She had planned to take the baby to authorities, then built her story around seeing two people in a large white sedan arguing. "One story built upon the other

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She concocted the story apparently

She sounds quite mentally unbalanced, rather than evil.
All she had to do was take the baby to the nearest firestation apparently, and the baby would be taken from her with no questions asked.
I guess she didn't know of that law in her county.

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Seems she...

had not told anyone in her family of her pregnacy, and "invented" this situation as a means to explain how she suddenly came into possesion of a newborn. Another sad case of someone in need of serious help.


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(NT) (NT) Agreed DW - Help is what's needed here - not punishment
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