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I BEG YOU,, .i'm BEGGING,YOU, please, please i BEG YOU!!!!!

by sectornine / July 3, 2006 1:40 PM PDT

this has been a strange problem with my pc

last week when i turned on my pc, i noticed the desktop is takingalot longer to load than usual, i waited for 5 mins before my desktop is fully booted, the internet connection has slao stopped completely, windows cannot connect to the net at all, even though everything was working fine the last time i had my pc on.

i then checked NORTON antivirus and it reports to me that it is damaged and needs to be reinstalled, i thought maybe a virus has already been damaging my system, so i format my hardrive and reinstall windows, yes i format my hardrive, everything is gone, i reinstall windows and everything was clean.

afterwards, when windows has finished installing, i install norton firewall and antivirus, i then connected to internet and updated everything then restart, after that i continue using my pc like i always do, however....

When i turned on my pc again yesterday, i realized the problem has returned, my desktop is taking 5 mins to boot, windows fail to connect online, i didn't know what i did wrong, i didn't put in any disc with virus or download illegally, i had adaware installed, i don't understand!

in anger i again, format my entire hardrive, FOR THE THIRD TIME, and reinstall everything from the start, i install norton again, and connect to the net, i then starts a online game and leave it unattended for about half a day, when i returned to check on it i noticed the internet has stopped for no reason, i restart my pc, and...well, you know the same problem returns yet again for the third time.

just now i finished formatting my hardrive and reinstall windows, i didn't connect to the internet, and guess what?

everything is fine.

yes, i restart countless times, my desktop didn't boot slowly, there's nothing wrong with my system at all!!! so why am i having that strange problem whenever i connect to the net? dispite the fact that i have full protection from av and fw and adaware?

i'm using windows XP with sp2, my PHONE COMPANY gave me a VOIP modem that provide both phone connection and internet connection via voip connection, i already phone their customer service asking for help but they all said it's my pc's fault and not theirs.

i know for certain it's not my firewall blocking my internet connection and causing problems, i have fully up to date norton antivirus protection, i also know it's not my lan card's fault as i have an new asus motherboard with lan built-in, and i was able to connected to the internet everytime i format my hd and reinstall windows, my SATA hitachi drive is brand new and working fine.

like i said, the moment i connect to the net, and restart my pc a couple of times the desktop would boot slowly and my internet connection would fail, i didn't do anything that could cause all of this, so damn it, what's causing this!?

right now i didn't connect to the internet, and my system is completely fine after alot of restarts, my system is working perfectly without internet, so i know, that the problem must come from my isp, could it be that there's a virus on THEIR MASTER SEVER, whenever paided customers like me connect online to my isp, the virus on their master sever barges to my pc destorying it?

please help, please i beg all of you please help, i don't know what to do, please help me.

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Just a thought...
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Try not to cross post,difficult to follow
by tomron / July 3, 2006 9:56 PM PDT

For the other posts regarding this issue LINK


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Try This
by crendens / July 4, 2006 5:15 PM PDT

You say thAT ITS NOT YOUR LAN card, but dont you notice that when u use your LAN card to connect to the internet the computer starts slowing down, you should try using a different Lan card just to elimnate as a polssibility, it looks like when you connect something is conflicting, and when you go online the hardward your using is the LAN card. You should also try connecting without any utilities. Just to see if any of them are causing the problem. I notice that everytime you format and reinstall you always install all your utilities then try to go online. try just with windows, then if it works then install your utilities one at a time to see if any cause the problem. Ill keep checkin..Good Luck

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thanks for the help
by sectornine / July 7, 2006 12:01 PM PDT
In reply to: Try This

i'm afraid the problem still hasn't been solved yet, i'm still using norton firewall and antivirus 2005, since the latest version of zone alarm failed to run on my pc.

i bought my new pc in feburary, i install norton, adaware, then i connect online with my voip modem, which also supply my telephone service, my pc ran smoothly until june, i didn't download anything that may have contain a virus, i turn off my pc as usual, than after 2 weeks i turn it back on again, then the horror begins; my desktop takes forever to boot, and my internet connection fails.

this happens after 3 restarts of my pc, EXACTLY 3 restarts, then that problem will occour. in other words ,one moment my pc would appear fine, then after the third restart that problem would occour, rendering my pc unuseable.

everything i did so far was useless and the problem is still there.

To moderator Marianna Schmudlach:

thanks for your help, no i don't use zonealarm, and yes i did use adaware, i've been using it for as long as i know, i always keep it up to date, i remember you said asaware can remove winsock right? can you tell me abit more about this winsock?

i get this error message whenever this problem occours, please take a look:

"liveupdate has terminated lucom.exe in an unusual way, please contact blah blah blah for assistant."

then another message pops up:

"cannot ultilized socket"

what's that all about? please help me, thanks

my pc is going to fail again after 2 more restarts, please reply as soon as you can, thank you so much, thanks to everyone for tkaing your time and help me, thanks everyone.

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by Marianna Schmudlach / July 7, 2006 12:48 PM PDT
In reply to: thanks for the help
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i'm so happy you replied
by sectornine / July 7, 2006 1:01 PM PDT
In reply to: Winsock

no i never knew there was a way to contact symantec, but by the time they replied me my problem would have been sloved or becomes much worst

i just finished updating norton firewall and antivirus, norton sak me to restart my pc, but right now i was think of removing the software.

-so is it ok for me to uninstall norton forewall and antivirus now without restarting my pc to allow the liveupdates to install?

-what about asware, you mention that maybe adaware cause this mess, so should i stay away form adare for now? i haven't install it yet.

again, many thanks, for all your help, thank you.

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uninstall norton firewall
by Marianna Schmudlach / July 7, 2006 3:10 PM PDT
i just finished updating norton firewall and antivirus, norton sak me to restart my pc, but right now i was think of removing the software.

-so is it ok for me to uninstall norton forewall and antivirus now without restarting my pc to allow the liveupdates to install?

-what about asware, you mention that maybe adaware cause this mess, so should i stay away form adare for now? i haven't install it yet.

The Symantec techs told you to reboot the computer?? Then I would reboot the computer.

Why do you want to uninstall the firewall and the AV ? As far as I know, it is NOT that easy to remove them. I don't quite understand what you intend to do.

Adware = malware. Did you run ewido to see IF there is any malware on your computer??
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Norton Seems to be the culprit

Although I have a had fairly good luck with Norton products over the years, because of their pricing and activation scheme,I no longer use there products.
Just because you uninstall Norton doesn't mean that it's completely gone either,it still resides in your registry. Their website has the instructions for complete removal. For your problem, I'd can installing Norton and look at Mcafee or a couple of freeware programs like AVG from Grisoft and Zonealarm from Zonelabs. Both are free, work great on my systems and are constantly being updated by their developers. And if they work for you, they do ave versions that you can upgrade to for a resonable price. It sounds like you computer got hit by a virus that disabled your Norton and took over your system.
BY uninstalling Norton, which you will have to do to get it to work again doesn't get rid of the virus.
One suggestion, go to this site and run the security tango to make sure your computer is really clean,http://securitytango.com/
Hope this helps!

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by sectornine / July 8, 2006 6:00 PM PDT

just now norton crashed

"norton AUTO-PROTECT has encounter an error and needs to close"

now when i check norton i noticed auto protect has been turn on, even though it was and always have been on for as long as i know, my system is clean, there is no virus, what's happening?

by the way, the moderator suggested that maybe
ad-aware SE accidently remove my winsock causing all these problems, so can things like this happened? i thought ad-aware is suppose to help not ruin everything!?

thanks for the help

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by Marianna Schmudlach / July 9, 2006 12:58 AM PDT
In reply to: noooooooooo
by the way, the moderator suggested that maybe
ad-aware SE accidently remove my winsock causing all these problems, so can things like this happened? i thought ad-aware is suppose to help not ruin everything!?

NO - that is NOT possible ! Ad aware SE does NOT break your internet connection - malware\spyware can.

I think, you are having a problem with your Norton AV. Why not uninstall and reinstall again ?

To be sure, your computer is clean, do an online scan using Trend Micro Housecall. It is available here.

Pls. let us know how you are doing.
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thank you kind moderator
by sectornine / July 9, 2006 10:48 AM PDT
In reply to: No.....

good news, it appears the problem was solved.

i don't know what happened, but after many restarts my system didn't encounter that crazy problem again, yes the problem has been solved.

ususally my system will become unuseable after EXACTLY 3 restarts, no matter how many times i reformatted, it just won't go away.

i still have norton installed and it appears norton isn not the one causing all the trouble, as my system is perfectly fine right now, the only thing i done differently than last time was that i didn't install ad-aware, and i didn't use disk clean up; which i used to run it everytime i turn my pc on.

right now everything alright, and i'm satisifed, i don't want any more problems so i decided to not install ad-aware since i don't want ot take chances, it might or might not be ad-aware's fault, but just to be safe i decided not to install it again.

but now i'm worried about my system being clogged up by spyware in the near future, is there a better alternative than spyware? i heard spybot was good but that was a long long time ago, what other options do i have?

many thanks for the help, thanks.

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kin3200 ..... GREAT job !
by Marianna Schmudlach / July 9, 2006 11:05 AM PDT

Maybe it would be excellent, to make a NEW restore point now.

Creating a Restore Point


I would suggest downloading and installing SpywareBlaster:


Run your computer for a while and IF there is no further problem with Norton - you always could download SpybotS&D:


You also could download ewido:


You Are Very Welcome and Happy SAFE Computing Happy

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by sectornine / July 14, 2006 8:40 PM PDT


believe it or not, it appears your right, mister moderator, it was ad-aware who remove my winsock, which cause the desktop to boot slowly and IE unable to connect to the net!!!

i did alot tests, and eventually found out that it was ad-aware all along.

what i did was, basically not installing any software besides norton after i clean format my hardrive and reinstall windows, i then restart my pc alot of times, and everything was fine.

i then start installing some of my own software, and still my system doesn't have any of that horrible problem, eventually i went on to install everything that is mine and ad-aware was the last one on my list of which i haven't tested yet.

before i test ad-aware, i test the internet, it was working fine, then i install ad-aware, launch it, and BOOM!!!!

The moment ad-aware removes the so called "spyware" on my system, my internet went dead.

i restart my pc, sure enough, my desktop boots slowly and that "cannot ultilize socket" message pops up and my internet connect went dead. winsock was gone.

and then i knew, all my tears of sorrow was shed for naught, it was the very protection that i trust to defend me, yet it was also the same protection which destory everthing that i hold dear, i've lost everything, everything, because of it.

now my system is fine, that's all thanks to you mister moderator, you taught me to use system restore, and use it i did, it restores winsock, yet at the same time made me lose alot of my files, but luckily save countless other files in the process.

i was sad, yet i knew, that it cannot be prevented, ad-aware was the top protection, i trusted it, yet it destory everything i have, there's nothing i can trust, nothing, even the ones closest to you betrays you, there is no protection, there is no safe place, there is no one who will truly help you.

there is only yourself, against the world, i learn an important lesson, trust noone and nothing.

thank you mister moderator, you're the light in my darkness, you guide me while everyone else abandons me, thank you, i have been guide out of the darkness by your light, i see the sky, it is clear, i see the truth.

goodbye, to all my works and pictures, you death will be advenge, i swear i shall not let your death be in vain, you will be advenge, rest my percious, rest T_T

it is over, no, not yet

not yet

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yes it was AD-AWARE who destory everthing i cherish
by sectornine / July 15, 2006 1:52 PM PDT

ad-aware SE

the spyware remover, yes that's what cause all these problems.

i use system restore to restore my pc to the state as it was a few days ago, all my recent files have shrink in sizes or have gone missing.

i'm going to format my hardrive and reinstall windows again, hopefully this will be the last time.

byt the way, formatting hd too much and too frequently can damage it is that correct?

i have a SATA hitachi 80gb drive, it's brand new.

thanks for your help.

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kin3200, Please Don't Format Yet!
by Corrine-MVP / July 15, 2006 10:12 PM PDT

Hi, kin3200. Marianna tracked me down at another site I frequent and asked me to take a look at the problem you are encountering.

There has not been a problem with removal of malware (spyware) by Ad-Aware SE causing loss of internet connection. This happened with a previous version of Ad-Aware, but that version was replaced almost two years ago. In additon, Ad-Aware does not have ''live update'', and you replied earlier that ''liveupdate has terminated lucom.exe''

Since you have already gone through the reinstall several times and the problem continues, I think it is necessary to get to the bottom of the problem. In order to assist, however, I need to see a full scan Ad-Aware SE logfile.

Before performing a scan, be sure that you have the most recent definitions file by using WebUpdate. (Click on the Globe icon, Click connect, Click OK, Click Finish.)

Please set up the Configurations (Gear wheel at the top) as follows:

General Button > Safety & Settings: Check (Green) all three.
Advanced Button > Logfile Detail Level: All options under this should be checked (Green).
Tweak Button > Log Files: Please check only:
-- Include basic Ad-Aware settings in logfile
-- Include additional Ad-Aware settings in logfile

Click on ''Proceed''

Click on ''Scan Now''. Please deselect ''Search for negligible risk entries'' as negligible risk entries (MRU's) are not considered to be a threat.

Run the scanner using the Full Scan (Perform full system scan) mode. When the scan has completed, click ''Show Logfile''. Copy/paste the complete log file as a reply in your topic. Do not quarantine or remove anything at this time, just post a complete logfile. This sometimes takes 2-3 posts to get it all posted. You will know you are at the end when you see the ''Summary of this scan'' information has been posted.

Please post back if you have any questions.

Thank you.

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i thank you
by sectornine / July 16, 2006 12:47 PM PDT

i went ahead and reformat my hardrive yesterday, i've decided not to install ad-aware on my system, i'm sorry, i'm not going to take further risks by reinstalling ad-aware and copy the log files, besides, when ad-aware has finished cleaning my internet connection went dead, there's no way i could have post that message, but i thank you anyway, for your helpful suggestion, i do have some extra info for you, though, hope this helps.

i'm using a voip modem, the telephone company here in hong kong provides both telephone and internet connection service via a VOIP modem, both my phone and pc connects to the modem.

when i use ad-aware, i usually select and remove everything on the adware report list, that includes the so called " MRU-list", i've seen with my own eyes what ad-aware could do, like i said, the moment i clean my system with ad-aware, and then delete whatever was in the quarrentine list, my internet connection went dead.

when i restart my pc, my desktop takes a whole 5 min to boot, when it finish booting, norton 2005 gaves me the "liveupdate has terminate lucoms in an unusual way, please contact..."

and then the message " cannot ultilize socket" pops up.

when i launch ie, i notice a flash of the message "erroe winsock..." at the botton section of ie, i checked my network, clearly i'm connect but there's the error "ip cannot be found"

i use the latest version of ad-aware, loaded with the latest definition.

hope there's enough info here for you, it took 6 formats to finally find this proble, my hardrive must be heavily damaged.

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For the benefit of others who may read this thread . . .
by Corrine-MVP / July 16, 2006 9:24 PM PDT
In reply to: i thank you

Hi, kin3200.

As you have already made your decision, I will not try to convince you otherwise. After all, it is your computer and your time involved. However, for the sake of others who may read this thread, please allow me to add my comments.

-- Without seeing a logfile, I cannot determine whether the version and Definition Files being used are up to date. Using outdated Definition Files can certainly cause problems. You cannot imagine how many times I have seen instances of a person saying they are using the latest and greatest when, in fact, they have an obsolete version or never even updated.

-- MRU's are certainly no threat. As I see it, the only value to removing MRU's is in protecting a person's privacy on a multi-user computer.

-- When quarantining with Ad-Aware SE, it is always recommended that you wait at least a week or two before removing the quarantine. Any object in quarantine can do no damage to your system. However, once deleted, it cannot be restored.

-- kin3200, what I was asking for from you was the logfile prior to removal. That would have provided the opportunity to determine if there was a false/positive, if there was an object that needed to be removed via add/remove programs, or if said object needed to be removed first so it would not damage the winsock.

In the final analysis, without the logfile, prior to removal, there is no way of getting this information to Lavasoft Research and preventing it from happening to someone else.

With regards,


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Here is a log
by vijayreddy240 / July 22, 2006 7:14 PM PDT

I am having the same problem the last couple of days. When it happened the other night I reinstalled XP and everything. Today I decided to look around and I found that it was a Winsock error. Anyway, I have run a scan and I know if I delete these I will lose my connection. Here is my log:

Ad-Aware SE Build 1.06r1
Logfile Created on:Sunday, July 23, 2006 3:59:56 AM
Created with Ad-Aware SE Personal, free for private use.
Using definitions file:SE1R115 18.07.2006

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I have asked Corinne to have a look at your log
by Marianna Schmudlach / July 23, 2006 1:23 AM PDT
In reply to: Here is a log

as soon as she finds time. Be patient, pls. Thanks Happy

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Smart Scan
by Corrine-MVP / July 23, 2006 1:50 AM PDT

Thanks for giving me a buzz, Marianna.

Hi, Kellibooo!

You did a SmartScan. As a result, all your logfile is showing is some Tracking Cookies and MRU's. MRU stands for Most Recently Used (for example, the last saved location for a Word document). Removal of neither tracking cookies nor MRU's will result in winsock damage.

Let's see what a Full System Scan shows us. If you haven't restarted your computer since your last scan, please shutdown/restart. Then, launch Ad-Aware and kindly set the Configurations (Gear wheel at the top) as follows:

-- General Button > Safety & Settings: Check (Green) all three.

-- Advanced Button> Logfile Detail Level > The following should be checked (Green): ''Include Additional Object Information'' and ''Include Environment Information''.

-- Tweak Button > Log Files: Please check only:

[1]''Include basic Ad-Aware settings in logfile''
[2]''Include additional Ad-Aware settings in logfile''
[3]''Include Reference Summary Information in logfile''

-- Click on ''Proceed''

Click on ''Scan Now''. Please DEselect ''Search for negligible risk entries''.

Run the scanner using the Full Scan (Perform full system scan) mode. When the scan has completed, click ''Show Logfile''. Copy/paste the complete log file as a reply in your topic. Do not quarantine or remove anything at this time, just post a complete logfile.
Please post back if you have any questions.

Thank you.

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New scan
by vijayreddy240 / July 23, 2006 2:42 AM PDT
In reply to: Smart Scan

Here is the scan with the settings you requested. I did remove all the MRUs from the previous scan and nothing happened. This is a mystery to me, it seemed to happen around the time that my IP was to be renewed. Thank you for your help!

Ad-Aware SE Build 1.06r1
Logfile Created on:Sunday, July 23, 2006 11:27:41 AM
Created with Ad-Aware SE Personal, free for private use.
Using definitions file:SE1R115 18.07.2006

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Log Clean (except for a few cookies)
by Corrine-MVP / July 23, 2006 3:50 AM PDT
In reply to: New scan

Hi, Kellibooo. The full scan merely showed the same tracking cookies. Removal of cookies is certainly not going to have any affect on the winsock.

''it seemed to happen around the time that my IP was to be renewed''

That is more likely the explanation. Most likely you only needed to flush your DNS cache.

You need to do this from the command prompt:

-- Click Start > Run > type: ipconfig /flushdns

After it is flushed, you need to reregister it again.
-- Click Start > Run > type: ipconfig /registerdns

That should clear out the cache.

It wouldn't hurt to keep a copy of WinsockFix on hand. Happyhttp://downloads.subratam.org/WinsockFix.zip

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oh no!!!
by sectornine / July 27, 2006 5:59 PM PDT

well after reading your post i click on your link to download the winsock, the moment i click "save target as" and begin downloading the file my internet connections went dead.

my telephone and pc is connected to my voip modem, which provides both internet and phone service, when i begin downloading the winsock my internet connection went dead and a message pops up on the task bar saying internet connection has been unplug!!!
worst my phone line also went dead!

when i cancelled the download, the line went back to normal after a while, windows xp auto set everything up again. is there something we should kow about before downloading he winsock fix? are you sure the link is virus free?

i'm not saying you gave a bad link, i was just wondering what happened.


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VOIP modem problems?
by Marianna Schmudlach / July 28, 2006 12:37 AM PDT
In reply to: oh no!!!
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