I didn't get to go to Harvard

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Reporting: I didn't get to go to Harvard
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wow... can't beat up the guy for not being a citizen anymore

... so we will make an international incident over a typo.

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That's more than a typo

Actually a typo would be using a keyboard. Forgetting the year? Most often that's writing the last year instead of the current one. Writing a year 3 years already past? Very odd.

Of course the reference to POTATO is a contrast between a simple misspelling and how Dan Quayle was pilloried in the MSM for it, but Obama can't get the year right and the MSM makes nothing of it.

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Oh, I recognized where the reference came from.

But J told me recently, that making a reference to another politician was nothing but a cheap ploy to redirect the conversation.

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Not only that, but...

Quayle was not wrong when he spelled "potato" with an "e." It's an accepted spelling. In addition, it was the school principal who made the "mistake," Quayle tried to correct it but the principal insisted and Quayle deferred to him.

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Potato has no 'e' - potatoes does

Not only that, he had the correct spelling on a sheet in his hand.


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Not quite correct.

"Potatoe" is an older spelling and still appears in some dictionaries as as an alternate spelling. But that's beside the point. Quayle was handed a card for use in judging the contest. "Potatoe" was spelled with an "e" on the card.

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Bad spelling and grammar or maybe just

writer's license?...such as the sentence in your own post that contains no verb. And shouldn't that be "...posts in SE" and not "on SE"? Wink

Forgive me. I couldn't help it. The devil made me do it. Happy

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I post on the Forum, but in a thread.

Sorry but the previous post opening only allowed an NT sized post.

Now in Latin, the verb `to be` is often omitted as understood so you can get away with it.

``But that`s beside the point`` is a sentence fragment, the b in but should be lower case and preceded by a comma thus attaching it to the first sentence. ``Look at the posts on SE``, isn`t really an imperative, it`s a statement with ``you`` understood in it`s context, a colloquialism. ``Bad spelling and grammar all over the place```is another sentence fragment which could be saved by a comma and a small b, or ``There is`` at the beginning of the non sentence.

I hated marking for grammar. I`m secure in my own, but that doesn`t mean I invariably recognize somebody else`s error.


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Often we write as we would be speaking

and not as we would be if expecting to be graded. I see no harm in that. But those who point out a fault in others also opens themselves to the same scrutiny...even if just in humor.

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You can read about the Great God

of English, GBS. He had some really strange ideas about orthography.

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I always said that people see their own faults

in others. Since I'm not good at seeing other's faults, I must be perfect. Devil


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That's not fair! Happy

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The comic strip Cathy

had a good one on the topic of posting, in this case on Twitter, I believe. She got a message from her circle, and started to reply. Then she began to worry that someone would dis her reply if it wasn't fact-checked, witty enough, or otherwise "cool". Then she realized that, in her circle, she had already wasted so much time worrying that her reply wouldn't be considered repartee-like, hence not "cool" ...

Myself, I'm not cool- I try always to write carefully and then proof before posting. Some of us could stand to imitate that ... but imitating a JW isn't "cool" ... Laugh

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I drove by a drug store today with one of those digital advertisement signs and it said, "Come on in, we sale ice". I almost stopped in to ask the manager if he meant 'sail' Devil

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(NT) Phonetic for the pronunciation in parts of Texas?
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(NT) lol
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Steven, like the Redneck's version of

12 Days of Christmas:

(on the tenth day) "and a tin of Red Man"

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As a kid, I though that "We Three Kings"

was speaking about ranchers and their spread was called the "Orient R". Happy

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I saw a billboard one with a misspelling.

The owner said he got more customers who just came in to tell him about the misspelling. Devil


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(NT) Hey! You talkin ta ME?
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Link? Proof, anything to substantiate this assertion,

although I agree that Potatoe is an old, obsolete spelling.

Clearly you`ve never heard the Quayle version of Indiana, which was widely sung during the campaign.

I spent the War, in Indiana,
No one fired a gun at me.
I never went to Nam,
I never saw Saigon,
I sat at home and watched it on TV.

And why should I consider him off the hook, when the card ``was`` wrong. Apparently he couldn`t spell potato either with or without the card.

Rob, an old folkie trying not to become an old fogey.

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Wasn't he also the one who

said we had 57 States in our union during his campaign speech in Beaverton, OR? Perhaps he was thinking ahead that time about how many would actually secede and create their own states because of him? Or perhaps something else that nobody caught onto back then:

Quote: from a web site called the International Humanist and Ethical Union . And here is how the second paragraph of an article on that website begins. 'Every year from 1999 to 2005 the organization of the Islamic conference representing the 57 Islamic states presented a resolution to the United Nations Commission ! on! human rights called combating.' Obama said he's going to campaign in 57 states, and it turns out that there are 57 Islamic states. There are 57 Islamic states. So did Obama just lose his bearings, or was this a more telling slip?

He has said many things during his campaigning that news media and 'normal thinking' voters didn't pick up on until recently: Case in point, under his plan, 'energy prices would necessarily skyrocket'.........

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Oh lord

"57 states" is now a hint to his plot to destroy America and turn it into an Islamist theocracy?


So when you said to your kid, "I must have told you a thousand times not to ________" you meant that literally and weren't using the number 1,000 for effect?

This kind of nonsense is like a yellow brick road to Obama's re-election. As long as "the opposition" remains focused on this kind of idiocy instead of real issues, he can phone it in and still win.

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(NT) explain the "57" comment then
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It's called exaggeration for effect

Just like "I must have walked 20 miles today" when you know you didn't; it just felt that way.

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That is absurd! What effect do you get out of adding 7 states to the US? It was just a stupid mistake.

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It's much more plausible to believe he didn't know how many states there are.


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Confused momentarily.

That's all.

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I suppose.....

.....graduating Harvard Law and being president of the Law Review can fool people into thinking you're smart, huh.

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Well, let's just look at his transcripts,

Oh, we can't, because they're secret.

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