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I can find a PS3 but not a Nunchuck?

I've been to 8 stores over the past weekend and six of them had PS3s.

Alas, non had Wii nunchucks. Guess I'll be playing Ultimate Alliance by myself.

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try toy stores?

In reply to: I can find a PS3 but not a Nunchuck?

I don't know if this helps you, but my local Toys R Us has a bunch. I figured that of all places in my area, they would be out of stock there. Maybe the kiddie stores in your area like Kaybee and Toys R Us have them? It's worth a shot.

And yeah, I saw 4 PS3s at my local Target sitting there with that pathetic "I'm getting picked last for teams" look that I recall from gym class

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People need more Wii remotes/nunchucks

In reply to: I can find a PS3 but not a Nunchuck?

Our kids got a Wii for Christmas along with one extra controller and Nunchuck. The whole family started playing several of the sports games. We decided that when we get a chance we'll have to get at least a third and fourth controller and perhaps nunchucks as well. That way all four of us can bowl, play tennis, etc. at the same time. I suspect we're not the only family who has come to this conclusion.

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A little tip ;)

In reply to: People need more Wii remotes/nunchucks

You can bowl with 2 WiiMotes. You'll just have to switch off the controllers, but it allows four different Miis/players.

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Keep looking! I got one at Toys R Us

In reply to: I can find a PS3 but not a Nunchuck?

I was looking all over for both a Wii Remote and a Nunchuck, and couldn't find either of them anywhere. I ended up finding a Wii Remote at a Best Buy (they had 5), and then I remembered this topic and decided to head over to Toys R Us, and got myself the last Nunchuck they had on their shelf, so I owe a big thank you to Chagally for the idea.

P.S. Toys R Us had 5 PS3's.. so sad.

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In reply to: I can find a PS3 but not a Nunchuck?

I was at Best Buy yesterday and while B-lining it to the bathroom... I nearly tripped over a PILE of PS3's! I looked down in amazement; all their PS3's were in stock and openly on the floor for grabs with only a security tag around the box securing it. They were about 10 I'd say, enough to build a pyramid display.

So goodluck finding your Nunchuck...

I went to Best Buy to buy an Apple iPod 2G Shuffle... yay! I got the last one. It was an open item but perfect condition, someone returned it for some reason? But Best Buy offered an $8 gift card so I was like word! Happy I just turn around and spend that Best Buy gift card on an iTunes Gift Card in their store. I've done it before and I'll do it again!

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Cuz nunchucks are cool and PS3's suck. the ppl have spoken.

In reply to: I can find a PS3 but not a Nunchuck?

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In reply to: Cuz nunchucks are cool and PS3's suck. the ppl have spoken.

Indeed. I've seen 3 PS3's at my hometown Wal-Mart, just hanging out.


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The initial Ebay Boom has faded too....

In reply to: lol!

And the Wii pwns the PS3... Why? Well, look at the shelves for the answer...

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PS3 vs. Nunchuk

In reply to: I can find a PS3 but not a Nunchuck?

Yeah, I've seen the PS3's everywhere but the Wii and all it's accessories are in extremely high demand and no supply. I've talked to several people who traded in their PS3 and bought a Wii insted.

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Thats because its after the holidays.

In reply to: PS3 vs. Nunchuk

This time of the year, everyone's disposable income is pretty much depleted until the tax returns come in. I wouldn't exactly say PS3's suck or that nobody wants one, but I think it's pretty safe to say that nobody is lining up to pay that ridiculous $600 price tag right now. It's a money thing more than anything else.

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If it's a money thing, then I'd be getting the PS3

In reply to: Thats because its after the holidays.

I don't think that the price for the PS3 is all that ridiculous. PS3 premium gives you built in WiFi, a 60gig hard drive, and a blu-ray player for $599.99

Now work out the price for a 360 with the same configuration. I've used Best Buy as a guide and I'm sure there's probably cheaper options out there, but the price range will be fairly close.
360 with 20gig HDD $399.99
Wireless Network Adapter $99.99
HD-DVD player $199.99

In order to get the 360 anywhere near the same specs as the PS3, your spending almost $700.00. I haven't bothered to work out what Microsoft would charge for a similar sized drive. Although you can get a 20gig hard drive for around $100.00 so you could guess what a 60gig would cost.

If it's a money thing, then I'd be getting the PS3. The $600 price represents good value for what you get.

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That's not the point.

In reply to: If it's a money thing, then I'd be getting the PS3

You missed the point.
It's not about a PS3 vs. a 360 or anything else.

The point was not many people are willing to shell out $600 on ANYTHING right now. Especially a device that is unneccesary for most people who have decent DVD players already.

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No, I got the point...

In reply to: That's not the point.

My reply was in reference to the 'ridiculous price' comment. I was comparing what you get for your $600 in a PS3 to it's most relevant competitor.

It wasn't a PS3 V 360 post, maybe you failed to get what I was saying. Basically, for the price point that the PS3 is set at, you get more value for your money. So, when you do have that extra cash available, it may pay to look beyond the sticker price and consider what you get.

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Yeah, but...

In reply to: No, I got the point...

I would still go for the XBox in that case. The PS3 is a fairly gimped system and not worth the $600 because of it's flaws.

I don't have an Xbox but have been thinking about getting one ever since Gears of War came out.

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LOL, gimped?

In reply to: Yeah, but...

PS3 a gimped system??? Where are you getting your information from? I guess I have yet to see how my PS3 is "gimped." It's a better system than the xbox 360 in virtually all aspects, hardware, appearance, even the controllers are better than xbox 360.

MS had a full year to release games and despite that time advantage, they only now offer a game worthy to buy the console for (Gears of War.) I had all three last generation consoles and finally broke down and bought the xbox last (for Fable) and shortly thereafter sold the thing on ebay. I've played several games (Perfect Dark Zero included) on my buddy's xbox 360 and I'm unimpressed.

I'm no Sony fanboy so if they fail to release good titles, the PS3 won't sell well, but it's not like MS has offered anything great either. Assassin's Creed, Devil May Cry 4, Metal Gear Solid 4, etc. all look like fantastic games available for the PS3 this year. Follow that with Final Fantasy 13, Gran Turismo 5, and more and I think it's pretty clear who will dominate game sales.

All this despite the fact that for awhile at least, Nintendo will dominate game sales with Zelda TP, Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, etc. I think this lead will eventually fade though. Keep in mind that the best selling electronics device this year was HD LCD Televisions. As fun as the Wii is, the graphics are shameful compared to the PS3 and eventually people will want the HD. As crappy as "Genji: Days of the Blade" is, it looks amazing on my nice LCD.

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Thing is...

In reply to: LOL, gimped?

When it's all said and done a console is only as good as it's games. PS3 doesn't have the games right now to justify the $600.

Plus, they are still buggy, not backwards compatible with some key games from PS1 and PS2, their online game download thing sucks compared to the Virtual Console on the Wii, the bluetooth controllers lose connection sporatically (I know, I know, yours are the only ones that don't), the motion sensing gameplay (a.k.a. "We can do that Wii thing too!") is a joke.

The Blu-Ray argument doesn't hold up because the format war isn't even close to declaring a winner, and from the looks of it, Blu-Ray probably won't win.

Maybe the PS3 will be worth it down the road (like when they lower the price) but it's not worth it at the moment.

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In reply to: Thing is...

"Blu-Ray probably won't win."

What evidence do you have to support that? I'm curious.

"the bluetooth controllers lose connection sporatically (I know, I know, yours are the only ones that don't)"

I've never had the controllers lose connection during gameplay (several hours of Resistance: Fall of Man playing included.) I've had the controller disconnect only when I haven't used it for some time, the auto-shutoff feature I guess. As far as the sixaxis functionality, it's there for developers to use. Just because launch games aren't taking advantage of it doesn't mean it's inferior. The Wii controller design is cool, and was centered around the motion sensing capability from the beginning, and of course launch games were focused on taking advantage of that. In the future you'll see titles using that functionality on the PS3, but it's not centered on that technology. The traditional PS controller design is still there because that's what people like.

On my big screen LCD, nothing looks as cool as HDTV and HD gaming. Zelda TP is very cool, but eventually that will wear off and people will want HD games. Yes, the PS3 is priced rediculously high for a game console, but that was Sony's decision based on the inclusion of the blue-ray drive. It's priced too high for a game console, but it's priced super cheap for a blue ray movie player. The games look great, and the movies are awesome. If they drop the price in the next two years, this will definitely be "the" console. I love nintendo, and have defended them in the past, but I think the wii will eventually reach the end of the road.

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I got a HDTV myself, but Wii looks just as good.

In reply to: Orly?

I'd rather enjoy my games regardless of the graphics, than to nitpick every 5 seconds on why my games look crap on a high-definition television.

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Graphics smaphics!

In reply to: Orly?

That's a bunch of bs about HD games vs. gameplay. I know many many people who would rather play Tecmo Bowl on an origninal NES than play Madden 07 on an Xbox just because the game is just flat out a better game to play. I'd still play Ring King before Fight Night just because its more fun (although Fight Night 3 is still a great game) Point is, gameplay will always trump a pretty screen, no matter what.

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For a limited time

In reply to: Graphics smaphics!

For a limited time you would play the older original NES title. However what you're suggesting is that older titles are better than newer titles, and for a time this will be the case (as it is with just about all new system launches.) However, once the "gotta have" HD titles start rolling in, people will want the HD games, it's that simple. You can count on Nintendo to produce great games only for the Wii, however big names like Ubisoft, EA, Rockstar, Capcom, Konami, etc. will port their games for the different consoles and I'm sorry, but many of these won't make it to the Wii because of the inferior graphics. Assassin's Creed will probably be the first title where people will start to take notice of the difference. Available on both 360 and PS3, but not Wii.

So yes, for a limited time people will prefer Zelda TP, Metroid Prime 3, Super Mario Galaxy, Mario Party, etc. until the real titles start coming out on the other consoles. That's where the Wii will become the: "I play this when I want to play old-school games" console.

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In reply to: Orly?

"Zelda TP is very cool, but eventually that will wear off and people will want HD games"

It's all about games, not graphics. Anyone who knows anything about consoles knows that games like 007: Goldeneye, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 3, Out Of This World, Tekken, Twisted Metal 2 etc. are great games regardless of graphics, and people still play those games, not for nostalgia, but because they are fantastic games.

If Zelda TP, Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, Mario Party all turn out to be great games, then, no they won't fade out. They will always be great games no matter how much the flavor of the month console looks better.

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In reply to: Flawed

"If Zelda TP, Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, Mario Party all turn out to be great games, then, no they won't fade out. They will always be great games no matter how much the flavor of the month console looks better."

Game sales (post release) fall after a certain period of time. By your example, you're suggesting that you don't buy new games, you just play the same ones over and over again. I'm suggesting that after people have played and beaten the "gotta have" games on the Wii (which could be limited) they will still look for new titles. If the better games are on the HD machines, that's what people will buy.

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In reply to: ;-)

I agree. If the HD machines produce better games then that's what people will buy. But Nintendo produces better games then people will buy the Wii. Like I said before, it's all about games, not graphics.

My point was that the things we remember about systems passed are not graphics, but games.

I do play all the old great games, but I buy even more new games, if they are good.

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Are you just grasping at ways to make an argument?

In reply to: Thing is...

"...and from the looks of it, Blu-Ray probably won't win."

Whatever possibly led you to draw that conclusion. If anything, I've heard more in favor of Blu-Ray winning (porn industry, for example) to this point than I've heard HD-DVD. Regardless, there's no clear winner/loser at this point, certainly not even enough evidence to make such an absurd claim.

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I found a Nunchuck!!!

In reply to: I can find a PS3 but not a Nunchuck?

Congratulate me on how awesome I am.

Went by Target yesterday to pick up a coat rack and I figured "what the hell, might as well look and see." And unfortunately they had none. Sad

Went by Target again today to pick up snack size chocolate chip granola bars (I'm a chocolate chip granola bar ***** by the way) and I figured again, "what the hell, can't hurt in looking." And by the grace of God, they had three Nunchucks there. I grabbed one and ran (I did pay for it by the way).

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