I can download but programs will not run -help?


I have win XP. I have an old tower of a computer. I did a defrag, cleared internet history, removed unused programs to make it run faster. I accomplished that although when I download something it will not RUN. I also lost my sound device.

I am a self taught novice and was a bit over zealous. Does anyone out there have any advice???

Thanks in advance Blush

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Reporting: I can download but programs will not run -help?
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Clarification Request
What kind of downloads are you trying to run?

If, by chance, these are videos with sound, you may have offered a good clue by mentioning that the sound device was lost. I wonder if you didn't delete the driver. If so, getting that back might go a long way toward solving this problem. Do you know what kind of sound device you have...or had?

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downloads won't run

It is Crystal Sound Fushion, which I don't recognize.

The main problem is not being able RUN programs after they have been downloaded.

I downloaded a a few registry clean up programs, driver finder and more. None of them have run yet.

I removed SVG to see if that was getting in the way of being able to run downloads. So currently I have no virus protection. I have another machine

I'm most concerned about the issue of being able to run a program after downloads.

Do you think that I deleted something major that allows programs to run? if so what could that be?

Thank-you so much for your response!

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Still not that clear

You have to install a program before you can run it. Are you able to successfully install what you download?

Suggestion...don't mess with registry cleaners and driver finders. You're lucky if they won't install and run. You don't need them. Drivers are best gotten from the manufacturer and registry cleaners don't always take out unneeded entries.

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still not clear

Yes I can download but the "Run" box does not appear.

I watch it download in the download list yet when I double click on the program nothing happens, no option to "run"

Thank-you so much for your help!

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Whether or not the "run" button appears

when downloading might be controlled by the browser. Those such as Firefox, for security reasons, don't want to run programs from the internet location. They will allow you to download them to some folder. You can select the folder or accept the default location. In other words, you download the program, navigate to the file and double click to install it...not to run it. Programs that will install will generally have an .exe extension. Those that use the Windows installer will be different but you probably are not encountering those. In any event you cannot run from the download list. You need to find where the file landed and go there. I hope I'm making sense. Good luck.

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can't find downloads


Yes this very helpful, yet I cannot find the folders. I did a search and located established downloads and firefox download list only.

Question (remember I am a self taught novice): When I choose to download a program, when do I have the chance to put it in a folder, never quite learned that. It seems in the past it would download and then give me the option to run automatically.


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Often depends which browser you are using

For example, with my own Firefox I have set the "Download" location to be my Desktop. I did that in Firefox > Tools > Options, (in FF4 that is Firefox > Options > Options), then the General tab. If you go there you can see where your Firefox saves downloaded files by default. Like I say, I changed my default location, using the Browse button, to my Desktop.

It's easier to see there. Then when the download is complete, I minimise Firefox and look on the Desktop for the file I downloaded. I then scan it with my anti-virus, because I never install programs without double checking them first. If that is all clear, I then click, (you may need to double click), the file to run it, to install the program itself, because that file is only an 'installer' file.

Firefox also has the option to "Always ask me where to save files". I'm not sure, but if I select that, I may also be given the option to Run the installer. But i would never do that anyway.

In Internet Explorer, the situation is different. There doesn't seem to be specific customisable options to download. Instead, IE will always ask whether you want to Download & Save, or Download & Run. I always select "Download & Save", then select where to save in the next dialog box.

Other browsers may be different again.


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Besides what Markflax offered, try looking

in your username folder for "downloads" folder. I'm not at an XP computer now but I think you go to "My Computer/Documents and Settings/(your username, whatever that might be/My documents. You may see a downloads or my downloads folder there. I'm fairly certain that some default folder exists under ones username. In any event, you could use Windows "search" and plug in the name of a file you know you downloaded. It can be a partial name but you've got to get the string right. It may find the file and show you what folder it's in. Keep pluggin' away. Banging your head on a problem until you fix it is the only way to learn sometimes. Good luck.

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Thank-you so much I will try tomorrow and let you know!!

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